5 Spots In The Northern Areas Of Pakistan That You Have To Visit

5 Spots In The Northern Areas of Pakistan That You Have To Visit

Beat the late spring warmth by wandering up to lovely goals all alone soil. It’s sweltering hot in the most significant urban communities of Pakistan and truly everybody is attempting to get away from the blasting heat. While it might be a smart thought to get a plane and stream set universally, we should not overlook that Pakistan has many astonishing locales you can visit as well.

You may have seen outside travelers are checking out our adored nation, advancing its unmistakable normal magnificence and stunning landscape. Nearby social media influencers have been disclosing to use this for, well, ages.

It’s a great opportunity to value their work in advancing their country. From the puzzling magnificence of Hunza to the otherworldly Kalash Valley, right to the stunning statures noticeable from the ethereal pixie glades, Pakistan Northern Areas brags some of the world’s most heavenly scenes, wealthy in history and culture. Here are some nearby spots you should observe for yourself.


Envision a spot where the mountains are powerful, the view is peaceful and the organic products are rich, that is Hunza Valley for you. Most concur it is one of the most lovely destinations on Earth and is an absolute necessity to do on anybody’s basin list.

Even though the spot has dependably been well known among visitors, the choice waters of Attabad Lake have added another element to the scene that is a magnet for media influencers and picture takers.

However, the striking thing about Hunza isn’t only its perfect condition – local people, are probably the brightest individuals you’ll ever meet. Furthermore, in case you’re a genuine adrenaline junkie, the Hussaini hanging span in Gojal is an absolute necessity!

Some of the things that you can do in Hunza is Witnessing the dawn in Eagles Nest, the view from Baltit Fort, some espresso at Cafe de Hunza, drifting at Attabad Lake, shopping at Karimabad Bazaar, chomping at Glacier Breeze eatery and the Passu Cones, Rakaposhi perspective are on the whole musts.

Kalash Valley

On the off chance that you go to Chitral, at that point Kalash is a conspicuous hotspot. The valleys are home to the renowned Kalash individuals, who are said to be relatives of the militaries of Alexander the Great. Cut off from the world, it is an extraordinary social encounter you won’t discover anyplace else. The three primary valleys are Bumburat, which is the most created regarding offices and notoriety. There’s additionally Rumboor and Birir, which are more visited by outside vacationers.

The three celebrations are the best occasions to go to Kalash. There will be a lot of stupefying treats for your eyes; think move, bright customs, and garments in plain view. Chilam Joshi is in May, Uchau in autumn (September) and Choimus goes on for about fourteen days around the winter solstice.

The most effective method to arrive at Kalash Valley is local Jeeps. Jeeps going from Chitral to the three diverse valleys, for the most part, leave around 1.00 pm. Your goal will take as long as two hours from that point.


Encompassed by the unselfish Karakorum and Himalaya mountain ranges, Skardu is the focal point of trekking, trailing, and ascending voyages. It’s actually the exemplification of magnificence, tranquillity, and wildness. On the off chance that you are wandering there, Upper Kachura Lake is another common.

Must visit places would be the immense Deosai National Park, Basho Valley, Katpana Cold Desert of Skardu, Shangri-La Resort, Manthal Buddha shake carvings, Satpara Lake, and a lot more, the list continues forever.

Fairy Meadows

Simply the name alone makes us wonder if real pixies are living here. Based on its ethereal magnificence, they should be. Being in Fairy Meadows resembles being in a genuine fantasy. The name really is a piece of a legend that the supernatural animals have their paradise on the lavish green level and were authored by Austrian climber Hermann Buhl.

To achieve Fairy Meadows, one needs to take the transport or private vehicle on the Karakoram Highway to Chilas and proceed around 50 kilometers to Raikot connect. There are jeeps accessible to take you to the Tato town from where you climb for around two hours.

However, Nanga Parbat is the ninth most noteworthy mountain on the planet. It appears to scratch the degrees of the skies, an invulnerable bastion of snow, ice, and shakes. It resembles a post from a dream film, then again, actually it’s genuine.

Murree Hills

Searching for a fast portion of nature without voyaging excessively? Simply go to Murree. It just takes around 40 minutes to arrive from Islamabad and is the perfect day-trip in case you’re as of now in the capital. At 12,605 hectares, The Margalla Hills are the piece of the Himalayan lower regions north of Islamabad. You can even get a 10,000 foot perspective on the shocking Faisal Mosque from here.


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