Top Hotels in Hunza Valley

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What are the most famous Hotels in Hunza Valley?


Hunza Valley has spectacular views of gigantic mountains, including Rakaposhi, an immense and magnificent piece of Creator. Hunza is located at a distance of 100 kilometres from Gilgit. Real peace of mind is found in the lap of heaven. Baltit was the former capital of Hunza; now, Karimabad takes the title. It has geographical significance as it shares the border with Uyghurstan (Xinjiang) China in the North. Attabad Lake and its local cuisine make the valley more attractive to tourists. Tourism is growing daily here, and the best hotel chain provides the best services in the valley to accommodate more foreigners and local tourists. Some of the top hotels with brief details are discussed below:

Serena Inn Hunza

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First and foremost is the Serena Inn in Hunza, one of the biggest chains of restaurants and hotels in Pakistan. Serena Inn maintains its standards in every part of the country. Hunza Serena Inn has beautiful views of the surrounding valley and mountains everywhere you look and a gorgeous view of Baltit Fort in the distance. At night, there is none of the noise and pollution of the big city; the clear skies are full of stars, and music carries over from nearby villages.
Besides the ambience and interior, the management is courageous and efficient. The hotel has 20 well-equipped rooms with 2 Deluxe Rooms and also facilities of 7 Tents. The expert chefs offer varied cuisine from regional, Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental specialities. Furthermore, the local entertainment with outdoor activities, notably seasonal BBQ, is lovable for foreigners. Moreover, satellite service is available to connect with other world, including Internet and a 24-hour Business Centre. The best place to stay while exploring the beautiful Hunza.

Eagle Nest Hotel Hunza

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Situated in Duikar district of Altit town in Hunza valley. Far away from the hustle of the Central Valley. Eagle Nest Hotel is located in the centre of the mountains, giving the tourist an awe-inspiring view. The dawn and dusk view from the balcony of any room is charming. Guests staying in the Eagle Nest Hotel witness the comfiest and cosy stay. The night is so peaceful with all of the standard amenities. Naltar Lake is not popular with tourists, but it is 40km from the hotel and worth seeing Lake.
Moreover, the hotel provides 30 fully furnished rooms ranging from suit, standard and deluxe. Each room offers a spectacular view of Duikar and some magnificent mountains. The hotel also possesses a restaurant that serves delicious food for its guests. A well-trained staff is ready to serve 24/7 at the doorstep. To connect with the other world, satellite service is available with high-speed internet. The hotel also offers outdoor activities for the kids and elders as well. No doubt it’s a comfy place to stay in Hunza.

Hunza Embassy Hotel

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One of the most luxurious hotels in the valley is Hunza Valley, which provides the best service to its guests. Hotel Embassy Hunza is one of its kind that gives the cosiest environment in the rooms with unforgettable views of the balcony of each room. The design and interior of the hotel is lavish and magnificent. There are 38 rooms varied from standard to deluxe with family suits. There is a list of amenities that their efficient staff provides.
Furthermore, the restaurant provides a variety of food and a mini bar, including Continental, Japanese, and Pakistani in traditional style. Rooms are well equipped, neat and tidy, and ultramodern bathrooms with internet and satellite facilities. A well-trained staff is ready to serve 24/7 at your doorstep. Valet parking, renting a car, doctor on call, currency exchange facilities, Fax, and Internet are the silent features of the hotel. Without any doubt, Hunza is heaven on earth, and with this comfortable stay, the tour gets more exciting and thrilling.

Hunza View Hotel

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Located in the capital of valley Karimabad, the perfect sightseeing views of Rakaposhi and the pleasant climate attract thousands of tourists annually. Hunza View Hotel is a luxurious hotel in the valley that provides the best service throughout the stay. The rooms are well equipped and well furnished with tidy ultramodern bathrooms. The best part of the hotel is the affordable rates compared to the other hotels, which provide fewer facilities at high prices.

List of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Courageous staff is ready to serve 24/7 at the doorstep.
Furthermore, each room gives a panoramic view of the whole valley, the richly green lawns with grapevines where one can enjoy the serene natural landscape and the lush greenery of Hunza Valley below. The management provides all the basic and standard amenities, from satellite TV or Internet, outdoor activities, currency exchange, hot water, a lobby, and a restaurant with various cuisines. The cosiest environment which you can have far away from your home. Plan a trip to Hunza and book your stay in the best hotel in the valley.

PTDC Motel Hunza

PTDC-Motel Hotels in Hunza Valley


Hunza, a land of spectacular colours and panoramic views, attracts hundreds of tourists. For that, there is a wide range of hotels in the valley to accommodate more and more tourists and guests. PTDC Motel chain also serves its services in Hunza Valley. It is well-known that PTDC Motel is a 3-star luxurious hotel in Aliabad that provides all of the best amenities.

Rooms differ from standard to deluxe up to customer demand. Each room gives a warm and comfortable stay with magnificent views of Rakaposhi Peak, especially in the moonlight. Hotel management is well-trained and ready to serve their prestigious guest 24/7. The motel also rents a jeep room to take a day trip to Nagar Valley overlooking the magnificent Hoper Glacier. Moreover, the motel runs two restaurants working under expert chefs’ supervision. The cuisine varied from Pakistani to Continental with regional seasoning. Basic amenities may include parking, air conditioning, an uninterrupted power supply, a guarded complex, snacks with a mini bar, laundry / dry cleaning, a storage room and much more. Book your stay with PTDC Motel to have the experience of a lifetime.


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