Islamabad; The Capital City of Pakistan

Islamabad is the Capital and well-planned city of Pakistan. It was built in the mid-sixties by Military led President Ayub. It is a master-planned city and business Hub now. It’s basically modern Pakistan with a diplomatic look ultra-modern look. Initially, it was built only for half a million people. Now, 4 million people are living in Islamabad. Islamabad does not have any rich history due to the fact it was all woods before the 1960s. The central vision was to give Pakistan a safer and more secure Capital earlier; the Capital was in Karachi, which is quite densely populated.


Islamabad is touching the neighboring City Rawalpindi, which is typically called “Pindi” as well. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are not cherished as main tourist destinations but entail many local sights worth seeing. Most visitors only stay briefly in Rawalpindi or Islamabad as a base camp for their upcoming tours.

Though Islamabad is refreshing in its own right, Pindi is blessed with a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Islamabad is a city of flowers, wide roads, and significant buildings. Rawalpindi is in total contrast to the Capital of Pakistan as it does not possess big hotels and planned infrastructure, yet it has its Charisma. There are many ancient buildings of Pre Pakistan era that are worth visiting.


Islamabad; The Capital City of Pakistan

Islamabad serves as the platform for all visitors to see some of the spectacular hill stations nearby. Murree is only one hour drive from Capital City. The temperature of Murre remains moderate even in June and July. The fascinating Hill stations draw people of Punjab and all over Pakistan. If we say Murree is Pakistan’s most popular Hill station, we won’t be lying. NathiaGali is yet another less-developed serene hill station with marvelous beauty, breathtaking mountains, and freshwater channels. It draws crowds from all over Pakistan and usually gets heavy snow in December and January.

Yet not far away are the fascinating archaeological digs around the Gandharan city of Taxila. Here, Buddhism and the sublime Graeco-Buddhist art evolved and flourished, and its glory can be appreciated in Taxila’s splendid museum and at several major sites.

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