Ice Sheet Flood Makes Fake Lake In Hunza


The proceeding with Shisper Glacier flood and ensuing formation of a dammed lake has made the dread of another Attabad lake-like calamity in Hunza.

An appraisal report arranged by the Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA) has cautioned that the dammed lake may blast whenever and cause gigantic harm to the nearby individuals, basic framework and establishments arranged downstream. The Shisper Glacier, a couple of kilometers from Hasanabad town in Hunza, began to flood in May a year ago.

The bizarre flood has blocked water stream from a stream starting in adjacent Muchuhur Glacier, which typically falls into Hunza waterway at Hasanabad, along these lines shaping a fake lake.

A GBDMA official revealed that growing step by step, the dammed lake was currently spread more than 700 meters, with a profundity of 300 feet, and the ice sheet was flooding at a speed of seven meters for every day towards Hasanabad.



The authority said that as indicated by the GBDMA appraisal, the conceivable lake burst could submerge a part of Karakoram Highway, an extension, more than 100 houses in Hasanabad, two powerhouses, a Frontier Works Organization (FWO) camp office and several kanals of fruitful land, while it may obstruct the stream of River Hunza too.

He said that the GBDMA was checking the ice sheet flood and the dammed lake every day and specialists had visited the territory and surveyed the conceivable harm if there should be an occurrence of the lake burst.

He said an early cautioning framework had been introduced in the region with the help of satellite cameras and nearby inhabitants had been prompted about measures to be taken in a crisis circumstance.

Further he added that if the icy mass flood proceeded at the present speed, it may hit 2MW Hasanabad control station downstream of the icy mass in about fourteen days according to the experts.

In the interim, a gathering held at the Chief Secretary House in Gilgit on Saturday talked about strides to be taken to adapt to any crisis, said a public statement. The gathering was led by GB Chief Secretary resigned commander Khurram Agha and gone to by authorities concerned.

The gathering was informed that amid the coming summer season, the speed of icy mass liquefying and flooding of the lake could trigger a catastrophe. Be that as it may, the GBDMA had advanced a component to adapt to any crisis.

It was informed that the Army had led a review in the territory and, after fulfillment of information preparing, a report would be sent to the specialists.

The main secretary guided the GB works division to erect defensive dividers along Hasanabad Nullah by Feb 15 to ensure houses and establishments arranged along the stream. The sustenance office was coordinated to store nourishment and medications for five months in the upstream zones.

The main secretary asked the National Highway Authority to take measures to redirect vehicular traffic from the zone if Hasanabad connect on Karakorum Highway was submerged. An elective extension would be built by the FWO.

The gathering comprised a panel, headed by GB Home Secretary Jawad Akram, to audit the circumstance and send proposals to the main secretary. The panel was relegated the undertaking of proposing measures for clearing influenced individuals if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

Shisper Peak


In the interim, the inhabitants of Hasanabad have communicated disappointment over the measures taken by the organization to ensure neighborhood individuals and foundation in the event of a crisis.

The Hasanabad Youth Organization president Tariq Jamil said that the circumstance was disturbing in the zone, yet the organization was not genuine about ensuring the helpless.

He said that no means had been taken to ensure local people in the event that the lake burst. “The flooding icy mass is just five kilometers from Hasanabad,” he said. A conceivable lake burst could submerge houses in the town and furthermore square stream of Hunza waterway, making an Attabad lake-like fiasco, he dreaded.

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