Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

Benefits Of Having A Degree In Hospitality And Tourism

Hospitality and tourism are the most dynamic and fast-growing industries. Similarly, for you, working in this industry may be the most exciting step. The potential jobs you may be looking for are related to communication, adventure, and many other benefits that affect your well-being both physically and mentally. Read the following to understand that if you decide to pursue this career, we will highlight your interests.

1.      Doesn’t feel like work

Most hotel and tourism jobs are usually not 9 to 5. You have the opportunity to live a busy life, yes, but at least you can work outside the boring office environment. In responses such as “I am passionate about my work and projects”, “I work with great people” and “I feel appreciated and cherished”, the hotel industry ranks among the “10 happiest industries”.

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

2.      It gives you global experience

The nature of the industry is that you will learn many aspects of the global economy, the diversity of traditions and ways of thinking. Whether you travel alone or do business with other hotel companies from different countries, you will see how different and similar we are. Understanding different cultures will always be part of your daily work in this industry.

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

3.      Social interaction

You must be a celebrity to get a degree in hospitality and tourism. Basically, this is the beauty of everything, because you can meet and say hello. For some people, it can be overwhelming. But once you realize how valuable insights you can get from guests and customers of different backgrounds, then what you most look forward to will become reality.

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

4.      Every day is a new day

On a business trip, you will stay here one day to show people around or make sure they have the best experience of the places you visit. This means you don’t have to wake up every day to perform the same monotonous tasks. This added a lot of excitement to his life and made him look forward to work because he never knew what would happen in the industry.

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

5.      Increase your curiosity

Since there is no day, you will always be driven by curiosity to promote your professional development and understand what else you can learn. We know that research shows that travel can expand the scope of thinking, but this is no longer the only truth. Current science shows that you can get the same benefits from people travelling and working in the hotel industry. You will have a lot of flexibility in spending time and absorbing new things related to your exciting work or asking people about hidden gems.

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

6.      Professional growth opportunities

We are not only talking about your professional growth, but also about your personal growth as a person. According to the Harvard Business Review, future generations are looking for jobs that are passionate about this. They claim that “growth opportunities” are one of the most important factors that motivate them to choose one career over another. Of course, they will choose a career in the hotel industry and have all the travel opportunities and privileges all over the world.

Why You Should Need A Degree in Hospitality & Tourism?

Is a degree in hotel and tourism management worth it?

Most importantly, although the Pakistan hotel industry and Pakistan tourism industry are very inspiring and full of enthusiasm, they never feel endless vacations. We are talking about a dynamic and competitive field, which requires well-trained professionals and serious professional ethics. In order to have all these backgrounds and stand out among other candidates, an in-depth study plan must be completed. If you want to get an entry-level higher position, or even have several years of work experience, this title is especially needed.

Is Hospitality And Tourism Degree in Pakistan?

There are many questions that must be circulating in your mind. like, how we can enrol in this program, the fee structure and much more. But the common question is that is it available in Pakistan. Luckily, YES!! There are certain universities and colleges that are offering a BS (Bachelor of Science) in Hospitality And Tourism.

Here is the list of these institutes.

Institute City Degree, Duration Fee
1. The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur Bahawal Pur BS, 4 Years 46800
2. Karakuram International University Gilgit BS , 4 Years 48740
3. University Of Gujrat Gujrat BS, 4 Years 70000
4. University Of Haripur Haripur BS , 4 Years 38000
5. Air University Islamabad BS, 4 Years 175392
6. Shah Abdul Latif University Khair Pur BS, 4 Years 0
7. Kohat University Of Science & Technology Kohat BS, 4 Years 57300
8. University Of Kotli Kotli BS, 4 Years 0
9. Hazara University Mansehra BA [HONS], 4 Years 28200
10. Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan Mardan BS, 4 Years 46232
11. Mirpur University Of Science And Technology Mir Pur (AJK) BS, 4 Years 53300
12. University Of Okara Okara CERT, 4 Years 52000
13. Khawaja Fareed University Of Engineering & Information Technology Rahim Yar Khan BS, 4 Years 80000
14. University Of Sialkot Sialkot AD , 2 Years 99000
15. Women University Swabi Swabi BS, 4 Years 42460
16. University Of Swat Swat BS, 4 Years 19730
17. Hamdard University Karachi BS, 4 Years 0
18. The Superior University Lahore AD, 2 Years 0
19. The Superior University Lahore BS, 4 Years 251200
20. Mirpur University Of Science And Technology ( Pallandri Campus) Pallandri BS, 4 Years 0


Final Thoughts 

Therefore, we believe that it is beneficial to have a degree in hospitality and tourism; however, you must adjust your decisions based on your long-term ambitions.

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