Best Places to Visit in Autumn in Northern Pakistan

7 Fascinating Places To Visit During An Autumn


Best Places to Visit in Autumn in Northern Pakistan

7 Fascinating Places To Visit During An Autumn

Hunza Valley.

Skardu Valley.

Khaplu Valley.

Minimarg, Neelum Valley.

Nanga Parbat.

Phandar Valley, Gilgit.

Nagar Valley.


Autumn in Northern Pakistan is full of wonderful autumn colours. The shades of autumn include gold, yellow, red and green. However, gold and red are the most common. However, it is considered to be the second-best waterfall in the world after William Town in the United States. The overall effect of these subtle golden and red tree shadows is reflected on the Hunza River. The blue and green waters of the river enhance the image of autumn. It is difficult to distinguish between real images and defective images.

October is also full of fruits. This is the ripening season of apricots, berries, apples, peaches and peaches. The fruit is the real gem in the valley. The orchid burst into several layers of fruit.

On the mountain, you will feel lonely. Isolated from the lowlands, everything is isolated from the world except for the friendly nature of the residents of the northern region and their caring and caring people.

However, this period is a period of nourishing the human soul in a calm environment. The ideal place to relieve worries and enjoy the magical beauty of nature.

One of the fascinating places in northern Pakistan is the Hunza Valley, known as “Paradise On Earth”. The most visited place in Pakistan. The valley is surrounded by the Karakoram and Himalayas. It is 100 kilometres away from Gilgit-Baltistan. It extends to 7,900 square kilometres.

Skardu, Nagar, Fairy Meadows, Swat, Neelum valley, are some of the prominent places that spread the autumn colour in different ways. The summer is about 31°C, and the climate is still temperate. Each valley offers very different panoramic views in different seasons. Summer is green, spring is full of beautiful white, pink and purple flowers, while in autumn, the entire valley becomes red, yellow and orange. By October, the valley bottom temperature dropped to 15°C.

The happy season is about to falter. The sky is getting darker and darker, illuminated by dim sunlight. The valley garden is decorated with beautiful golden and orange leaves. Autumn is here, and the falling leaves and the sound of grinding will give visitors a pleasant experience under their feet.

However, the magnificent emblem brings dazzling blood into the human body. Some vacationers went to the Hunza Valley for rehabilitation. October is the valley where autumn comes, and the euphoric colours are confusing. In the calm valley, flowers bloom and dance in the cold wind. This place needs a holiday every year.

7 Fascinating Places To Visit During An Autumn

Pakistan is one of the few countries on the planet with exotic customs, rivers, mountains and supernatural culture. People from all over the world travel thousands of miles away and come to this paradise country. In spring, autumn and winter, most of this tourist route is the high road. The main attraction of Pakistan in the northern region, which shows the wild and mysterious beauty of the country.

The northern areas of Pakistan are home to some of the most breathtaking towns in the world, and even some places have not been fully explored, which arouses the curiosity of adventurers. Since this area of ​​Pakistan is open all year round, there are special periods in many cases

When we enter the must-visit places in autumn, let us first look at what autumn is and why people like to travel during this time. Autumn is the preferred season before the start of winter, so when all the colours are in full bloom, it becomes the harvest time in the northern region, and the temperature is much cooler than it is.

Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan becomes something else in autumn, and say this because all the hills and slopes in the area are full of leaves and snow. This is totally a fairy tale, very cool.

The way these hills change is like a bride preparing for her big day, seeing this valley at all costs. The shades that can be found in Hunza range from orange to blood red, mixed with white and yellow, which proves that the canyon is a real paradise on earth.

Autumn in Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley

Another exciting thing is that the valley is full of snow leopards, pecans, ibexes and foxes. This has attracted many explorers from all over the world. Hunza is also home to beautiful and old castles built in 8-10 BC. C-It has withstood wars and eternal invasions, and still maintains its great value and beauty.

In the fall, this transition is almost unrecognizable. The countless colourful curtains on these fortresses paint very magical pictures. We strongly recommend that you visit Hunza at least once during the fall.

Skardu Valley

Skardu is one of the main meeting places for travellers and adventurers in the central Gilgit Baltistan region. It is usually regarded as capital and has great value. One of the reasons Skardu is so popular is that it is heading towards the world’s highest peaks K2 and K3.

The journey from Gilgit (especially from Jaglot to Skardu) takes about 7-8 hours because you are attracted by the many streams and springs, and of course the hospitality of the people, This route is very easy. One of the many wonders of Skardu is definitely Shangri-La. This is a complex built around a beautiful lake, and the way its infrastructure is constructed is really amazing. Shangri-La is a majestic world, built around majestic mountains, all colours change in autumn as if you have stepped into a fairy tale world.

Autumn in Skardu Valley

Skardu Valley

Now let’s talk about how the river changes in different seasons, so you will see turquoise water in autumn and winter, and some shades of grey in spring and summer. This is a great photo opportunity. Many people from all over the world travel to Skardu to take pictures.

Khaplu Valley

Certain valleys in the region have alternate names due to their native language. Khaplu also has an alias called “Ghanche” (translated as magic). Khaplu is known for its romantic scenery, which is why it has become one of the favourite choices of newlyweds and old married couples. The valley also contains some historical sites that appeared during the two world wars, although the story has been developing since then. You can easily reach the Khaplu Valley by plane or road. If you travel by road, it is about 105 kilometres away from you.



Skardu. Otherwise, it will take about 45 minutes to fly from Islamabad. Now, let’s start doing business, why would you visit Khaplu in autumn or any other season? As mentioned earlier. Khaplu is a charming and romantic place. The view of the Karakoram Mountains, the ancient heritage, is now a hotel, and finally a beautiful stream. They have all created a truly magical destination for you.

Minimarg, Neelum Valley

Adventure and beauty go hand in hand. If you want to try something truly extraordinary, we suggest you visit the Minimarg Valley, very close to the Indian border. Since the location is ruled by the military, you need a special pass to enter. Fortunately, when if you went there, so you will enjoy all the rewards.

Minimarg, Neelum Valley

Minimarg, Neelum Valley

The valley is meticulously designated among the beautiful and hypnotic beauty. The forest is a mystery, and the village shows its hospitality. You can ride a jeep to get there, and the choice is up to you because all these have their own fun. In the depths of this beautiful canyon, you can see small villages along the way, especially in Domail. These cabins provide a refreshing version of country life, which is endless in city life.

Nanga Parbat

Fairy Meadows is one of the most beautiful valleys in the northern region, so you can think of them as a bunch of flowers in front of you. In addition to being so beautiful in northern Pakistan, the locals of Nanga Parbat will be very happy to share the stories of their travellers before you. The same goes for the tragedy of travellers who tried to reach this mountain but unfortunately failed.

Fairy Meadows-Nanga-Parbat

Fairy Meadows-Nanga-Parbat

The grasslands of these valleys have different environments, and they change according to the seasons. Birch trees are very popular in this area and change their shape accordingly. It can be seen that they are light yellow in autumn and white in winter. According to our personal experience, there are many famous resorts for you to take advantage of. The best time for Nanga Parbat will be spring because all the colours are fully displayed. If you like wildflowers and beautiful streams, then you have chosen the best location. Please make sure to visit this place in spring or autumn, otherwise, you will not be able to withstand the high or low temperature.

Phandar Valley, Gilgit

If you are looking for a quiet place in autumn or any other season, Phandar is your ideal choice. The best time to visit this beautiful valley is from April to October, so autumn is definitely on the list. This time is suitable for tourists as this is the time available for the hotel, so please plan accordingly. The temperature there is unusual because you expect freezing and rainy nights. Although we provide you with a window, the best time to visit Phandar is in July and August, so you don’t have to miss some annoying things due to freezing. The beauty of this valley is unbelievable. So far, tourists know very little about it, but it is increasing over time.



Colour and calmness are things you absolutely must consider, and we recommend that you visit the valley in September and October. We recommend that you take a bag there because the cold is the biggest disadvantage and the temperature will reach -15.

Phander Valley, Ghizer is the home of hiking in the fall, so once you get there, make sure to meet all your fishing needs.

Nagar Valley

Nagar is one of the most spectacular valleys in northern Pakistan. Nagar and Hunza are prince countries separated by the Hunza River. These two countries are notorious for being responsible for looting caravans from China.

Since then, Nagar is divided into two main areas, Nagar 1 and 2. The height of this valley is about 2500 meters, and many mountains can be found near the valley, the most famous of which is Rakaposhi. For those seeking adventure, we can only say that the valley is home to treasures such as rubies, topaz, aquamarine and emeralds. If you want to visit Nagar, make sure to visit Rakaposhi Viewpoint.



Rakaposhi is called “Mother of Mist” in his native language, and this peak ranks 27th in the world. The ever-changing atmosphere and scenery in autumn bring incredible experience.

In Conclusion

Autumn and spring are the best time to visit Northern Pakistan, the most popular gem is the famous lakes, forests, which changes colour at different times of the day.

Autumn is a very magical period, with flowers blooming, a pleasant environment and pristine beauty for viewing and exploring. In the North, you can fully enjoy during your autumn trip. We hope you have a pleasant journey. Have a good journey!

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