Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism & why tourism is globally that important!


Travel and tourism are always connected. Everyone has an appetite for traveling and exploring undiscovered places. Pakistan is one of the most amazing countries in the world, offering countless places to visit and explore.

In Pakistan, one can find the rich culture of interior Sindh and Punjab along with mesmerizing beautiful landscapes of Northern Pakistan. Each quarter of north Pakistan is abundant with ravishing landscapes, and the south is enriched in culture and tradition. The food, festivals, and monuments add more zest to any nature enthusiast’s desire to gather more information about any place.


What is Tourism


When talking about Tourism, most of the repeated questions are about what tourism is, and the answer to this is that tourism refers to travel, whether it’s for pleasure or business. Most importantly, the main purpose is to attract more tourists to your land and provide untold information about it.  Pakistan is considered the most important tourist spot as it offers all of the peculiarities that make it more worth visiting.

Starting from the ravishing waterfalls to the roaring rivers, the hot deserts of Thal to the cold desert of Shigar, the mighty mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush, Karakorum, and Himalaya, along with a killer mountain of Nanga Parbat.

Most importantly, the grassy land of Shogran and the curvy road to Khaplu bewitch everyone with their immense beauty. Tourism in Pakistan is flourishing, and in the same way, the British Backpacker Society describes Pakistan as ‘one of the friendliest countries on earth.’ Moreover, Pakistan tops the list of the world’s best travel destinations.


Types of Tourism


Additionally, there are three main types of Tourism. The first one is domestic tourism, which is taking a short vacation in your state. The second one is inbound tourism, which refers to foreigners visiting your state. Thirdly, Outbound Tourism, natives visiting any other state on vacation.

For instance, Pakistan is an important tourist spot. The local people travelling across Pakistan fall under Domestic Tourism, whereas the foreigners who visit Pakistan from the other states, UK and USA, fall under Inbound Tourism. Lastly, the Pakistanis who travel to other countries can be termed as Outbound Tourism.


What is the Tourism Industry


Many of us are unaware that tourism is now growing as an industry. The question arises that what is the tourism industry, the Tourism Industry provides all the important details about your trip to your desired location and ensured about the security.

From the security air flights to the hospitality, entertainment venues, and enchanting landscapes, each and everything is organized by the authorities. The tourism Industry gives a lion’s share of in-country revenue annually.


Importance of the Tourism Industry


The tourist who are very particular about their visit surely knows the importance of the tourism industry. For instance, the tourism industry provides all the important details about their tourist spots and offers reasonable packages for traveling.

Moreover, it will be a long discussion about the importance of the Tourism Industry in Pakistan. But to keep it short and brief, it is the dire need for tourism in Pakistan. It is an admitting fact that Pakistan is an underdeveloped country.

To stand on its own merits it needs strong financial and economic support. Additionally, developed countries raise their GDP annually with the help of tourism. Not only the Tourism Industry in Pakistan but all over the world contribute a lion share of any country’s economy.

Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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