Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Some people think this is the best time of the year. When the trees slept in the long hibernation, the brilliant colors summed up the end of summer in a vivid form.

As summer turns into autumn, we have compiled a list of autumn places where you can take the plunge and enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn. Refresh the spirit with the gorgeous autumn colors and enjoy the unique conditions that this season can provide. After summer, the destination is usually calmer, so autumn always best for cool weather, beautiful scenery, and peaceful surroundings.

Around the world, you find mesmerizing autumn places to witness. Furthermore, you may even find these autumn colors suddenly appear in the depths of Transylvania and East Asia. If you are getting closer and closer to autumn places this season, don’t worry: these colors are so eye-catching that they will appear on even the darkest computer screens.

Here we have created a list of some of the most amazing parts of the world to witness the colors of Autumn. If you haven’t been there, you are missing something remarkable. 

List of Autumn Places From The World 

 Without further ado, here are autumn places with the best leaves in the world.

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Each season brings different shades of color to the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) landscape, but visiting the area in autumn from mid-September to late November is great. Autumn is the golden season of the region, almost everything turns golden, with various yellows, golds, and oranges. Foggy mornings, cheerful evenings, red-carpeted gardens, and the rustle of fallen leaves make the whole area a magical place. Although the whole region of Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for its beautiful scenery, the Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit, Gizer, and Baltistan regions are the best holiday destinations, especially in the colorful areas. autumn.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

In GB, the four seasons are distinct: spring is green, summer is hot, winter is cold, but in autumn, the whole GB presents an incredible and breathtaking golden color.

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Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is one of the best viewing spots on the west coast, with orange, amber, and crimson leaves in sharp contrast to the calm blue waters. You will find great places along the shores of Lake Tahoe, including Apple Mountain-you guessed it-apple picking, Taylor River hikes, and Ebbetts Trail and Hope Valley where you can admire the beautiful foliage.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

You will become a big fan of Zephyr Cove, not only because of its color but also because of its cool, fresh atmosphere and low crowds.

Douro Valley, Portugal

The Douro Valley is adjacent to the Marau and Montemoro mountains, away from the strong winds of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of Portugal’s main wine-producing regions and a unique autumn foliage resort. There are no big trees on the mountain, but rows of neatly terraced vineyards, which rise up like falling colorful stairs. our suggestion? Take a leisurely stroll along the Douro River, and then taste a bottle of the best local red wine.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

What you should there to enjoy more, here what you can do. Book a room at Six Senses Douro Valley, and you can enjoy the view from the pool or hot tub in the room.

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park receives more than 500,000 visitors each year, and the reasons are obvious. The park is a huge and desolate landscape (we are talking about 6 million acres), composed of snow-covered terraces, glaciers, ice caves, and mountains, just like in the Himalayas. However, even if it is not completely covered by snow, the park will be lit up, that is, from late September to late October, trees, and shrubs will change color, and wild animals will appear before winter to absorb warm temperatures.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

The most attractive thing to witness there is to book accommodation in the remote and luxurious Shelton Chalet, where you can take a helicopter from Talkeetna through Denali National Park. Aerial photography will not let you down.

Aspen, Colorado

Colorado does not have an unattractive season, but we think autumn places are the most exciting. Starting in August, the poplar trees in Rocky Mountain National Park started the gold rush. In October, they worked in low-altitude areas (September is the peak of the leaf changing season). As the summer tundra blooms, it turns into deep purple, brown, and brown. gold.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

The brightest place here is the Kepler Pass, a 33-mile drive that connects Paonia (near Somerset) with Crested Butte to the east.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland Finland is famous for its winter seasons-first of all the snow-capped landscapes, the northern lights-but autumn may be the region’s best secret. As most Finns close their doors and return to work during the summer vacation, Lapland has become quieter and quieter, and lucky purists enjoy uncrowded hiking trails and charming scenery. The Finns even use their own word-ruska-to describe the autumn colors that fall in the wilderness during this time.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

 Take a day (or longer) hike through Urho Kekkonen National Park, which has 985 square miles of various landscapes, to bring the most of this place.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh gave New England an ordinary impression in terms of foliage because its foliage turned vivid gold, bronze, and deep red against the backdrop of the evergreen Scots pine. After passing through the many restaurants in the city and sipping a glass (or three) of whiskey, walk until you reach Arthur’s Seat and explore the beautiful city below to warm yourself up.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

In addition to Arthur’s Seat, the Royal Botanic Garden is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Hraunfossar Waterfall, Iceland

Iceland is famous for its hot springs, lava fields, and dramatic lunar landscapes, but when it falls, it is also a good place to watch the fallen leaves. Head to Hraunfossar, a series of nearly kilometer-long waterfalls, pouring down from the huge steps of an ancient lava field, into the turquoise glacier, and admire the most impressive autumn leaves in the country.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

According to a photography tour in Iceland, you should set up your camera on a stand near the boardwalk near the start of the trail (use a long exposure if possible).

Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise in Banff National Park is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, and there are plenty of scenic driving routes in September and October. Bring your swimsuit-you will want to go swimming in Banff Hot Springs.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Just head straight to the Banff Legacy Trail, a 14-mile long paved trail with many picnic spots and beautiful views along the way.

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, China

Jiuzhaigou National Park is widely regarded as a major protected area in China, and it is a truly colorful place due to the mineral-rich waters of the famous Wuhua Lake. But these prismatic waters can become particularly noticeable in the autumn months because the rolling forest in the park is shrouded in all imaginable autumn colors.

However, Try to shoot Wuhuahu from a low angle, with a bunch of trees in the background.


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Piedmont, Italy

Tuscany’s rolling hillsides and vineyards are reborn in autumn when the landscape changes from green to shades of ocher-all of which contrast with the magnificent background of the Alps. Autumn also marks the holding of a series of harvest festivals worth traveling, including Alba’s world-famous White Truffle Festival.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Italy


The luxurious 17th-century LaVilla, surrounded by rolling Monferrato vineyards, is located in the heart of the Piedmont wine region, suitable for exploration (and photography).

Kyoto, Japan

Get out of the way, Sakura: There is a new season in the city. Although there are countless places to enjoy the maple in Japan, the autumn scenery in Kyoto is truly unparalleled. From October to early December, the green leaves become deep red and gold. Even if you say that the deciduous season of the city’s famous temples or gardens is wrong, you can easily venture into the surrounding mountains and capture some color later this year.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Japan

Togetsu-kyo Bridge is 509 feet across the River Kwai. When the neighboring Arashiyama is colorful in autumn, it becomes one of the most beautiful places in Japan.


Montenegro occupies less land than Connecticut and has a smaller population than Stockholm, but this small Balkan country cannot be ignored—especially because it is quieter and more laid-back than neighboring Croatia and Greece. Just like the size of New England, this country has become a colorful wonderland in the autumn months. Choose any of its scenic lakes, four national parks, or virgin forests to enjoy some scenic views.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Montenegro

Go to Kotor and walk to Saint Ivan Castle, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the old town (the orange roof matches the surrounding autumn colors perfectly).

The Bavarian Alps, Germany

Autumn places in southern Germany are more than just the Oktoberfest. Autumn may be the best season to visit the Bavarian Alps when the weather is absolutely cold and the mountains become a technologically dreamlike scene. This season is also suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, with areas such as Berchtesgaden and Lake Tegen giving way to some epic scenic hikes.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Germany

Shutterbugs will never disappoint Disney-esque Neuschwanstein Castle, its white spire looks best against a bold red and orange background.

Paris, France

Paris tops our list because it has never had a bad time to visit, although there will be something special around September when locals return from their holidays and flock to parks and landmarks to admire the autumn leaves. The city’s favorite pastime is not excluded from the cafés on the sidewalk. The cold weather is the perfect excuse to dangle around Angelina for a cup of her famous hot chocolate.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: France

The most attractive place you will find here is legendary gardens, such as Luxembourg Gardens, which can only be enhanced by lush foliage and fresh air.

Prague, Czech Republic

There is a Czech word for summer in India (Babi Leto), which indicates that the warm days may last until November. The low-angle sunlight bathes the city in a romantic golden light, and there are dazzling leaves in parks and gardens. Take a stroll along the tree-lined Vltava River that passes through the city center and enjoy the cool weather and calmness of tourists after summer.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Czech Republic

What you can do in Prague, just take a cable car to the 19th century Petrin Tower (this tower looks like the Eiffel Tower), and you can have a panoramic view of the entire city.

Seoul, South Korea

When the trees change color and the weather approaches cool and pleasant temperatures, autumn can be said to be the best time to visit Seoul. The South Korean capital provides enough leaf viewing opportunities to satisfy every holiday, including many Buddhist temples, parks, and mountains around the city.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: South Korea

Furthermore, Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest of the five palaces in Seoul, is more beautiful surrounded by bright red and orange leaves.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is famous for its gorgeous palaces and large ancient gardens, all of which become more impressive as the summer months, fresh air and changeable colors give way. Russian writer Boris Pasternak, nicknamed “Golden Autumn”, said that the off-season has turned the city into a romantic wonderland, with leaves dripping from the sidewalks and iconic landmarks such as the Church of the Savior covered with sprinkles. Blood in the golden light.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Russia

Despite its name, the garden view of the Summer Palace is the most beautiful at this time of the year, with smooth white statues on the rust-colored trees.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is located between the mountains and tea plantations in central Taiwan. It is the largest and most beautiful water area in Taiwan. Tourists and locals flock to the lake to enjoy the outdoors and taste the many indescribable (but delicious) delicacies of the region. Autumn is the busiest season in the lake, thanks to the annual swimming competitions and festivals, but you can easily get away from the crowds and dive into the gently reflecting leaves in the water.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Taiwan

The best place to take a picture-arrive at Jinlong Mountain at sunrise and capture the sea of ​​clouds and mist full of colorful lakes and surrounding basins.

Tokyo Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens 

The 17th-century Koishikawa Korakuen is located in the Koishikawa district and is considered one of the most beautiful green spaces in Tokyo. It blooms stunning cherry blossoms in early spring but is most popular in autumn when dozens of maple trees around the three ponds in the garden turn bright orange and red.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Tokyo Gardens


The most attractive place is to try to include the Full Moon Bridge (“Full Moon Bridge”) in your shot; when the arch bridge reflects from the water below, it forms a complete circle.

Transylvania, Romania

Due to vampire folklore and reportedly haunted villages, Transylvania may remind people of Halloween, but there are many non-frightening reasons that people fall in love with this mountainous area in autumn. In addition to the lack of tourists (at least, compared to summer), the snow-capped mountains are particularly charming on roads covered with amber trees and fog that comes with the seasons.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Romania


The most photographed place: Bran Castle was the inspiration for Bramstock’s Dracula. On a hill on the Transylvania-Wallachia border, it looked both beautiful and weird.

Green Mountains, Vermont

There are only a few places where reds are darker, golds are brighter, and oranges are more popular. Vermont is one of them. Although the state’s seasonal and colorful outcrops largely depend on the weather of the year (during long warm, sunny days, with cool temperatures throughout the night, with fingers crossed), Green Mountain is the closest place for certain things. You will definitely find it in New Britain. You can thank the abundance of maple trees in the area, which is known for producing some of the brightest fall colors in the plant kingdom.

Best Autumn Places Around The World 

Autumn Places: Vermont

The most photogenic place is Green Mountain Byway connects Stowe and Waterbury, taking you to ancient farms, quaint towns, and a lot of postcard-like scenery.

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