Saudi Arabia Reopening Borders on May 17

Saudi Arabia Reopening Borders on May 17

Saudi Arabia Issues Travel Advisory Before Borders Reopen On May 17

The Ministry of the Interior has set requirements for citizens to travel abroad after May 17. From May 17, 2021, Saudi citizens will be able to travel abroad while reducing restrictions on the coronavirus. 

From May 17, Saudi Arabia will allow vaccinated citizens to travel abroad because the country only reopened its land, sea and air borders more than a year after being hit by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Saudi Arabia Reopening Borders on May 17

The Ministry of the Interior said in a guide issued on Sunday that only adults who have received two or one doses of the vaccine 14 days before the departure date can travel. All Saudi Arabians under the age of 18 who have recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months are eligible to travel.

The ministry stated that passengers will have to show their identity on the Tawakkalna app at the entrance of the airport, while passengers under the age of 18 must have an insurance policy approved by the central bank, which covers the risks of developing Covid-19 abroad.

He said that Saudis should continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and use hand sanitiser.

The Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Health Insurance Commission said on Sunday that non-Saudis from outside Saudi Arabia for tourism and Ulla purposes should review their insurance policies to ensure they cover the risk of contracting the virus.

Saudi Arabia Reopening Borders on May 17

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “As announced by the competent authorities, you must be cautious when travelling to high-risk countries.”

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After returning to the kingdom, citizens will need to be isolated at home for a week. The Saudi Ministry of Health has imposed fines and imprisonment on those who fail to comply with health and safety protocols and spread the virus.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided more than 9.5 million doses of vaccine. On Sunday, the Kingdom announced 937 new infections and 11 deaths. The number of collections increased by 1,120 to 402,664. So far, 6,979 people have died from this epidemic.

First-Ever Saudi Tourist Visa

Saudi Arabia has always been a difficult place for leisure tourists to visit, but starting in September 2019, the country began issuing tourist visas for the first time. Previously, only Muslim pilgrims, resident workers and business travellers could enter Saudi Arabia, but now tourists from 49 countries/regions in North America, Europe and Asia can apply for a visa of 440 Saudi Riyals (US$120) online or on Access Obtain a visa.

Saudi Arabia Reopening Borders on May 17

Saudi National Television reported that the country received 24,000 tourists in the first ten days after the introduction of tourist visas, and its goal is to attract 100 million tourists per year by 2030.

The land area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the borders of seven countries account for 80% of the Arabian Peninsula. This makes land travel possible for the first time, such as one of the Nabatean stations in Al Hajar and Petra. between.

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