List Of Least Visited Country In The World

List Of Least Visited Country In The World

Why You Should Go To The Least Visited Country In The World

There are so many disturbing headlines that record excessive travel, and it’s easy to think that the earth is full.

But avoid the shabby tourist routes, you will find a completely different travel story. In most parts of the world, some places are eager to welcome tourists-if sustainable development, tourism can help alleviate poverty.

The contrast between the most visited and least visited places is very clear. In 2017, nearly 87 million international tourists arrived in France. In the same year, only 2,000 international tourists visited Tuvalu, a South Pacific country, where it is easy to find a beach or even an entire island.

According to the latest data compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, this list reflects many of the world’s least visited countries and overseas territories, where you can discover incredible natural beauty, culture and history without going through the jungle.

Unfortunately, it is incomplete. Due to the security recommendations of the US State Department, some of the most amazing places on the planet including the dense jungles of Guinea-Bissau and the vast coast of Lake Chad-have been excluded.

However, whether you are relaxing on the beaches of Sierra Leone, exploring the hilltop castles of Liechtenstein, or snorkeling on a shipwreck in the South Pacific, it is worth staying behind the famous sights.

If you can’t imagine a week spent in Kiribati or imagine the flavors of the traditional cuisine of East Timor, that’s okay. By traveling the world and booking a flight to a country that you don’t know much about, this trip will be full of wonders. After all, this is travel.

Here is the list of some of the Least Visited Country Around The World:

1.      Tuvalu

Tuvalu is one of the most isolated countries in the world. Tuvalu has more than 100 small islands scattered in the South Pacific, making it one of the most isolated countries in the world.

List Of Least Visited Country In The World

Only Funafuti has an airport on the main island. From there, passengers continue to take passenger ferries to reach remote communities. The beaches of popular destinations such as Fiji are crowded with people. These islands are a non-tourist attraction where you can watch flying fish paddling, spend an afternoon in a hammock, or snorkel in the colorful coral reefs.

List Of Least Visited Country In The World

Least Visited Country: Tuvalu

If you plan to travel to Tuvalu, don’t wait: the waves hitting Tuvalu’s fortified houses have long been considered an existential threat here, as rising sea levels could engulf this low-lying country.

Recommended reason: walking on the powdered sugar beach facing the risk of rising sea levels.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 2000

2.      Kiribati

The beauty of Kiribati is inevitable because of its remoteness. The hardly dotted atolls and lagoons overlook the Pacific waters of central Kiribati. The islands and atolls are divided into three groups: the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Island, and the Line Islands.

It’s hard to overstate the isolation of these remote islands-neighboring Fiji is relatively close to 1,394 miles away-and few travelers travel here. However, those who do so will be treated according to a rich tradition of hospitality. Although not every visitor gets an invitation to participate in a traditional feast or Botaki, many wills.

List Of Least Visited Country In The World

Least Visited Country: Kiribati

If you are lucky enough to participate, you may see dancers wearing pandanus skirts, listening to the drums of traditional rhythms, and then enjoying bread, taro, and sprouted coconut.

Recommended reason: try Botaki in an open space or meeting room in maneaba.

Number of international tourists in 2016: 6000

3.      Marshall Islands

The waters surrounding the Marshall Islands are excellent diving sites. Bombs and swimsuits made these Pacific islands the focus of the world’s attention, the bikini is named after the US nuclear test on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Decades later, the island is still radioactive, as is the proving ground in Enewetak Atoll, but the waters around Bikini Atoll have become one of the coolest scuba diving sites in the world.


There are more than ten shipwrecks on the seabed near Bikini Atoll. In the first dive, you can see the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, which participated in the battle of Iwo Jima before the US Army used this ship to execute nuclear targets. Divers will find deck guns blooming in colorful coral reefs, and fishing lines in bombs attached to the metal deck of the ship.

Recommended reason: dive into the ship cemetery that has become a weird underwater playground.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 6000

4.      Montserrat

The landscape of Montserrat is shaped by volcanoes. The velvety green hills near the edge of Montserrat’s Soufrière Hills volcano, whose searing power shapes the landscape of this Caribbean island.

In the 1990s, when the capital Plymouth was buried deep under volcanic ash and igneous rock, the eruption cast a shadow over most of Montserrat. Now, tourists come here by plane or ferry from the nearby island of Antigua, witnessing the aftermath of the violent volcanic impact.

A trip to Plymouth reveals a 17th-century church that was turned grey from ashes and the ruins of a once-grand hotel.

Recommended reason: visit modern Pompeii, then relax on the new beach made of crumbling volcanic rocks.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 8,000

5.      Niue

The waters off the rugged coast of Niue are used as breeding grounds for humpback whales.

If your depiction of the Polynesian islands is soft waves and soft sandy beaches, think again: Niue’s rugged spongy coastline is carved into sharp corals.

From July to October, humpback whales use Niue as a warm-water incubator, which is so close that they can be seen from the shore. During those months, the singing of whales and the flapping of their tails could be heard above the sea breeze.

Here, tourists can swim with humpback whales with trained guides, which is one of the few places on earth where this can be done.

Recommended reason: swim with a whale the size of a school bus in one of the smallest countries in the world.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 10,000

6.      American Samoa

Matafao Peak dominates the horizon above Pago Pago Port. The steep island descends into the crystal waters of American Samoa, a group of islands in the South Pacific in northeastern Fiji and the only American region in the southern hemisphere.

Whether you are skimming with outriggers at Pago Pago port or fishing for tuna and marlin, there are endless ways to explore the sea. To find the treasure hidden in the canopy of the dense jungle, head to the American Samoa National Park and hike through the country of bats.

Samoan fruit bats have a wingspan of up to three feet, and you can see this furry mammal hanging on trees or swooping in the air looking for fresh fruit and nectar.

Recommended reason: Play with endangered fruit bats in American Samoa National Park.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 20,000 20

7.      Solomon Islands

The sunken seaplane, tanker and submarine made the Solomon Islands a semi-aquatic museum. After the U.S. Marines landed on Guadalcanal in 1942, desperate fighting broke out against the backdrop of the paradise island in the South Pacific archipelago.

After skirmishes in recent decades, there are rusty tanks, amphibious vehicles and fox dens in the lush jungle, which are painful memories of that era. History will not stop at the waterline.

Sunken seaplanes, tankers and submarines were scattered on the bottom of the sea, and coral colonies sprouted on the corroded metal shell. For snorkelling or diving travellers, exploring the Solomon Islands is an opportunity to witness marine life because it colonizes the remnants of brutal wars.

Recommended reason: Explore the history of World War II in the vast archipelago.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 26,000

8.      Comoros

Comoros is often referred to as the “Perfume Island”. Comoros is located in the ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique, with clear waters and bleak beaches, attracting tourists to Seychelles-but there are few tourists and little development.

There is also something in the air here. Comorians are often called “perfume islands” and have been growing aromatic plants to create fragrances since the French colonial era.

Now, the flowers of the breeze ylang-ylang tree are in full bloom, exuding a sexy fragrance, mixed with carnation, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla and lemongrass to create an intoxicating effect.

Recommended reason: breathe the fragrant air of an island with flowers in full bloom.

Number of international tourists in 2017: 28,000

9.      Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe is a biodiversity hotspot. The Sao Tome and Principe Islands constitute a subtropical country in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, which is full of unique flora and fauna.

In the dense jungle outside the former coffee plantation here, travellers may find begonias growing on high ground, hundreds of orchids, and birds of various colours.

For nature lovers’ introduction to biodiversity hotspots. First, fly to the main island of São Tomé and then take a small plane to Principe. This volcanic island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and new species are often found here, from sugar cane frogs to owls.

If you look closely at the leaves, you may find a blooming flower or a malicious creature that scientists have not yet recorded.

Recommended reason: look for undiscovered species in biodiversity hotspots.

Number of international tourists in 2016: 29,000

10. The Federated States of Micronesia

The ancient city of Southern Madur has large basalt palaces and temples. If you plan to spend a day on all the islands of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), you will need a year and a half to explore this Pacific country. There are 607 islands here, but put them together, they add up to only 271 square miles of land, spanning nearly 2.6 million square miles of water.

Many islands are uninhabited. But exploring Pohnpei, the largest island in the WSF, is a good reminder that this archipelago has been shaped by humans for centuries.


Nanmadhu Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located near the southeast coast of the island and includes 100 artificial islands built by a great dynasty in the Pacific Ocean. Here, visitors can explore the huge basalt palaces and temples built between 1200 and 1500 AD.

Recommended reason: visit an ancient ritual centre rising from the sea.

Number of international tourists in 2016: 30,000

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