Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley

In the northwestern region of Pakistan, there lies a beautiful and enchanting valley of Chitral. One of the major tourist destinations in Pakistan, best known for its scenic beauty and fantastic culture.

Places to visit in Chitral Valley

It is located in the province of Khyber Phatunkhawn, west of the Kunhar River. Moreover, the valley is encircled by the immense mountain range of the Hindu Kush, which is elevated at 7,709m above sea level. Furthermore, every area of this fantastic valley is full of natural surprises.

Chitral is more famous for the Kalash Valley, where the minority of Pakistan preaches its own Greek Culture. The best time to visit the valley is from April to October when you find enormous colors and fruits. Chitral welcomed summers with various colors in its valley, whereas all places wore a white shawl of snow in winter.

Chitral is easily accessible by air journey as the flight operation from Islamabad to Chitral is daily. Also, by road from Islamabad to Chitral, it will take almost 10 hours to reach the valley via AH1/M-1 and N-45 with different stopovers.

As the popular tourist spot of northern Pakistan, several Chitral Valley tourist spots offer panoramic views and a pleasant climate. Some are listed below:


1.        Tirich Mir

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Tirich Mir

Places to Visit in Chitral: Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir is one of the tallest peaks in all mountain ranges, which is also the highest in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. It is almost at an elevation of 7,708 m (25,289 ft.). Moreover, anyone visiting the Chitral valley must witness the dawn and dusk at this peak. The fascinating view to capture in the eyes. Many hotels and resorts are there to help you capture this ultimate view.

2.        Chitral Museum

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Chitral Museum

Places to Visit in Chitral: Chitral Museum

Every place has its own unique culture and art that is preserved in different forms. Chitral Museum is genuinely a preserver of its ancestor’s art that is left for the future generation. The Museum was built on 8 July 2010, and the main idea was to maintain the cultural heritage for the tourist.

The museum is divided into two sections: the Ethnological Gallery and the Archaeological & Kalash Gallery. In its first section, we encounter the jewelry, instruments furniture of the ancestor used in the 12 century. On the other hand, things related to Kalash show Greek cultural heritage. Notably, the things that are concerned with their God and Goddess.

3.        Shahi Masjid

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Shahi Masjid

Places to Visit in Chitral: Shahi Masjid

Shahi Masjid is a piece of magnificent architecture. Shujaul Mulk built the Shahi Masjid in 1924 A.D. Shujaul Mulk was the Mehtar of Chitral, or more to say, the ruler of Chitral from 1895 to 1936. The building of the Masjid is genuinely a fantastic piece of architecture with pure white marble and engraved art. The architecture truly represents the culture and tradition of Chitral aristocrats.

4.        Shahi Qila

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Shahi Qila

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Shahi Qila

Moving into the area of Shahi Masjid, you shall encounter the majestic Shahi Qila. Shahi Qila or the Chitral Fort was built for the residence of Raja Nadir Shah in the 14th Century. Lately it was restored by Shah Afzal II in 1977. Now the fort served as the personal property of the ceremonial Mehtar, Fateh-ul-Mulk Ali Nasir.

5.        Gram Chashma

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Gram Chashma

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Gram Chashma

Exploring the mysterious land of Chitral, Gram Chashma is also the favorite and popular spot of Chitral. Gram Chashma, as described by the name, also offers hot water in springs. Usually, all of Chashma bears cold water, but it is unique. The Gram Chashma is accessible through a jeep ride to the north of Chitral at about 45 miles. Above all, it is famous for its healing properties.

6.        Barmoghlasht

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Barmoghlasht

Places to Visit in Chitral: Barmoghlasht

Nestled in between the gigantic mountains and richly green land, Barmoghlasht is one of the famous summer resorts in Chitral. It is located at a distance of 14. Five kilometers away from the Chitral. Tourists prefer to visit the place in both seasons; in summer, the resort is perfect for paragliding, and in winter, for skiing. Each season brings adventure to this resort.

7.        Ayun Valley

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Ayun-Valley

Places to Visit in Chitral: Ayun Valley

Another valley in Chital alongside the Chitral River is Ayun Valley. A perfect picnic spot in Chitral surrounded by immense peaks and between the choppy water of the Chitral River with grassy land makes an ideal combination to ease your soul.

8.        Shandur Polo Ground

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Shandur Polo Ground

Places to Visit in Chitral: Shandur Polo Ground

Almost 4 hours drive from the Chitral valley, the famous Shandur Polo Ground is here, which hosts international and national polo matches every year. Polo is one of the most popular games in the Chitral valley. Moreover, there are other small grounds in Chitral Town as well. The most famous Shandur Polo Ground is considered the world’s highest polo ground. Thousands of local and foreign tourists gather to witness this fantastic game here.

9.        Kalash Valley

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Kalash Valley

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Kalash Valley

The most famous valley in the Chitral district is Kalash Valley, known for its Greek Mythology. The people of Kalash fall in the minority of Pakistan’s population. Without any doubt, they are proudly living their lives in their way, practicing their religion freely in Kalash Valley. Furthermore, the valley is located in the south, almost 34 km from the Chitral. The best time to visit the Chitral valley is from April to July when Kalash people celebrate their three different festivals.


10.    Koghazi and Goleen

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Koghazi-and-Goleen

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley: Koghazi Goleen

Last on the list is Koghazi and Goleen, slightly unknown for the tourist but a must-visit place in Chitral.  It is located at a distance of 14 km from the Chitral Valley. A land full of amazement; the grassy ground, the tall fruit-laden trees, the rare spice of flora, the pleasant climate, the tremendous waterfall, and the cold water of the stream make anyone spellbound with its bewitching ravishing beauty.

I hope you like our Top 10 places to visit in Chitral; if we miss anything, do write to us in the comment section below:

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    i am coming to chitral with family next weak. please tell me where should i plan to stay? Chitral or Kalash valley? i will come for about 5 days

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    Dear Mr. Rauf,

    You should first go to Ayun as it would take 11 to 12 Hours to Reach from islamabad. Then on second day, you can visit kalash for day tour on 4×4 jeep go there and come back to Ayunn Valley for night stay. YOu can visit Chitral City for 3rd day for full day excursion and stay in Chitral City based on your budget as city has all type of hotels. Then on Fourth day Visit Chitral Gol, that is main city and offer beautiful views with natural life and animals in their native habitat then move towards Nagar Valley for night stay.

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