An Opportunity of Generating Income for Locals In Northern Areas by ‘LetsHome’


‘LetsHome’ creating salary for local people in northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan’s form of Bed and Breakfast (B&B) ‘LetsHome’, an online the travel service, was giving solace to sightseers as well as creating a wellspring of salary for the nearby populace of northern regions.

Pakistan’s form of Bed and Breakfast (B&B) ‘LetsHome‘, an online the travel industry administration, was giving solace to sightseers as well as creating a wellspring of salary for the nearby populace of northern regions.

Established by IBA understudy, Seema Alkarimi, LetsHome was an online administration working in the delightful piles of the north of the nation where they empower the overall population to rent or lease their homes for a brief period to the meeting national or worldwide sightseers.

Seema Alkarimi revealed to APP that the thought behind this endeavor was to appropriate the convergence originating from the travel industry among the neighborhood populace. “In the event that a family has an exhausted room or a house, they can enlist with us through our online gateway and we associate them to voyagers visiting that territory and they can lease it out on sensible charges”, she said.

Along these lines visitors get the chance to encounter the genuine culture and excellence of north by living with local people in their homes and has get the opportunity to acquire their pay consequently, she included.

Seema clarified that the primary motivation to fabricate an online business was to break the imposing business model, who were administering the lodging business in northern zones and charging their set costs for lodgings and resorts.

“We are working in practically all significant visitor goals in the north like Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu, Chitral and Kashmir. To adapt to any trouble and giving offices to our clients, we have relegated zone chiefs in every goal who were generally local people and live on strolling good ways from our visitor’s families”, she included.

As to nature of administrations, she said LetsHome offered three classifications in lodging offices; Economy, Business and Premium. They shifted in offices and costs simply like air voyaging. Seema Alkarimi, who was an aspiring business understudy herself, said that their thought process was to make a visitor specialist organization while progressing in the direction of capable the travel industry, making social effect utilizing eco-accommodating hotels with a family-accommodating condition.


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