Top 21 Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

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Top 21 Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

Pakistan Tour Travel is giving you a chance to explore the Top 10 places in Hunza Valley with the Best Hunza Valley Pakistan Tour PackageHunza Tours is famous for its lush green beauty and cold weather there. Hunza is the central part of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Our Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan for couples and families include all the best places to see in Hunza Valley.

Hunza is the most beautiful land in Gilgit Baltistan.

Read the Story of Hunza and get all the historical background of the Beautiful Valley of Hunza.

The valley of Hunza, known for its wondrous enchanting sceneries and panoramic views, is famous among vacation lovers.

Hunza Valley Tour Package covers exciting places, richly green villages, and Hunza. It is an almost 2-hour drive from the central city of Gilgit and a 13-hour drive from the capital of Pakistan with a different stopover. We have also talked about Hunza valley tours vs. Skardu valley tours.

While heading towards Hunza Valley, you will find the enchanting sceneries formed by the gigantic Karakorum mountains. The curvy roads to Hunza and the mesmerizing lakes are a must-have experience.


Best Time To Visit Hunza

Furthermore, A Trip to Hunza Valley is always preferable for tourists because of its mild climate. Additionally, the best time to visit Hunza is April to October, as the temperature in hot summers is a maximum of 27°C. Moreover, the valley bore trillions of colors in its Cherry Blossom Season.


Historical Background of Hunza Valley

As quotes go, beauty is in the eye of culture, and Hunza valley is one of the super beautiful, ethical, historical regions in the whole of Gilgit Baltistan.

Most noteworthy, the Valley of Hunza has a solid historical background that makes it more attractive to tourists.

There is a list of fantastic locations with historical significance and panoramic views.

For instance, the valley consists of three major regions that are:

  • Upper Hunza Gojal
  • Central Hunza
  • Lower Hunza

Local handicrafts, cuisine, music, dances, festivals, celebrations, and languages are part of its ancestors.

Below is the list of the Top 10 Places in Hunza Valley you must visit

  1. Rakaposhi Peak
  2. Karimabad
  3. Altit Fort
  4. Baltit Fort
  5. Attabad Lake
  6. Rush Lake
  7. Old Ganish Village
  8. Gulmit Village
  9. Hooper Valley
  10. Shimshal Valley
  11. Khunjerb Pass & National Park 
  12. Boiber Valley
  13. Ondra Poygah
  14. Rainbow Adventure Bridge
  15. Passu Glacier and Cones
  16.  Chapursan Valley 
  17. Wadi e Misgar
  18.  Sost Border
  19. Gulmit Peak
  20. Borith Lake
  21. Eagle Nest Duiker


Some Details of the Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

Rakaposhi Peak

First and foremost is Rakaposhi’s view point.

The immense mountain of Rakaposhi is everywhere, no matter what part of Hunza you are staying in.

Moreover, the mountain is a part of the Karakoram Mountain Range and is 7,788 meters high.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Rakaposhi Peak - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Rakaposhi Peak –

Rakaposhi means the “Shining Wall.”

The peak is surrounded by some of the famous glaciers like:

  1. Barpu
  2. Biro
  3. Bagrot
  4. Pisan

The dawn and dusk on Rakaposhi are just an astonishing view.


Second on the list is Karimabad, the capital of Hunza.

The village is famous for its history as it houses the formers of the Royal family.

The village has the most ancient look because of its stones, which are made of houses and streets.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Karimabad - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley – Karimabad – Pakistan Tour n Travel

Moreover, some of the famous landmarks in Karimabad are:

  1. Baltit Fort
  2. Queen Victoria Monument
  3. Channel Walk
  4. Additionally, the glaciers of Ulter Nala also fall in Karimabad

Altit fort

Altit Fort is an ancient fort above Karimabad in the Hunza valley.

It was home to the hereditary rulers of the Hunza state, who took the title Mir. Altit Fort was the residence of a former prince around 1100 years old.

Now, it serves as a museum over there.

Both the forts are masterpieces of architecture and craft.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Altit Fort - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Altit Fort

The magnificent design was renovated by Agha Khan Culture Trust, a preserved heritage for future generations.

Altit Fort is not just about a place; it’s about the heritage, which is still growing with time.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is another fort in the Hunza valley; a must-visit place to visit in the valley.

The foundations of the fort are said to date back around 600 years. But there have been rebuilds and alterations over the centuries.

The fairy-tale-like castle of Baltit, above Karimabad, is a Hunza landmark, stilted on massive legs, its wooden bay windows look out over the valley.



Initially, it was used as the residence of the Mirs of Hunza.

Due to a clash between the two sons of the ruler and rulers were shifted to a new place, Altit Fort.

Attabad Lake

One of the most amazing places in Hunza Valley is Attabad Lake.

The crystal turquoise water spellbound anyone within the gigantic mountains of Karakoram.


The colors and charm of the spring season are awe-inspiring, attracting many tourists annually.

Also, the length of the lake is 13 miles, and the lake’s depth is almost 358 feet.

The lake also ranked among the top lakes in Pakistan because of its tremendous beauty.

Rush Lake

Another amazing in the Nagar Valley of Hunza is Rush Lake.

Moreover, Nagar is one of the most attractive valleys.



Above all, mesmerizing colors of Nagar valley will never be found; nothing is more beautiful than simplicity.

Rush Lake in Nagar Valley is an alpine lake with a surface elevation of almost 4,694 meters.

The massive mountains surround the lake, and it is considered to be the highest lake in Pakistan.

Sost Border

Sost is the last village of a Hunza on the Karakoram Highway next to the Chinese border.

A town is an essential place on the highway for all passenger and cargo transport because all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border passes through this town.



Along with Khunjerab Pass is the high mountain pass in the Karakorum mountain range.

Additionally, Khunjerab Pass also possesses a national park that is inhabitant by the rare species of snow leopard.

It is a magnificent symbol of Pak-China friendship.

Khunjerab Pass & National Park

Khunjerab Pass is the easternmost point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It enables both Pakistan and China to gain many educational and economic advantages. The Gilgit-Baltistan border tour with Pakistan is a must-do experience in the region.

There are yaks nearby. If you are interested in yak riding, this is a great opportunity. Khunjerab National Park is primarily for driving as it is a nature reserve.

Khunjerab Border is the last place to visit in Hunza, connecting Pakistan and China. Not just in the region but in Pakistan!

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Khunjerb Pass & National Park - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Khunjerb Pass & National Park

To reach the Khunjerab border, which is 4,706 meters/15,439 feet above sea level, you must drive through Khunjerab National Park.

You can see reindeer, yaks and badgers in the national park.


Between the Gojal valley of upper Hunza and the nine-colored valleys, Gulmit provides a significant tourist spot in Hunza.

Here you can find the enormous colors of nature.

The panoramic views of the whole valley, along with the Passu Cones, are so captivating.



Moreover, Gulmit provides a complete package for its tourists in the shape of high peaks, mountains, monuments, and a pleasant climate.

Above all, the most visited valley is a gateway to five different valleys that are:

  1. Shimshal Valley
  2. Chipursan Valley
  3. Misgar Valley
  4. Boibar Valley
  5. Khunjerab

Gulmit Village

In Gulmit, an idyllic village on the Karakoram Highway, you’ll find Gojalli culture blended with beautiful scenery. Once you cross the famous Gulmit-Shishkat Bridge, you will first glimpse the Passu Cathedral, also known as the Passu Cone.

The brilliant colours of nature can be discovered here. The great thing about Gulmit is that it has unique cultural sites that need to be added and mountain passes that offer beautiful views rarely seen elsewhere.

Top Places To Visit - Gulmit Village - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Gulmit Village

The panoramic views of the Passu Cone and the entire valley are stunning. Gurmit’s mountains and peaks, ancient monuments and pleasant climate provide tourists with a complete travel experience.

Old Ganish village

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award was awarded to the Ganish Village Restoration Project. Ganish showcases an alternative way of life to the traditional way of life of the Hunza people at Baltit Fort.

Behind the quiet, shady reservoir are several beautifully carved wooden mosques dating back 100 to 200 years, and the restoration of the reservoir has won awards.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Old Ganish Village - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Old Ganish Village –

According to legend, Ganesh warriors practised their river-crossing techniques in tanks before crossing the Hunza River to attack the Nagar villages. The use of glacial meltwater to store food was particularly interesting; it remains so today. Butter can be preserved underwater for years by wrapping it in birch bark.

Butter can be turned into candy. Although Ganesh has been restored and has won many awards, it is more like a living village than a museum. One example is the large concrete Imamiya complex being built next to the walled village.

The Imam Bargah area is decorated with wood carvings to help them blend in. Someone will find you if no one is guarding the entrance or walking into the village.

Shimshal Valley 

Shimshal Valley is a mountaineering valley in Hunza Valley, located in Gojal. The valley is more than 3,100 meters above sea level and is a famous Hunza destination for mountaineering enthusiasts.

Shimshal is a border village in Gilgit-Baltistan between Pakistan and China. Moreover, it is about 55 kilometres away from Passu village.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Shimshal Valley - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Shimshal Valley

The valley is Hunza’s main tourist attraction and is home to the largest adventure area.

Shimshal consists of four isolated villages. Aminabad, Famanabad, Khizarabad and Central Shimshal are some of them.

Chapursan Valley

The Chapursan Valley is one of the most enchanting places in Pakistan, surrounded by a series of red, moon-like landscapes and a true roof-of-the-world atmosphere.

There may be other valleys in Pakistan that have majestic beauty, like Chapursan Valley, but no one has been anywhere else that captures the true feel of this valley.

Thousands of meters above sea level, some of the scenery will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Chapursan Valley - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Chapursan Valley

Chapursan Valley is one of the most remote locations in Gilgit-Baltistan and can only be reached by jeep or motorcycle along rough roads. Internet access is almost non-existent in Shapursan, and most residents speak Wakhi.

Although Chapursan Valley is growing in popularity, it remains a quiet, off-the-beaten-path destination due to its remoteness.

Finding information about this picturesque village is difficult, and getting there is an adventure.

Wadi e Misgar

Misgar is located about 7 kilometres north of Sost on the Misgar connecting road that intersects with KKH. It is the last village in the Gojal Valley.

Gilgit-Baltistan is home to one of the most beautiful and geographically important valleys – Misgar Valley. Misgar is the only pass through the Mintika Pass on the China-Pakistan border.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Wadi e Misgar - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Wadi e Misgar

The Kilik, Mintaka, and Dilsung Rivers are the three major rivers that flow through the Misgar region, extending to China and Afghanistan.

It is a British fort built in 1932 and strategically located about 5 kilometres from Wadi Misgar.

Borith Lake

While exploring the beauties of Gulmit valley, you will encounter the salty lake of Borith.

The lake is beautiful and surrounded by vast plains.

The melted water of Ghulkin Glacier formed the lake.



Additionally, the lake is at a surface elevation of 25000 meters and is a lifesaver for the trekkers to Passu peaks.

Moreover, the lake is accessible by a 2 km jeep ride from Husseini village, which is parallel to Ghulkin village.

Eagle Nest Duikar

The most experience to have while staying in Hunza is to witness the dawn and dusk on the fabulous peaks of Lady Finger and Rakaposhi from the famous eagle nest in Dukair.

Duiker is a small village commonly known by Eagle Nest, as the hotel is situated there and offers panoramic views of the whole Hunza.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley -Eagle Nest Duikar - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit -Eagle Nest Duikar

The place can be reached within 30 30-minute drive from the capital of Hunza Karimabad, and here you can witness the incredible view of your whole life.

Passu Cones

The Hunza Valley is located in the Karakoram Mountains and has several famous peaks called Passu Cones. Seeing the mountains forming a cone along the Karakoram Highway is breathtaking. Passu Cone or Peaks are two names for the cone. With a height of 6,106 meters, it is the highest mountain in the region.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Passu Cones - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Passu Cones

Passu Cone is rarely climbed, as climbing to the summit of a mountain range is a challenging task requiring proper planning. Some are very steep and may require technical climbing skills. This beautiful place attracts many residents and foreign tourists, especially during the summer.

Passu glacier

Passu Glacier is easily accessible and suitable for hiking, but you’ll need a Hunza Tour guide for the day if you want to get there. The guide’s job is to know how to get through the most dangerous slopes on one side of the glacier and then onto the glacier.

If you want to hike near a glacier, you have two options. From the main Karakoram Highway, follow the dirt road past villages with orchards and the picturesque Borith Lake. Depending on your fitness level, it may take longer.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Passu Glaciers - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Passu Glaciers – Pakistan Tour n Travel

If you have your transportation, driving there takes about 15 minutes. Unless you have a private car, you must pay for one-way travel. A jeep is waiting for passengers at the turn. If you don’t have your car, you can drive there and get off on the main road (if you don’t have one).

The small, beautifully landscaped outdoor cafe at the start of the hike is a great place to grab a hot cup of tea before (or after) your hike. After the small cafe, the trail climbs for about 5 minutes, levels out, and follows the cliffs for about 10 minutes until you get your first glimpse of the glacier.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

The Hussaini suspension bridges in Pakistan are the most dangerous yet highest bridge in the world. There are six suspension cables on one side and four on the other. There are several gaps between the boards. Some panels need to be included between gaps.

The Hussaini Suspension Bridge spans the Hunza River in northern Pakistan. This bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Pakistan.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Hussaini Suspension Bridge - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Hussaini Suspension Bridge

The Hussaini Bridge in Hunza is not officially listed as the most dangerous bridge in the world (recently restored), but it is one of the places you must visit in Hunza.

The bridge is near the end of the dirt road, and many places to eat snacks are nearby. If you want to experience the best bridge walking experience, you can take a full-day trip across Husseini Bridge through Zarabad.

Rainbow Adventure Bridge

Passu gets a new tourist attraction with the Rainbow Adventure Bridge.

It’s hard to know how and for what reason the bridge was painted, but once painted, it looks like it’s from another planet.


Despite its location, there is no sign of his presence, even in Pakistan.

Borith lake

Borith Lake is a 10-minute drive from Gulmit Village, located west of the lake. If you are looking for the best place to take a break from the busy daily life in Hunza, then this might be the best place for you.

This beautiful lake, with white and black glaciers nearby, is only a 15 to 30-minute drive or a 1 to 3-hour walk away.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Borith Lake - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Borith Lake

Hunza is a region rich in natural beauty and recreational opportunities. While you’re in the area, it’s a good idea to go camping at Burress Lake.

Ondra Poygah

Do you know about the highest and longest stairs in the world? Ondra Poygah is located in the famous village of Gurmeet in Gilgit Baltistan. Ondra is the name of an ancient fortress, and Poygah means stairs in Wakhi.

A staircase (steps leading to Ondra Fort) leads from the historic Gurmit Polo Grounds to the ruins of the ancient Ondra Fort on the top of the hill.


The total number of stairs is 1655, the elevation is 1562, and the walking path is 1.3 kilometres long. It was built in 60 days during the harsh winters of 2020 and 2021. The Hunza people are cooperative and actively involved in improving the entire community, and the Gulmit village community started this initiative.

The original name here was Ondra Fort. A long time ago, this fort was destroyed due to accidents. Community volunteers built the stairs independently and enthusiastically. The project aims to enhance the archaeological heritage of the Upper Hunza region, where a famous fort once stood.

Furthermore, they hope to promote adventure tourism and eco-tourism in this beautiful region by building a staircase to connect Gurmit village with Ondra Castle.

This higher and longer hike gives you a unique 360-degree view of the charming village of Gurmit.

The majestic Passu Cone, Sheshper Peak, Gulmit Tower, Gulkin Village and Attabad Lake can be seen here.

Hooper valley

Nagar Hopper Valley is about 10 kilometres from the capital, Nagar Khas. Located about 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) above sea level in the Himalayas, the Nagar Valley is one of the most scenic valleys in the region.

From Karimabad, you can hike to the Hopper Glacier. From Karimabad, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the glacier. The glacier is grey-black, unlike other glaciers. There are two small hotels offering accommodation.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Hooper Valley - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit – Hooper Valley

The Hoopar Valley has many glaciers, including Shaltar Peak, Rush Lake, Baltar Peak, Hispar Muzstag, Spantik, Kapldongs, Barbu, and Hoopar glaciers.  Hooper also has five villages: Gashashoshall Borashail, Hakkachal, Ratal and Holshall. Hooper to Skardu can be reached by hiking.

The turquoise lakes in the valley are one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Boiber Valley

Shimshal is connected to Gojal via the Karakoram Highway in Avgarch, Boibar, Periyar valleys, and Moorkhun valley. For many years, people reached the Shimshal Valley through the Qarun Pass at an altitude of 5000 meters. From Jamalabad to Afgarsh: walk, climb, jump, fall and rest on these impossible slopes.

Floods in 2015 destroyed a well-constructed local road. The city is almost deserted, giving it the feel of a sanctuary.

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley - Boiber Valley - Pakistan Tour n Travel

Top Places To Visit in Hunza Valley – Boiber Valley – Pakistan Tour n Travel

Furthermore, built of rough stone and timber, the Wakhan settlement is the oldest in the world. The best thing is to hear the locals tell the stories behind the ruins.

Starting from the Boibar Valley, there is a river from east to west that flows into the Hunza River, 10 kilometres away from the city of Sost, originating from Qaroon Pass (7164 meters).

Apart from its historical importance as the original Kochi settlement of Gojal and the gateway to Shimshal, Boibar is home to some of the finest juniper trees in the world. Boibar is also a place name in the Wakhan Corridor, indicating that the indigenous people may have come from there.


I hope you like our list of the Top 10 places you must visit in Hunza Valley.

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