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Everything You Need To Know About World Tourism Day

When discussing tourism and travel, we usually discuss how they help us explore unknown places, cultures, and people. But we rarely regard tourism as the major source of income for most countries. Because of its many positive social, cultural, and economic effects, tourism has always been the backbone of society. Since the tourism industry is a department that brings nations, cultures, and people together, it is obvious that the celebration of World Tourism Day every year is to be noticed!

Let’s start with some interesting facts! The first World Tourism Day was in 1980. Since then, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has celebrated this day every year on September 27. If you want to know why this date was chosen, on the same day in 1970, the global tourism industry has made significant achievements. The Constitution of the World Tourism Organization was adopted in Mexico City.

Why celebrate World Tourism Day?

We think you already know! The primary purpose of celebrating this day is to spread and increase tourism awareness. In addition, it highlights the important role it plays in our society, as well as our well-being (after all, travel is the best detox!).

Many organizations, tourism organizations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies celebrated this day with great interest. Yes, you can also be part of the celebration! That’s it! Participate in many competitions organized on the day, including travel photography, speeches, and live meetings. If you can’t do it, book a flight, book a hotel, and go on a trip!

Who will host in 2021, and what is the topic?

Now is the answer to which country holds World Tourism Day! Well, it is hosted by a different country every year. More precisely, the UNWTO conference chooses a host country every year.

So far, World Tourism Day is held annually by a specific country and follows a specific theme. Earlier, China and the United States hosted today, including other countries. The Ministry of Tourism of the host country held exclusive tourism and sightseeing conferences and seminars to discuss important topics such as tourism safety standards and hygiene!

Now, enter the topic! The theme of Tourism Day revolves around the unique role played by the tourism industry in protecting, preserving, and providing opportunities to enable people to experience natural heritage from all over the world. 

  • The focus in 2019 is “Tourism and Employment: A Better Future for All.”
  • The theme for 2020 is “Tourism and Rural Development.”
  • Tourism for Inclusive Growth‘ is the theme of World Tourism Day 2021.


World Tourism Day-How do you become a part of this great initiative?


Every year, the celebration of Tourism Day is organized in a variety of ways and tones. Each country celebrates World Tourism Day in its own unique way. Check out some of the most popular ways to celebrate World Tourism Day.

Welcome visitors

On this specific day, tourists are warmly welcomed. Through flowers, folklore performances, and cultural activities, tourists are welcomed traditionally by tourism organizers. Therefore, you can visit a new place and enjoy everything the tour offers!

Discounts and offers

To celebrate the importance of this day (the primary purpose of this day) and promote tourism, government agencies and many travel agencies offer discounts on flights and hotels.

Is this a suitable time to get a holiday deal?

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Cultural Activities

Travel photographers, artists, or performers, everyone has a place in live cultural events held during World Tourism Day. Isn’t it an excellent way to impress tourists with local culture and people?

Educational travel

Many organizations, workplaces, and school institutions organize educational trips, painting competitions, and special exhibitions at this time of the year. After all, everyone should know the importance of tourism and travel! Take part in any of these events, or you can help organize one at your university or office!

About World Tourism Day 2021

2021 is a decisive year in the history of World Tourism Day. Like last year, this year is also full of challenges. With the pandemic, countries have been on lockdown and stopped all travel, whether for entertainment or work-related purposes. Isn’t this a problem? Due to the shutdown, almost as many countries took part in World Tourism Day last year, and this may also be the case this year.

As the COVID-19 virus spreads worldwide, it is not surprising that tourism has become one of the most affected industries. The tourism industry of every country has been hit hard. Therefore, the theme of World Tourism Day 2021 is “Tourism promotes inclusive growth.” The theme is to promote employment opportunities in the industry and the growth path of the tourism industry. It is an attempt to restore the power of the global tourism industry to make it stronger than before.

Before we forget, the official celebration of Tourism Day will be held in Ivory Coast, South Africa. With the slow lifting of travel restrictions, citizens of South Africa (selected as the host country this year) are very excited about traveling and exploring their country. In compliance with all health and safety agreements, the South African government has proposed a reliable plan to revitalize tourism and promote nation-building. So we are very excited!

No wonder World Tourism Day is such a wonderful initiative. It teaches us the necessity of travel and its impact. So let us unite (almost when necessary) to play our role, promote tourism, and make September 27 a happy and memorable day. 

Pakistan Tourism Industry and World Tourism Day

Tourism can be seen as related to some tour, whether a business tour or a tour for pleasure or to avail leisure time in a peaceful environment that will purify one’s soul. Elaborating more, they travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business, and other purposes. Traveling may differ from international or within their own country.

With each passing day and year, the tourism industry is growing worldwide as it offers double benefits for the country, economically and socially. Owing to different significance, the tourism industry is the third biggest industry in every country. The tourism industry promotes each aspect on a large scale; it promotes culture, brotherhood, and different social norms with many opportunities for the economic sector.

World Tourism Day was born in the 3rd session of the UNWTO General Assembly in 1979. Since 1980, World Tourism Day has been observed on September 27 each year to create global awareness about the importance of tourism and its impact on society in various fields. Different types of competitions, such as photo competitions promoting tourism, as well as tourism award presentations in areas such as ecotourism, are held on World Tourism Day.

The need to celebrate World Tourism Day is to patronize awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political, and economic value. To celebrate different cultures, promoting peace among the various sects and races. Above all, World Tourism Day is just an activity to bring world peace and prosperity.

In addition to World Tourism Day, Pakistan is also a developing country and promote it is culture on various platform around the globe. Apart from other economic sectors, Pakistan’s Tourism Industry is flourishing with each passing day. Pakistan is one of the dynamic countries that is enriched with astonishing landscapes.

You name it, it has it, yet it has much more than that. Starting from the chilly weather of Khaplu to the mild rainfall of Swat, the frozen streams of Skardu to the roaring and swirling waterfalls of Neelum, then the scorching desert to the cold deserts of Shigar where clouds are hanging full of happiness.

What not, the lush green meadows of Shogran and Siri Paye to the steep slopes of Nanga Parbat. The colors of Hunza will never be found in any other region.

If you are naturally enthusiastic and want to explore the unseen beauties, then plan a tour to Pakistan on World Tourism Day to have the best experience of your lifetime.


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