Lake View Park Islamabad is Must Visit Place In Islamabad

Lake View Park Islamabad

Most Visited Park on Banks of Rawal Dam – Famous Places in Islamabad for Tourists 

Lake View Park Islamabad: In the territory side of Bani Gala and Margalla hills, Rawal Lake is a counterfeit water repository, satisfying the water requirements in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The lake covers an area of 8.8sq ft.

It is encompassed by various blossoming trees and spread out with greenery enclosures, outing spots, and confined ways.

The terraced greenhouse and the lake are utilized for picnics, angling and drifting. The most noteworthy point in the greenery enclosure offers an all-encompassing perspective on the lake.

Lake View Park is also there to help with guests’ energy and rush. The recreation centre was built with the endeavours of Chairman CDA (Capital Development Authority) Kamran Lashari.

Arranged at the bank of Rawal Lake, a recreation centre is a beguilement spot of universal benchmarks. An efficient park with all the essential conveniences that may incorporate strolling tracks, lovely gardens with various blossoms, playing territory with multiple amusements and rides, angling, sailing, and shake climb. Guests can appreciate live singing and music there too.

A visit to Islamabad is inadequate without visiting the lake and the recreation centre.

Lake View Park Islamabad

Lake View Park (Rawal Lake Park) is on the Murree-Islamabad Highway. While heading out from Islamabad to Murree, a street turns right just before Barakahu and prompts this beautiful park.

The recently built park has become a most loved cookout spot for individuals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

It is made near Rawal Lake, an artificial store that satisfies water requirements for the urban communities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Lake View Park Islamabad

Rawal Lake Park: Lake View Park Islamabad


The recreation centre was built with the efforts of Chairman CDA (Capital Development Authority) Kamran Lashari. Located at the bank of Rawal Lake, it is a delightful spot of global measures.

CDA has given stunning establishments that are entertainment meccas, such as traveller trains and transports, recreations, and fun rides for kids and older folks.

The recreation centre likewise offers offices where you can experience sports. Divider (shake) climbing, paintball, quad motocross, vehicle evading, bike watercraft and speed vessels are part of the experience sports in Lake View Park.

Mechanized and primary watercraft are accessible to families and people.

The recreation centre has a little traveller train and a zoo with uncommon types of feathered creatures.

There are restrooms in various areas of the recreation centre, accessible to women and gentlemen. An eatery named “Dera” serves nourishment and refreshments for guests.

There are little refreshment slows in better places that meet immediate refreshment needs.

CDA has shown a list of practically all the fun activities and beguilements accessible in the recreation centre. Stopping is immense and reasonable.

The spot is additionally helpful for fowl sweethearts as most of the winged animals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be found here.

Lake View Park is one of the most prominent places in Islamabad. Plan your visit and experience its beauties.


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