Exciting Hunza Winterlude: Putting Pakistan On The Winter Sports Map

Exciting Hunza Winterlude: Putting Pakistan On The Winter Sports Map

Exciting Hunza Winterlude: Putting Pakistan On The Winter Sports Map

Hunza Winterlude kicks off: A cold war has been going on in the Gilgit-Baltistan mountains this week. But the motivation behind these great games is entirely benign. It is not rivalry or espionage between great powers that drive young adversaries into these battles. Armed with hockey sticks, roller skates, and plenty of skill and determination on the ice, young men and women are driven by fierce, friendly competition, eager to showcase their talents and put their region and country on the world map of winter sports.


The five-day annual winter sports competition, which includes ice hockey, ice skating, and figure skating, kicked off last week in Altit, Hunza, attracting an enthusiastic crowd. In the shadow of the majestic mountains, the Winterlude event, hosted by the Hunza Scar Club, showcases the incredible talent of the region’s young men and women. The extraordinary skill and confidence shown by the girls, in particular, stunned the audience and shattered stereotypes to a large extent.


Canadian High Commissioner Wendy Gilmore attended the event and praised the young men and women taking part in winter sports. Gilmore, dressed in Canadian red and white, was the referee for a game between two local women’s ice hockey teams. There was also a fun match between the Canadian girls and Hunza and a match between the girls and the boys.

Exciting Hunza Winterlude: Putting Pakistan On The Winter Sports Map

Moreover, Ubaidullah Beg told the media that the event was aimed at promoting winter sports and tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan. One of the highlights of the event was a fantastic performance by teenage skater Faisal. 

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Over the years, the Pakistani prodigy has captivated audiences and acclaimed them across the globe for his strength and ability on the pitch. However, Faisal is determined to make history and one day represent Pakistan at the Winter Olympics. Given his impressive form in Hunza, that day is clearly not far off.

Twitter Is Flooded With Praise 

Canadian High Commissioner Wendy Gilmore was honored after hosting a women’s ice hockey game in Hunza.

Photos of an ice hockey game played by young girls in Hunza were circulated on Twitter. The only thing that caught people’s attention was Wendy Gilmore, Canada’s High Commissioner to Islamabad, who was officiating the game. Canadian diplomats have been praised for encouraging winter sports in Pakistan while advocating for mathematics.

Local media tweeted footage of the hockey game and pointed to the HC who hosted the game.


Gilmore was quick to share it again, calling it “a great combination.” The club and the Altet Athletic Union congratulate the rookie for organizing the fourth Winterlude Festival. “I had a lot of fun with my teammates,” he said to the young players in Hunza and Chitral.

Exciting Hunza Winterlude: Putting Pakistan On The Winter Sports Map


Users are particularly keen to promote gender equality. Playing sports in remote areas is a plus.


Pakistani Twitter loved the photos raved about them, and offered their best wishes. People are excited about the introduction of winter sports in Pakistan.

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