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Best Selling Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Packages from Pakistan in 2024

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Why should you plan a trip to Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour with your Loved One? Some Insights Related to Hunza Valley are Below!

Many of us have never heard of the beauty in the Hunza Valley. Travel with us, and we will let you know that Hunza Valley is the most picturesque valley in Pakistan.

Hunza Valley is Just 70 miles away from Gilgit alongside “Rakaposhi” Peak roads curve into one of the most beautiful ways in the world.

Fruit-laden trees spread their aroma on the way, which can be a delightful experience. The road to Hunza is most unusual in the spring season when natural life starts to blossom and flowers can be seen everywhere.

Visit Beautiful Hunza Valley and Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Hunza Valley Tourism is getting recognition in Pakistan Tourism Industry. The valley is different yet unique in its scenic locations, colors, and culture.

Hunza Valley lies in the region of Gilgit Baltistan, almost 70 km away from central Gilgit town.

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You can also book Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Packages if you want to go with your family or friends.

It takes almost 13 hours if you take a Road Trip of Hunza Tour from Islamabad.

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Take Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour  and Enjoy Beautiful Romantic Weather

The Hunza Valley Weather is so mild, but we will plan your trip so that you will enjoy the Journey without any hurdles.

Even in scorching summers, the maximum temperature in summer is 14 C there.

People love to visit Hunza Valley to get rid of the hotness of Lahore and the humidity of Karachi weather.

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Northern Pakistan is full of wonders, mysteries, and hidden beauties that few people know.

Where is Hunza Valley? 

First and foremost is the question, where is Hunza valley? So to answer that: Hunza Valley is considered a paradise on earth because of its charming scenery, abundant fruits, and fresh air. It is also one of the healthiest people on the planet. Considering all the positive factors of the Hunza Valley, let us show you some facts to reflect more light so that you can dreamily feel and imagine the valley environment. And also, it will help you to book your Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Packages instantly.

The Hunza River Valley is located in northern Pakistan, bordering China and Afghanistan.

Why is Hunza Valley Famous?

More specifically, the Hunza Valley is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Geographically, it is a mountainous area, often praised for its beautiful scenery. Looking at Hunza’s photos, you will know that these compliments are not in vain.

As a leading tour operator in Pakistan, we suggest visiting Hunza at least once. As it purifies, people’s minds and souls will relax during a road trip to the Hunza Valley. There will be you and nature. Nothing can distract you from the beautiful flying experience.

Why should you take Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages in any season?

Hunza Becomes the 10 Coolest Tourist Attractions By Forbes in 2018. There are good reasons for this choice. Although the Hunza Valley is difficult to reach, the road leading to the valley is exciting. One of the ways to drive to the valley people will pass through the scenery and witness the real natural scenery and simple lifestyle.

Hunzai People are the friendliest people on earth.

Most of the Hunza Valley is dominated by the Brusho population. Brusho is just another name for the Hunza people. As most of the population is made up of Brushus, the primary language of the valley is Brushaski. It is the mother tongue of the Brushos.

Interestingly, no one knows the origin of the Burushaski language. However, some stories claim that people with fair skin and blue eyes came from the army of Alexander the Great. According to legend, the Greek army decided to stay in the area on the way back from China.

In Hunza, You will find the ancient culture still alive here:

The Hunza Valley looks strange because the Hunza community is isolated from the modern world. That means most households do not have electronic products. They don’t have fancy things like TV and the Internet.

If you travel in the valley, you will see people busy with physical labor, providing themselves with food, water, firewood, and other daily necessities.

Book Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour for a fantastic experience.

A great way to purify your soul with the purest environment of Hunza

Urban people who sit in front of computers all day and are filled with digital smog can come here and separate themselves from the digital world. Staying away from the computer, away from time-consuming social media, and being close to nature will make you feel relaxed and energetic.

You fill your lungs with fresh air, and your eyes will say thank you for allowing them to see the beautiful scenery under real natural light rather than behind your device’s screen, as most of us usually do.

Places to visit in Hunza Tour Package

Hunza Valley Honyemoon Tourcontains Upper Hunza, Central Hunza, and Lower Hunza.

Upper Hunza is a sub-region where three language groups live. 34% of the population speaks Burashaski, 65% is Wakhi, and only 1% speaks Domki in Upper Hunza. The Upper Hunza region is also known for its many densely populated villages. They are Karimabad, Gulmit and Sost. Gulmit is the capital of Upper Hunza Province, and Sost is a trading center because of its convenient dry port.

Central Hunza is the administrative center of the Hunza District. Historically, the Hunza Dynasty lived in this area. It is considered the most populous sub-region. About 97% of the population in central Hunza speaks the Burushaski language. The remaining 3% speak the Domki language. Many beautiful villages are in the significant part of Hunza, starting from Murtazabad and ending at Attabad.

The capital of the Hunza Valley is Karimabad.

Karimabad is far away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. According to sources, it takes about 24 hours to drive from Islamabad to Karimabad. However, daily flights from Islamabad to the nearest Gilgit City Airport are daily. It takes about 3 hours from Gilgit to Karimabad.

There are two ancient fortresses in the Hunza Valley, Altit Fort and Baltit Fort.

Historically, Altit was the home of the hereditary rulers of Hunza, and they were called Mir. Three centuries later, the passengers of Altit Fort moved to the newly built Baltit Fort. In 2011, Altit Castle was awarded by UNESCO for its historical significance. The fort was built to protect residents from external threats.

Altit Fort in Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Package

There is a tower called Shikari in Altit. The Hunzaarmy used to monitor the surrounding area and notify the people when there was a threat. According to some legends, the Hunza state authorities used this tower to get rid of prisoners sentenced to death. In addition, over the years, Altit Fort has successfully resisted many enemy attacks. The most surprising thing is that it has withstood many significant earthquakes. This means that the construction of Altit Castle is enduring and will continue to exist for centuries.

Hunza Valley also houses the 700-year-old Baltit Fort, which has also withstood the test of time. It is still hidden among the mountains in the area. At first, the engineers built it on a high cliff facing the valley. Moreover, Baltit Fort is located in the capital of the Karimabad Hunza Valley. Like Altit Fort, it was the home and command center of the rulers of Hunza. Since the fortress is located on higher ground, the defenders of Hunza can view the surrounding environment to defend against threats from the enemy.

Baltit Fort Covers in Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour

Fort Baltit has three floors, and residents use each floor for different purposes at different times of the season. They used the castle’s first floor as a storage room for additional information. In winter, passengers live on the second floor. Summer came, and they moved to the third floor.

K2, the second-highest peak in the world, is located in the Hunza Valley.

Some of us already know that the highest peak in the world is Mount Everest. Its height exceeds 29,029 feet (8,848 meters). Mount Everest belongs to the Himalayas. The second highest mountain in the world is K2 (28,251 feet or 8,611 meters). It is located in the Karakoram Mountains, close to the Himalayas.

Attabad Lake is one of the best sights in Hunza Valley.

The beautiful natural lake Attabad attracts tourists from all over the world. It has beautiful turquoise waters and blends with the scenic landscape of the area, creating a pleasant environment for everyone. However, Lake Attabad appeared in a natural disaster, which harmed the lives of 25,000 people. In short, human grief is part of the formation of lakes.

Attabad Lake is one of the Hunza Lakes formed by the flooding of glaciers.

More specifically, on January 4, 2010, a large-scale landslide hit the village of Attabad, destroying most of the town, killing 20 people, and eliminating as many as 26 houses. The landslide created a natural dam on the Hunza River. Due to the newly formed natural dam, Lake Attabad appeared. Lake Attabad is a paradise for tourists who love water skiing, fishing, and boating. However, people can enjoy its turquoise water in spring and early summer. In winter, Lake Attabad freezes; it’s fun to watch.

Hunza Valley: an existing museum of wildlife.

People give this title because people can find some of the rarest animals on the planet. For example, snow leopards, red foxes, Eurasian lynxes, Dhole, Himalayan brown bears, Himalayan wild goats, and Markle goats are some of the many wild animals that live in the Hunza Valley. Due to the scarcity of some animals, local and foreign hunters paid a lot of money to obtain hunting permits.

The Hunza River passes through the Hunza Valley.

Hunza river is vital to the locals and is a source of water and fish. This 155-mile (250 km) river originates in Khunjerab National Park and passes through the Gojal and Hunza valleys. On the way, it provides water for Lake Attabad. It reappeared near the village of Attabad and continued until it encountered the Gilgit River in Gilgit City. The ancient Silk Road was a trade route connecting Iran and China, extending along the Hunza River. In some areas of the river, people can still find traces of this ancient road.

Book Your Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Package in Autumn For a Mind-blowing Experience

Interestingly, Shinna speakers dominate most of the Lower Hunza region, bordering the Nagar Valley to the south and east. The area is famous for its delicious fruits and celebrations, such as Nowruz, Ginani, and Salgirahs. Residents of the Lower Hunza region grow wheat, corn, peas, and vegetables. The area is famous for the Quality of its grapes and berries. Peaches, apricots, and cherries are also very popular in the region.

Beware of Monsoon Season in Hunza As Hunza Valley is exposed to glacial flooding.

This is a natural phenomenon that the locals have learned to deal with. It is one of the most threatening natural disasters to residents. During the melting season, flooding of glaciers in the Hunza Valley is common. As the name suggests, glacier floods occur when the ice melts and produces large amounts of water that lakes and dams can handle. As a result, glacial water erupted on debris and swept rocks on the road, causing damage to local property, farmland, and roads.

So it’s recommended to avoid traveling to Hunza during Monsoon Season in Pakistan.

Things You Should Know When you are on Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour. 

 The Hunza Valley is home to rare species of butterflies.

Butterfly lovers can pack up and head to the Hunza Valley to see one of the rarest butterflies. The scientists set up an expedition and studied butterflies for several years. They found several unknown butterfly species, most unique to the area.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the Hunza Valley also contains gorgeous sapphires.

Sapphire is one of the rarest gems in the world. The bright color of sapphire makes it sought after and valued in almost all societies. Therefore, jewelers worldwide use them to create luxurious, wearable items.

After the discovery of sapphires in the Hunza Valley, the locals began operating their mining operations independently. Usually, locals sell their findings in the local market or to local agents, who bring them to Gilgit and Peshawar markets.

If you plan to travel to the Hunza Valley, you will need a lot of walking.

The Hunza Valley is famous for its trekking activities. The rugged and uneven ground allows everyone to walk through a lifetime. Look forward to hiking, climbing, and eating a lot of local food to gather enough energy to endure the thrilling experience of Hunza Valley.

Most houses in the Hunza Valley are built of stone.

Most houses have a stone house in the valley. Regarding the location, it is logical to assume that stone is a cheap source of building materials. Because the locals build homes with solid stones, you will find houses over 400 years old in the valley.

Fall in love with the incredible Hunza house interior

Homes in Hunza are usually made up of stones. The residents show a keen interest in decorating with handmade stuff. While your Trip to Hunza, you will find incredible houses that are well-organized inspect of their size.

Hunzai Food: Food of Hunza

Residents of Hunza Valley eat fewer calories than Americans. According to reports, Hunza people consume 1,600 to 1,800 calories a day. Furthermore, Americans consume more than 3000 calories every day. You can meet these amazing people on Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour.

In addition, most American foods usually use refined carbohydrates and sugars. The Hunza diet consists of low-calorie complex carbohydrates derived from organic sources.

Book your Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Package Now:

Book your Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour Package Now:

Fresh, raw, and dried fruits, herbs, and vegetables make up the bulk of the Hunza diet.

Hunza people consume approximately 0.80-1.1 ounces (22.7-30 grams) of daily protein. Most of them come from plant sources. This means they eat less animal protein, refined sugars and carbohydrates, and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

According to scientists, this simple diet makes Hunza people more active and protects them from major chronic diseases.

Soup is a must-have item in their regular food intake.

Hunza people often prepare delicious soup. One of their traditional meals is a soup made with local herbs and noodles. Again, why they often drink hot soup makes sense. The valley is cold, and the soup is hot. Therefore, hot soup can usually warm the whole body. In addition, in cold weather, the hot soup feels delicious.

Apricot-based foods are prevalent in the Hunza Valley.

Use natural oil as a sweetener made from apricots. In addition, they use apricots as an ingredient in some Hunza foods. For example, the locals use ground apricots as a sauce for some cooked foods.

Why is it an apricot? Because apricots are one of the most important fruits in the valley. Because there are many apricot trees, the locals learned how to prepare delicious food.

Know More About People in Hunza- Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour

Hunza people are very friendly to everyone.

Some people have a negative view of Pakistan, but the warm welcome of the Hunza people undermines this view and leaves a good impression on others. Most travel websites describe Hunza Valley as a safe tourist destination. Even Forbes magazine listed the valley as one of the most incredible tourist attractions.

Some believe that the longevity of the Hunza Valley is a myth, but it’s not.

We cannot prove whether the longevity of the Hunza people is true. However, there is evidence that some people in the area have lived for more than 100 years. However, some scholars believe that this is false information. A scientist even estimated that the life expectancy in the Hunza Valley is 52 to 55 years, which is lower than that in some Western countries. To clarify all these misunderstandings, the scientific community must study the area to obtain accurate information.

The secret to their longevity

The residents of the Hunza Valley have lived for more than 90 years without any chronic diseases.

They are known for their excellent health in other parts of the world. Some scientists believe they can stay healthy thanks to a clean environment, an organic diet, and physical exercise. They are fortunate to escape the hustle and bustle and over-polluted cities and get closer to nature.

Hunza Nights in Hunza Honeymoon Tour Packages

You can spend the night in Hunza Valleyunder the starry night when the sky seems so close to you, and you witness thousands of galaxies above you. The valley attracts tourists from all over the world. Therefore, Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour gives hotels to choose from, where visitors can spend the night and enjoy the magnificent landscape of the Hunza Valley under the gorgeous sky. The two hotels in the Hunza Valley are the Eagle’s Nest Hunza Hotel and the Hunza Serena Hotel.

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Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour consists of various things, which on top include the following:

  • Historical sites
  • Lakes
  • Touring of Peaks 
  • Ancient villages
  • Unusual Romantic Weather coupled with modern facilities

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Catalog of excellent Honeymoon Packages From Pakistan with Pakistan Travel Guides in 2022 

  1. Honeymoon Tour Package in Naran Shogran Neelum Valley (9 Days/8 Nights).
  2. Honeymoon in Azad Kashmir & Naran Shogran (7 Days/6 Nights).
  3. Naran Shogran Luxury Honeymoon Tour Packages (5 Days/4 Nights).
  4. Naran Kaghan Tour (3 Days/2 Nights) Honeymoon Short Tour 35,000 Pkr.
  5. Naran Shogran Economy Tour (5 Days/4 Nights) Honeymoon Trip Package.
  6. Naran Shogran Standard Honeymoon Tour (5 Days/4 Nights).
  7. Honeymoon Trip in Ratti Gali Lake Tour (3 Days).
  8. Honeymoon Tour Package in Banjosa Toli Peer Tour (3 Days/2 Nights).
  9. Naran Neelum Honeymoon Tour Package 2022.
  10. Murree Honeymoon Tour (3 Days/2 Nights) Honeymoon Tour of 30,000 Pkr.
  11. Hunza Gilgit Tour (7 Days/6 Nights) Honeymoon Hunza Tour of 90,000 Pkr.
  12. Hunza Deluxe Honeymoon Tour (7 Days 6 Nights).
  13. Skardu Khaplu Honeymoon Tour Skardu (6 Days 5 Nights) Package.
  14. Swat Valley Basic Tour (5 Days/4 Nights) Honeymoon Tour 60,000 Pkr.
  15. Swat Valley Deluxe Honeymoon Tour (3 Days 2 Nights).
  16. Swat Valley Deluxe Tour (5 Days/4 Nights) Honeymoon Tour 90,000 Pkr.
  17. PC Bhurban Muzaffarabad Tour Honeymoon Tour 3 Days.
  18. PC Bhurban Couple Tour Honeymoon (3 Days/2 Nights).
  19. Isloo Bhurban Muzaffarabad (4 Days/3 Nights) Package Price 100,000 Pkr.
  20. Murree Shogran Couple (3 Days/2 Nights) Honeymoon Economy Tour 35,000 Pkr.
  21. Swat Honeymoon Basic Tour.
  22. Naran Shogran Tour (4 Days/3 Nights) Honeymoon Economy Tour 50,000 Pkr.
  23. Neelum Shogran Tour (5 Days/4 Nights) Honeymoon Standard Tour 70,000 Pkr.
  24. Neelum Short Tour (3 Days/2 Nights) Honeymoon Neelum Tour 35,000 Pkr.
  25. Murree Swat Tour (5 Days/4 Nights) Honeymoon Economy Tour 60,000 Pkr.

The above Glossary contains All Honeymoon Packages in Pakistan with Prices.

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