Northern Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 - Fall In Love With Northern Areas of Pakistan

We are now offering the hot-selling Northern Pakistan Tour Packages to all prominent northern areas of Pakistan with fantastic discount offers, affordable cost, perfect accommodation, upgraded cars, and much more.

Make a customized trip to these heavenly locations of Pakistan with us and leave with unforgettable memories.

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Northern Pakistan Tour Packages No. of Days Price per person*
Honeymoon Murree Couple Tour 3 Days 100$
Trip To Azad Kashmir 3 Days 150$
Trip To Swat Kalam Valley 3 Days 150$
Trip To Naran Kaghan Valley 4 Days 200$
Tour To Hunza Valley 5 Days 250$
Fairy Meadows Family Trip 5 Days 300$
Tour To Chitral Kalash Valley 5 Days 200$
Skardu Tour by Air 7 Days 300$
Family Trip To Fairy Meadows 10 Days 250$
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Why You Should take Northern Pakistan Tour Packages?

So many places in the Northern areas of Pakistan still need to be discovered or catch media attention. There was a time when reaching these northern parts of Pakistan was unimagined. But now, with new infrastructures and road conditions, tourism in Pakistan is increasing daily, and you can now visit the end of Pakistan easily. However, many peaks in northern Pakistan still need to be climbed and unchallenged. Plus, numerous lakes in northern Pakistan are yet to be discovered. 

You can visit the most fantastic valley of northern Pakistan with less population but with big hearts. Their hospitality makes your trip unforgettable.

Book your northern areas tour package today to experience all the adventure.

Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages 2024- Northern Pakistan Tour Packages

A perfect Pakistan tour of Swat from Islamabad covers the gigantic Karakorum Highway to Hunza Valley & Khunjerab Pass, then over the scenic Shangla Pass to the fertile Swat valley.

Plan a vacation trip with us also; note that we provide Pakistan northern areas tour packages 2024 at very reasonable rates, and above all, we do not compromise on quality standards. 

There is always the best time to visit northern areas of Pakistan, but climatologists suggest avoiding the monsoon season because of flooding and landslide. Nevertheless, the areas of the north of Pakistan’s weather are so unpredictable that it started raining out of nowhere. Undoubtedly, nights from north Pakistan are so chilly.  

There are many activities in the northern areas for local and foreign tourists. From camping to rafting, hiking to wandering, there are numerous things that tourists can enjoy in the north of Pakistan. 

With years of experience providing the best tour to northern Pakistan packageswe have many positive reviews from our prestigious clients. 

Whether traveling alone or with someone, explore the beautiful northern regions of Pakistan with all the exceptional services by Pakistan Tour and Travel.

Each northern trip ends at Islamabad, Pakistan’s second most beautiful city.

A trip to Swat & Peshawar will introduce you to the historic Gandhara Buddhist heritage and traditions of Pathan culture. As you travel on Karakorum Highway, reputed as the eighth wonder of the world, you enjoy fascinating views of challenging peaks rising above 7,000 meters. Nanga Parbat, at 8,125 m, is the highest of the peaks we see during our journey. 

If you take a trip to northern Pakistan, you will see the meeting place of the three highest mountain ranges of the world: The Karakorum, the Himalayas, and Hindukush. As you arrive at Khunjerab Pass at 4,733 m, you are on the border of not only China & Pakistan but also the Pamir and Karakorum ranges. As incredible as it sounds, don’t waste time and plan a memorable trip to Pakistan northern areas with us today.

Hot Selling Northern Pakistan Tours To All Your Favorite Destination

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Why are Northern Areas of Pakistan so popular in the tourist community?

Pakistan Northern areas are tourists’ primary goals in Pakistan tour. Pakistan is a multi-cultural and multi-season country—the land of rivers, snow peaks, lush green meadows, and cultural places of great value. Pakistan has been the victim of terrorism for the past few years due to many factors, but this one factor has caused significant issues for inhabitants of our holy land.

Pakistan offers a diverse landscape to its visitors. The language changes after 15 miles, and cultural changes are also evident if you move from one area to another. Our rich cultural values are deeply rooted in our system. We will give you complete details about the most famous places in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, the best time to visit, and how to get there. Let’s start with the top places in the Northern areas of Pakistan without further ado.

You can find detailed northern areas of Pakistan map here. Entire HD map of Northern Pakistan:

Full HD Northern Areas of Pakistan map

Full HD Northern Areas Pakistan Map

Exclusive Northern Pakistan Tour Packages - Select from the Best Places to Visit in Northern Areas of Pakistan

The Pakistan Northern Areas tour packages are the hub of the world’s highest mountain ranges. Make a trip to these heavenly places in northern Pakistan with us. See our Northern Pakistan Tour Packages 2024, which are updated.

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Pakistan Tour Travel offers the most affordable and luxurious Trips to Azad Kashmir Holidays and the best Honeymoon Northern Areas Winter Tour Packages. Enjoy the live snowfall with hot chocolate in our Winter Snowfall Trip Packages, and relish the best days of your life with your loved ones.


Whether you take a K2 and Concordia tour, Chitral, or the Hindukush tour, each tour offers a magnificent culture, hospitable and incredible views. Or, if you are a daring soul, book a Nanga Parbat and the Himalayas tour, which provides challenging treks to reach breathtaking places you can never see anywhere else.


Places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with the highest mountains in the world; within a small area, there are almost 100 mountain peaks above 7000 meters, five of which tower above 8000 meters:

Affordable Pakistan Northern Areas Tourism Packages – Promoting Tourism in Pakistan


Pakistan tourism northern areas are famous for their unmatchable beauty, enchanting waterfalls, and incredible weather. It is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers as it owns the best trekking paths in the world.

So we offer premium trekking tour packages from Pakistan.  However, Northern Pakistan Tours packages don’t settle for less, as we provide the best rates, perfect accommodation, and flawless services. 

Join us and avail yourself of the Cheap Northern Areas Pakistan tour packages 2024 and enjoy your vacation here.



Northern Pakistan Tour Pakistan- Why do people travel to northern areas of Pakistan?

Northern Pakistan Tour Pakistan- Why do people travel to northern areas of Pakistan?

Top 12 Northern Areas Of Pakistan You Should Visit

Top Northern Pakistan Tour Package to Famous Northern Areas of Pakistan

Deosai National Park 

Tucked away in northern Pakistan is this amazing spot where the Karakoram Mountains and Western Himalayas come together, reaching a height of at least 4,114 meters. Covered in snow for most of the year, this 3,000 square kilometer plateau turns into a burst of colorful flowers in the other seasons, without any trees in sight. Some cool nearby spots are:

  • Sheosar Lake,
  • Kala Pani,
  • Deosai Top
  • Shatoung Nala.

Northern Pakistan Tour packages, famous places to visit in northern areas of pakistan


One of the most famous hill station, known as Malika e Kohsar, at an altitude of 2,200 meters. It captures thousand of tourist daily due to its proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, in every season (summer/winters), tourists almost flood the entire area. Top places to visit in Murree are:

  • Galliyat,
  • Mall road,
  • Patriata
  • Ayubia
  • Bhurban

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Naltar Valley 

Located 34 kilometers from the central Gilgit Valley and at 15,348 feet above sea level. This beauty is far from the hustle and bustle of Gilgit-Baltistan towns. It has lush green landscapes and stunning lakes, all of which describe it as a true paradise. The top areas of Naltar Valley one must visit are:

  • Rattu Ski Resort,
  • Satrangi Lake,
  • Blue Lake,
  • Naltar-Pakora Trek
  • Naltar Lake
  • Dhudia Lake.

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Swat Kalam Valley 

Swat is a land of rivers, towering mountains, waterfalls, and lovely people. Kalam is one of the top-visited places in the northern areas of Pakistan. It has all ingredients to be termed the top tourist destination in Pakistan. Kalam has great forests for camping, lovely mountains for trekking and climbing, lakes for boating, and various excellent resorts. The top places to visit in Swat valley are:

  • Kalam Valley
  • Kumrat Valley
  • Madyan
  • Bahrain
  • Marghazar
  • Saidu Sharif
  • Mahodand Lake
  • Malam Jabba
  • Fizaghat
  • Kundol Lake

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir offers visitors the most panoramic views and incredible weather throughout the year. Azad Kashmir is a paradise on earth, with blue lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and lush green pastures. With so many hills, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, Azad Kashmir is one of those places that tourists want to return to again and again because the beauty of this place is unmatchable. The top spots in Azad Kashmir one must visit are:

  • Taubut 
  • Arang Kel
  • Shardha 
  • Neelum Valley 
  • Pir Chinasi
  • Toli Peer 
  • Banjosa Lake 

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Chitral Valley 

Chitral is part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and was a princely state until 1969. The Chitral is at the foot of Tirch Mir Peak, the highest peak of the Hindukush range. It was first scaled in 1950 by a Norwegian team. Tich mir can be seen from the central Bazar of Chitral. Festival like Chilham Joshi is their main celebration when visitors from other parts of the world and domestic tourists come to Pakistan. However, the top places to visit in Chitral KPK are:

  • Bumburet Valley
  • Rumbur Valley
  • Birir Valley
  • Ayun valley
  • Garam Chashma
  • Bonni
  • Shandur Pass
  • Tirch Mir

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Valleys Of Baltistan

Gilgit, a land of valleys, offers turquoise water lake, deep, dense forest, the perfect hiking treks, wide green land, ravishing waterfalls, and much morethree luminous mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush meet, is home to rare flora and fauna, beautiful valleys and beautiful lakes  The top valley in Gilgit Baltistan are:

  • Harmosh Valley,
  • Phandar Lake,
  • Basho Valley,
  • Tormiq Valley
  • Nagar Valley

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan is one of the most prominent reasons which capture tourists; it is home to some of the highest mountains in the world. Combining endless green grasslands, deep valleys, beautiful waterfalls, and steep roads, it is a haven for every nature lover and a paradise for every explorer. Top places in Gilgit Baltistan are:

  • Skardu Valley,
  • Attabad lake,
  • Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Karakoram Highway,
  • Shigar Valley
  • Khunjerab Pass
  • Gupis Valley

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Naran Kaghan Valley 

Naran Kaghan is a famous location for tourists. It is part of district Mansehra and has so much to offer. Naran has been fetching more than 2 million visitors annually, and this growth ratio is improving with each passing year. However, several places in Naran Kaghan are fascinating yet enriching in history and culture. The top places to visit in Naran Kaghan are:

  • Saif ul Malook Lake
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Shogran
  • Siri Paye
  • Babusar Top
  • Lalazar
  • Balakot

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Hunza  Valley

Hunza is a wonderland in the northern areas of Pakistan. Hunza has always been famous in north Pakistan as it has been frequently listed in international Magazines. During the late 90s, Hunza grabbed global attention when it was featured on the book cover of National Geographic Magazine as “Hunza Road to Heaven”. The people of Hunza are always friendly, lovely, and caring. The top places to visit in Hunza Valley are: 

  • Rakaposhi Peak
  • Karimabad
  • Altit Fort
  • Baltit Fort
  • Attabad Lake
  • Rush Lake
  • Sost Border
  • Summit Gulmit
  • Borith Lake
  • Eagle Nest Duiker

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan


Skardu is 763 Kilometre away from the capital city of Islamabad. Skardu is another remarkable place offering an abundance of sightseeing places. Skardu is primarily known for climbers toward the world’s highest peaks are approached from here. During the summer, you can always see the expedition tiding their shoes and luggage towards K2 and other neighboring peaks. Skardu does possess an airport, and daily flight comes from Islamabad. Top places to visit in Skardu valley,

  • Khaplu Valley
  • Kachura Lake
  • Shangri-La Lake
  • Satpara Lake
  • Shigar Fort

Northern Pakistan Tour Packages; Top place in northern areas of Pakistan

Fairy Meadows 

Fairy Meadows, Pakistan, is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions, attracting tourists and travelers worldwide. More precisely, the Fairy Meadows Trail was declared the second most dangerous and deadly road in the world by the World Health Organization in 2013. After passing through the village of Tatu, a difficult five-kilometer road requires drivers to walk travelers through to reach it. Fairy Meadows, this hike only takes three to four hours. Fairy Meadows is a meadow in the Rakhiot Valley, to be precise, at the end of the Rakhiot Glacier. Rakhi Glacier starts from Nanga Parbat and has a beautiful stream that flows into the Indus River. Fairy Meadows’ night views are beyond imagination, and locals have begun camping there. The top places to visit in Fairy Meadows are:

  • Nanga Parbat
  • Rama Lake
  • Raikot Bridge
  • Rakhiot
  • Chongra
  • Ganalo Peak

Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Pakistan This Year

Reasons for Traveling to Pakistan 

When someone wants to travel to Pakistan, everyone asks why you should visit northern Pakistan. There are many reasons you should travel to Pakistan once in your lifetime. The media often portrays Pakistan as a war-torn pit, and Pakistan’s tourism industry is almost non-existent. Few adventurers and enthusiastic climbers go to Pakistan every year, and one should be determined to be one of them. Travelling in Pakistan is a truly unique experience. It can be frustrating, rewarding, life-changing, and often surprising. Pakistan is the ultimate destination for backpacking; if you are a true adventure fan, it is time to travel to Pakistan!

Book exciting packages from our Northern Pakistan Tour package list and avail yourself of the fantastic service in Northern Pakistan.

Diverse Culture in Northern Pakistan

Another reason for vesting Pakistan is the Multiculturalism in Northern Pakistan. The culture of Pakistan is entirely different from any other culture you have encountered before; it is simultaneously passionate, unique, proud, and a bit strange. There are many situations you will be wondering about the region you are visiting and how special this place is.

At a particular moment, you cannot visit Pakistan without appreciation. This country uses everything it has to hit you and leave you speechless. You will be amazing surprised by the cultural diversity from the Karakorum to the Hunza, the Neelum valley to the trek of Nanga Parbat. Or you were walking in some of the craziest and most gigantic mountains in the world. Each region leaves you a whammy because you met the locals or learned more about their lives in Pakistan.

Economical Prices

Pakistan is the second cheapest country you can visit while on a budget. It is possible to visit Pakistan with a budget of about $100 per week, including food, housing, transportation, and many other significant events.

If you have Pakistani friends, they will almost certainly invite you to all activities. Pakistanis are very generous. Even if you tried to pay for dinner many times, the host of Pakistan did not allow it because of their hospitability culture.

It may be expensive to stay in Pakistan, but many campsites exist. If you want to save money on accommodation, pack your tent. If you live in a place like Fairy Meadows, it is worth it.

Trying to organize a one-on-one adventure in Pakistan can be tricky. For example, although traveling in Nepal is relatively easy to reach Mount Everest, K2 requires a lot of logistics. Due to expenditure and cost, most tourists may become part of organized travel in Pakistan for at least a time.

Safe Region (Northern Pakistan is safe for international tourism)

Undoubtedly Pakistan is the safest country, contrary to what is portrayed in Media. Many international platforms declared Pakistan the most favorite and safest country to visit. However, Pakistan sometimes suffers from terrorist attacks, but every country in the world seems to play a fair role, and sitting at home is not safe. The media thrives on fear and prejudice, so don’t let yourself be affected.

The Pakistani people strongly oppose the Taliban (the Pakistani armed forces are currently kicking the Taliban in the border areas). They will do their best to ensure your safety at all costs.

If you are conscious of the security risks, you can hire security agencies for your safety, but other than that, “you are safe in Pakistan alone.” This does not necessarily mean that you are in a dangerous area, but it only means that the local police department monitors you.

Amazing Hospitality

People are amazing; they hope you like their country. There is no doubt that the people of Pakistan are the most generous and enthusiastic people you have ever met. From the bustling streets of Lahore to the ancient mountain city of Hunza, whenever a local finds me, you get a smile and often a tempting dinner.

Exceptional Beauty 

The most beautiful country in the world is probably just Pakistan which shows diversity in landscapes. Pakistan is famous for its mountains, valleys, rivers, glaciers, and forests. This country has genuinely wondered more than its share. Many, so you will travel to Pakistan to the fullest. Five of the 14 highest peaks in the world were discovered in Pakistan, including the famous and deadly K2. Pakistan is your country if you like mountain climbing, kayaking, or hiking.

No other country would match the endless beauty of Northern Pakistan, and it is safe to say that Pakistan is the most diverse and beautiful country you have ever visited. Many unclimbed peaks are waiting to be conquered by someone worth the risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

what kind of leopards found in northern areas of Pakistan?

The snow leopard is a scarce species of Leopard found in different parts of northern areas. 

What conical-shaped trees in northern Pakistan called?

Conical-shaped trees in northern Pakistan are called Conifers: Conical evergreen trees with needle-like leaves or growing scales are primarily found in the north of Pakistan.

Which of these is a rare animal found in northern Pakistan?

Some of the wildlife species found in the northern mountains and the Potohar Plateau include:

  • Baharal,
  • Eurasian lynx,
  • Himalayan antelope,
  • Marco Polo sheep,
  • Badger (in Deossa National Park)
  • Yellow-throated fish.

Which are the top cities in northern areas of Pakistan?

Top cities in northern areas of Pakistan:

  • Skardu City 
  • Gilgit City 
  • Abbottabad City 
  • Chitral City 
  • Swat City 
  • Karimabad City 

which mountain range situated in the northern areas of Pakistan?

Top mountain ranges in norther areas of Pakistan are:

  • Himalayas
  • Karakorum
  • Hindukush

Why Plan a Trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan?

Pakistan is famous for the most thrilling and fantastic traveling sights worldwide. The most famous region for trekking in Pakistan is the mesmerizing Northern Areas of Pakistan, offering boundless destinations to visit and observe the colors of Nature. Many travelers from and outside the country visit unique North Pakistan in a vast ratio every year to capture the beautiful sight of Pakistan.

How do I choose the best nothern Pakistan travel plan for me and my family?

Here we present the complete list of northern Pakistan holiday travel plans for you and your family; take a look and choose the best


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