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Hotels in Murree: Best Staying Options in Galiyat Murree

Changla Gali is a famous mountain resort for honeymoon Couples and Families who want to enjoy the serene beauty of Galiyat. Changla Gali is just half an hour’s drive from Murree GPO. Changla Gali offers mystic Weather throughout the whole Year. Changla Gali receives heavy snowfall during winter, which usually starts snowing in December and Partial snowfall is expected in the months of January and February. Changla Gali is less populated than Murree, which always beaming with ever-growing tourists during winter.


Discover Mahgul Resort, an idyllic destination for family getaways in Changa Gali, Murree. Experience the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure in this scenic retreat. Book your stay now!
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