Kumrat Valley- Remote Forest near Upper Dir Valley

Kumrat Valley

How to Visit Kumrat Valley in Upper Dir?

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction E.O Wilson. Taking this famous saying one can admire the charm of natural beauty everywhere. Pakistan is one of the most blessed countries in the world where one finds mighty mountains, deserts, lush green meadows, waterfall, streams, snowcapped mountains, and streams at the same time.

Detail of Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is the most scenic true gem of nature; words cannot truly describe the breathtaking beauty of this area, its gushing streams, and splendid mountains. The valley is now resurging as another one of Pakistan’s tourist spots.

Kumrat Valley Distance from Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Additionally, Kumrat is a valley in the Upper Dir District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan almost 400km, 9 hours drive from the capital territory of Pakistan. Just opposite the Gabral, a Swat KPK area.

Kumrat Valley Distance from Swat City

Adjacent to swat valley, 39.6 km is approximately the Distance from Kumrat Valley to Swat. You can reach Kumrat Valley in 30 mins max from Swat. It is one of the scenic valleys of KPK, and a picturesque spot for travelers. Every summer season thousands of tourists from different areas of the country visit Kumrat valley and enjoy the greenery and cool weather.

Kumrat Valley Weather

The climate is pleasant in summer-like 20C but very cold in winter because of heavy snowfall of about 3 to 11 feet and the temperature falls almost -4 to -10 C. The best time to visit the place is in spring and summer.

Weather of Kumrat Valley

The magnificent view of Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley Hotels

There are a bunch of hotels in Kumrat Valley that provide facilities. But for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers, this is the best place for camping. You can camp around Katora Lake for scenic views.

Kumrat Valley Height

This enchanting valley is elevated at 11,800 ft. That’s become a reason for the pleasant weather of Kumrat, which is extremely cold in winters.

Kumrat: Ideal for Base Camping

One distinct feature of Kumrat Valley is the abundance of streams and waterfalls here. The ideal location for base camping but if you are not comfortable with camping then there are some resorts and hotels after 3 hours of trekking down the town. Every night falls with more relaxation and serenity in the lap of earth. One might experience it with eyes closed, just reaching into the sense of tranquillity from the sound of water gushing down the hill.

Ideal site for Camping

Camping at Kumrat valley

How to get to Kumrat Valley by road?

Accessibility to the Kumrat Valley is tough because some roads are still under construction. Valley is in the upper reaches of Dir Kohistan and can be reached through a 4X4 vehicle due to the lack of properly constructed road beyond Sheringal. Meanwhile passing the Kalkot region, the commercial center and gateway of the valley come up commonly known as Thal.

Kumrat is a newly discovered place for tourists to camp and picnic. It is a relatively undeveloped picnic spot beside the fact it is likely for the tourist because of its ravishing scenic beauty. The valley also provides an option for mountaineering, trekking, and rock climbing. Similarly, it provides a base camp for a hike to an alpine glacial Katora Lake.

Additionally, it is yet another paradise on earth of this world. The streams of fresh, chilled water emanating from the lake, high snowy mountains, meadows spread over large expanses, and the fresh and pure air, there are so many reasons why this place is absolutely beautiful to make everything so unforgettable. Here, you will find yourself much closer to nature.

Worth Visiting Places in Kumrat Valley

The valley has so much picturesque landscape that is worth visiting. These enchanting places will make you fall for them again and again. Nature is enthusiastic and eager to visit those places that are full of scenic beauty. Some of the notable places there can be distinguished in different genres like:

The river may include the Panjokora River then we have streams and waterfalls that include

  • Do Kala Chashma Lake,
  • waterfall in Jahaz Banda,
  • Wooden Canals Thal, Katora Lake,
  • Dojanga, and Bara Dand Lake.

After that, some of the trees and forests are:

  • Forest Kumrat,
  • Jandrai Village
  • Jandrai Trek,
  • Jahaz Banda Meadows,
  • trek to Katora Lake,
  • Thal a magnificent area,
  • Kalkot and astonishing views of Crooked Woods of Kumrat and mighty sights of Chahrot Banda.
  • Last but not least Badagoi Pass is a plain lush green meadow with serenity at its peak.

Kumrat Valley Tour Packages

You can have all the detail about the Northern Areas Tour Packages through our website, most importantly, the Kumrat valley tour packages. As it is best to go with an experienced tour guide to Kumrat so that you can have the best of your trip. Pakistan Tour and Travel always provide the best facilities even in the far areas like Kumrat. So you can book Lahore to Kumrat Valley Tour Packages at a reasonable rate on your desired dates.

Places to visit in Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley

Final Words

Kumrat is without any doubt a hidden paradise where more places are yet to discover. Kumrat Valley can bewitch you as far you travel. The valley is so magnificent that once you visit the enchanting beauties. It is impossible to forget.


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Saba Ghani

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