Top 12 Hotels in Hunza Valley

Hotels in Hunza Valley


Best Accommodation In Hunza- Hotels in Hunza Valley

If you plan to travel to the Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan and are confused about your accommodation options, we will provide you with the accommodation choices you need. Since choosing the best place to stay can make your vacation unforgettable, we have compiled a list of the best hotels in Hunza valley, all of which are widely recommended by all travelers visiting the charming valley.

In recent years, Pakistan’s tourism industry has extensively developed as travelers from all over the world flock to the northern region to admire the beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, and charming blue rivers. According to a recent report by Gallup Pakistan, the country’s tourism industry has grown by a staggering 317% in the past five years, which shows that more and more people are choosing to spend their holidays in the most beautiful places in the world.

Although Hunza, one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations, has no shortage of high-quality and affordable hotels in Hunza valley, the following are our top picks.

List of best hotels in Hunza valley

These are the top-rated 12 hotels in Hunza valley and the most recommended hotels by families and couples.

  1. Hunza Luxury Hotel
  2. Serena Hunza
  3. Darbar Hunza Hotel
  4. Eagle Nest Hotel
  5. Fairy Land Hotel
  6. Hard Rock Hotel Hunza
  7. Hunza Embassy Hotel
  8. PTDC Hunza
  9. Hunza View Hotel
  10. Sarai Silk Route Hotel
  11. Silk Road Lodges
  12. PTDC Soest Hotel

1.      Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort

First and Foremost, this luxury hotel is famous for its stunning views of Attabad Lake. This resort is synonymous with luxury and is one of the best places to stay in Hunza. Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan, overlooking the beautiful mountains and Attabad Lake, providing guests with world-class facilities to make your journey to Gilgit Baltistan unforgettable. Plus, this hotel combines luxury with nature and is the perfect choice for you to escape from everyday life.

In addition to its picturesque location in Hunza, Gojal, Gojal, Aina Abad, Attabad, Gilgit-Baltistan, Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort’s stunning interior design and classic wooden decorations also played a role in its popularity. The large windows in each room allow you to enjoy the magical blue water under the clear sky. The complex has a total of 25 rooms with independent balconies.

Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort

Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort- Luxury Hotels in Hunza Valley

Since this area is a bit far from the main shopping area, it is prevalent among hikers and hikers. This allows travelers to indulge in some local activities, thus making their Hunza experience more magical. All the luxurious facilities offered here: In addition to daily housekeeping, 24-hour reception, and laundry services, these are some of the other facilities provided by one of the best hotels in Hanseatic.

Additionally, outdoor fireplace, a picnic area, water sports facilities, a gazebo, a garden with a barbecue, and more.

Price range: from 18000 PKR, address: Ainabad, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan. Contact Number: 0343-5151913

2.      Serena Hunza Hotel

The second on the list is a beautiful view of the Serena Inn in the picturesque Hunza Valley. Located in the beautiful city of Karimabad (formerly Baltit), Hunza Serena Inn is one of the most popular hotels in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. Surrounded by the majestic Karakoram Mountains, this luxurious hotel offers beautiful views of the vast rolling green fields, the blue sky of the Hunza River, and the snow-capped Rakaposhi Mountain. The landscaped gardens, along with the apple, apricot, and walnut orchards surrounding the hotel, provide travelers with a much-needed escape from busy life.

Additionally, Hunza Serena Inn occupies 6 acres with impressive interiors that perfectly showcase the culture and traditions of the area. Each room is equipped with hand-carved wooden furniture, picturesque terraces, and other facilities, making this Hunza hotel the first choice among foreign representatives, politicians, and diplomats.

Serena Hunza Hotel

Serena Hunza Hotel-Hotels in Hunza Valley

Whether you are exploring this valley, learning the local culture, or just enjoying the natural scenery of Pakistan, this hotel is one of the best places to stay in Hunza. Moreover, facilities include: In addition to valet parking, free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour room service, these are other convenient facilities available at Hunza Serena Inn.

Please note that their luxury tents must be booked in advance, as their design will give visitors a unique experience. Like the standard and deluxe rooms, the tent is equipped with a comfortable king-size bed, shower, minibar, flat-screen TV, heating, etc.

Price range: starting from 12,000 Pakistani rupees, address: Gilgit-Baltistan, Karimabad, Zero Point, here. Contact number: 05913457660, 058-13457012

3.      Dar Bar Hunza Hotel

As can be seen from the name of Darbar Hotel in Hunza, the hotel provides ultra-modern facilities for those who visit Hunza and stay in Darbar Hotel. This boutique hotel is located throughout the valley, offering quality internal and international services. The Darbar Hunza Hotel has 40 rooms, including five suites, 21 double rooms, and 14 single rooms. Each room has a modern bathroom with 24-hour room service—constant power supply, laundry, internet service, extra bed on request, etc.

Dar Bar Hunza Hotel

Dar Bar Hunza Hotel-Hotels in Hunza Valley

The hotel also has a multi-cuisine restaurant that combines Chinese, Continental, and Pakistani cuisine and traditionally serves local cuisine. Enjoy the rooftop barbecue with local artists and admire the beauty of Rakaposhi. You will be amazed. However, the hotel’s well-trained management welcomes couples, groups, and business travelers. For our professional conference facilities, we also have valet parking. Plan your trip to Hunza and book a luxury hotel in Darbar for an unforgettable experience.

4.      Eagle’s Nest Hotel

One of the first hotels in Hunza, family-run since 1994, is located in the Duiker area of ​​Altit in the Hunza Valley. Away from the hustle and bustle of the Central Valley. Eagles Nest Hotel is nestled among the mountains and enjoys magnificent tourist attractions. In addition, the view of sunrise and sunset from the balcony of any room is fascinating. Guests staying at Eagle Nest Hotel will enjoy a comfortable and warm stay.

All standard facilities make the night very quiet. Lake Natal is not yet popular with tourists, but the lake is worth seeing 40 kilometers away from the hotel.

Eagles Nest Hotel

Eagles Nest Hotel-Hotels in Hunza Valley

Also, the hotel offers 30 well-equipped rooms, including suites, standard rooms, and deluxe rooms. Each room has a beautiful view of Duikar and some incredible mountains. Rakaposhi sunrise and sunset can be seen from every corner of the hotel. The hotel also has a restaurant that provides guests with delicious food. Well-trained employees are always ready to work outside the door 24/7. Connect with other global satellite services available on high-speed internet. The hotel also offers outdoor activities for children and adults—your comfortable residence in Hunza.

5.      Fairy Land Duiker Hotel

Fairy Land is located in the Duiker Valley, with ten rooms (9 deluxe rooms and one suite), surrounded by famous mountains (Lady Finger, Rakaposhi, Golden peak, Deran Peak, Ultar-I and Ultar-2). This hotel provides 24-hour customer service.

Fairy Land Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in the Fairy Land Hotel in Hunza Duikar Hunza Karimabad, in Gilgit Baltistan. Full of vitality, excellent location, room service, TV, parking, restaurant, laundry, hot water, fireplace, and safety equipment 24 hours to help you spend an enjoyable time. However, entering this wonderland hotel will immediately feel a unique, intimate atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Every detail has been carefully selected, and every room is worth a visit.

Fairy Land Duiker Hotel

Fairy Land Duiker Hotel-Hotels in Hunza Valley

The Wonderland Hotel has 15 rooms, the price of each room starts from 2500 Pakistani rupees, equipped with a TV, room service, and daily housekeeping. Each bedroom has enough furniture and elegant decoration. The rooms are spacious, with large beds and comfortable beds.

Facilities, free parking, free high-speed Internet (Wi-Fi), restaurants, hiking, children’s activities (family and children), airport transportation, barbecue facilities, luggage storage

6.      Hard Rock Hunza Hotel

It is located in Hunza Eagle Nest Road Duikar Altit Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza, Pakistan (Hunza Valley), and address: Hunza Valley, 15700, 6.5 kilometers from the city center. Hard Rock Hunza Holiday Villa is five stars. Located in Hunza, Hard Rock Hunza Resort & Villas offers 5-star accommodation with a bar, garden, and terrace. Facilities at this hotel include a restaurant, 24-hour front desk service, a shared kitchen, and free Wi-Fi. Also, the hotel has free private parking and provides car rental services for guests who wish to explore the surroundings. For your stay, the hotel offers three rooms. Visitors can choose different types of rooms: quadruple, twin, and double. They can also use facilities such as a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle, and a terrace, as the hotel has many rooms with a view.

Moreover, rooms have a desk, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. All rooms have a wardrobe and a kettle. Guests at Hard Rock Hunza Resort & Villas can enjoy a buffet or halal breakfast. Guests can enjoy cycling and other activities in Hunza and its surrounding areas. Couples, especially like this location- the two- traveled to them with a rating of 10.

Hard Rock Hunza Hotel

Hard Rock Hunza Hotel-Hotels in Hunza Valley

Furthermore, guests can order food and drinks directly from their rooms. Residents can go online. There is a cozy restaurant next to the hotel. If you have any questions, you can consult the 24-hour front desk. You can book non-smoking rooms here. With prior arrangements, you can stay with your pet. There is a parking space in the building. There is a plantation near the hotel. Please note that you can only pay in cash. Notably, the hotel staff can speak English well.

7.      Hunza Embassy Hotel

Guests of this hotel can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the view of the valley. The Hunza Embassy was established in 1986 and is another popular place in the valley. Just steps away from the historical Silk Road, this hotel offers guests a unique blend of traditional life and modern facilities. Each room in the Hunza Embassy has conventional wooden furniture and world-class facilities such as a TV, mini-fridge, marble bathroom, and more. The view of the hotel is also great; after all, who doesn’t want to wake up and see the blue sky washed by snow-capped mountains?

As one of the most popular hotels in Hunza valley, the hotel also has a multi-cuisine restaurant offering a buffet and a la carte menus. Seasonal barbecues and rooftop dining allow guests to taste delicious dishes while admiring the magnificent views of the Karakoram Mountains.

The Hunza Embassy Hotel also organizes special dinners, folk performances, sword dances, live music, and tourist sightseeing tours.

Hunza Embassy Hotel

Hunza Embassy Hotel-Hotels in Hunza Valley

Services: Besides free parking, dry cleaning, and housekeeping services, the Hunza Embassy provides guests with the following services. The beautiful view from the balcony will leave you speechless. These are the most popular tourist attractions in Hunza, all located near the hotel.

The Embassy Hotel Hunza offers three types of guest rooms. Single room, double room, deluxe room, price range: from 8,500 Pakistani rupees, address: Zero Point, Karimabad, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan. Contact Number: 05813457001

8.      PTDC Hunza

Hunza is a 2-hour drive from Gilgit, 100 km and 700 km from Islamabad. The panoramic views across KKH and Nagar River in the center of PTDC Motel are stunning. Depart from PTDC Motel for a day trip to Nagar Valley, overlooking the majestic Hoper Glacier.

PTDC Hunza

PTDC Hunza-Hotels in Hunza Valley

You can also visit the nearby Passo Glacier Village on a day trip. PTDC Motel offers comfortable rooms, and its first-class restaurant (serving local and Western cuisine) offers spectacular views of Rakaposhi Peak on a moonlit night. The hotel also provides jeep rentals, telephones, satellite dishes, and laundry facilities. Distance from Islamabad: 720 kilometers, total area, 25 kilometers, 12 m, number of rooms, motel (28 rooms), and current status: in operation, with restaurants.

PTDC Motel, Ganish, KKH, Hunza, Dist. Gilgit (NA) Tel: 05823-457069 Fax: 452650

9.      Hunza View Hotel

Next on the list of Hotels in Hunza is Hunza View Hotel. Rakaposhi is located in the capital of Karimabad Valley, and its perfect panorama and mild weather attract thousands of tourists yearly. Furthermore, the Hunza View Hotel is a luxury hotel in the valley that provides you with the best service during your stay. The rooms are fully equipped with stylish, ultra-modern bathrooms. Compared to other hotels in Hunza that offer fewer facilities at higher prices, the best part of the hotel is the reasonable price. Brave employees are ready to work 24/7 outside the door.

Hunza View Hotel

Hotels in Hunza Valley- Hunza View Hotel

In addition, every room can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire valley. The lush green lawn is here, and you can enjoy the tranquil scenery and the dense vegetation of the Hunza Valley. The management provides all basic and standard convenience facilities, including satellite or Internet channels, outdoor activities, currency exchange, hot water, lobby, and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. You can enjoy the most comfortable environment in a home away from home. Plan a trip to Hunza and book accommodation in the best hotel in the valley.

10.  Sarai Silk Route Hotel

Hunza Sarai Silk Route Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the Hunza Valley in the village of Passu. It is situated on the Karakorum Highway at the foot of the majestic Paso Glacier. In addition, the Sarai Silk Road is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains. Also, the famous Paso cone, the peaks of Paso Glacier, and Batura Glacier are nearby. In short, our guests can not only enjoy a rich leisure trip in one of the best hotels in Hunza valley but also get inspiration and vitality from the visit.

Sarai Silk Route

Hotels in Hunza Valley-Sarai Silk Route

Hotel facilities: free parking, free high-speed Internet (WiFi), restaurants, karaoke, hiking, children’s activities (children/family), pets allowed (dogs/pets), airport transportation, Room condition is excellent with hypoallergenic Room. Room service: wardrobe, bottled water, clothes rack, private bathroom, electric blanket, bathtub/shower. Room type, Mountain View, River view, landmark view, non-smoking room, suite, family room. Staff can speak and understand three languages: English, Japanese, and Urdu.

11.  Silk Route Lodges

Gulmit Silk Road Youth Hostel is located in Gulmit Village in the Hunza Valley. The hotel is situated on the banks of the river and offers stunning views of the 7,000-meter-high Gulmit Tower and Cathedral Hill. The rooms are kept tidy and clean.

Gulmit Silk Road Lodge is a small 3-star hotel located in the most spectacular mountains in the Hunza Valley. Every room in the hotel has a magnificent view of Karakorum. You can stay in the hotel for several days and enjoy the unspoiled view of the Hunza Valley. This hotel in the Gulmit Gulking Passu and Hussaini area has many scenic excursions departing from nearby cities.

Silk Route Lodges

Hotels in Hunza Valley- Silk Route Lodges

Single room in 4,226.25 rupees, Double Room in 5,433.75 rupees. The price includes all taxes and fees, no credit card is required, and you can pay on arrival or by bank transfer. For group bookings, conference delegates, or student group bookings, don’t hesitate to contact us for special rates.

The price is per room per night, including all government taxes and service charges, with no other hidden fees

12.  PTDC Sost Hotel

Hunza is a land of colorful and pleasant scenery that attracts hundreds of monthly tourists. Therefore, a wide variety of hotels in Hunza Valley can accommodate more and more tourists and guests. PTDC Motel Chain also serves the Hunza Valley. As we all know, PTDC Motel Sost is a three-star luxury hotel in Aliabad, offering the best facilities.

Hotels in Hunza Valley

Hotels in Hunza Valley – PTDC Sost Hotel

According to customer requirements, the rooms range from standard to luxurious. Each room provides warm and comfortable accommodation with beautiful views of Rakaposhi Peak, especially in the moonlight. The hotel management staff is well-trained and can serve VIP guests 24/7.

Rent a jeep cabin and head to the Nagar Valley with stunning views of the Hoper Glacier. Also, the motel has two restaurants operated under the guidance of professional chefs. The cuisine varies from Pakistan to continental, with local spices. Basic amenities include parking, air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply, comprehensive security facilities, refreshments with minibar, laundry/dry cleaning, storage room, etc. Book a stay at PTDC Motel and experience a lifetime.

In Conclusion

However, if we missed any luxurious hotels in Hunza valley, do mention them in the comment section; we would love to add them to our list of Top Hotels in Hunza valley.

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