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PC Soon To Open At Attabad Lake Hunza

The Pearl Continental PC Hotel Will Open Next To The Charming Attabad Lake Soon In order to complement the natural beauty and magnific […]

The Federal Government Is Taking Concrete Steps To Boost Tourism: Gandapur

The Minister of Kashmir Affairs and Ali Amin Khan Gandapur of Gilgit Baltistan said on Tuesday that the government is taking practical […]

New Model For Tourism Proposed By PCJCCI

Zarak Khan, chairman of the Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI), called for strengthening China’s “rural […]

An Opportunity of Generating Income for Locals In Northern Areas by 'LetsHome'

'LetsHome' creating salary for local people in northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan's form of Bed and Breakfast (B&B) 'LetsHome', a […]

Ice Sheet Flood Makes Fake Lake In Hunza

The proceeding with Shisper Glacier flood and ensuing formation of a dammed lake has made the dread of another Attabad lake-like calami […]

Snowfall In Different Parts Of Pakistan

New Fresh Spell Of Snowfall In Different Parts Of Pakistan With New Year celebrations in Pakistan, a new spell of Rain and Snowfall en […]

A Trip to Hunza Valley

A Trip to Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan is located between Deosai Plateau along Indus River and Karakuram Mountain. The capital of Gil […]

Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan

Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan   Gilgit Baltistan Government has announced that it would build the new resort in the next fisca […]

Agony of Diamer District most famous for Babusar Top

Agony of Diamer District most famous for Babusar Top & Nangaparbat    Diamer is an important district in Northern Pakista […]

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