Top Waterfalls in Pakistan- Unseen Tourist Places in Pakistan

Top Waterfalls in Pakistan- Unseen Tourist Places in Pakistan

List of Stunning Waterfalls In Pakistan

Looking for Waterfalls in Pakistan near you? We got your back. Here, we have compiled a list of top waterfalls in Pakistan that are near your place. Pakistan is rich in natural wonders, with enough lakes, national parks, mountains, and rivers to explore in a lifetime. We also have some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls on Earth.

The best thing about waterfalls is that they are fun no matter the weather is; the rain hits the falls like butter on chicken. Here is a list of mesmerizing waterfalls in Pakistan that will surely be your destination this summer.

Once you see a beautiful waterfall, you’ll be curious to see all of them. These beauties are tall and short, small and big. Pakistan’s waterfalls reflect their wondrous beauty.

Jamgar falls

This majestic waterfall is in the Neelum Valley, surrounded by towering hills and lush green forests. The valley is a 200-kilometer arc of forested area in Azad Kashmir. Whenever you have a chance to visit the valley, be sure not to miss Jamgarh Waterfall.

List of Stunning Waterfalls In PakistanHanna Urak Waterfall

Located near Lake Hana, Aurak Valley is a valley in the Quetta region surrounded by mountains. Hana Orak Falls is located at the confluence of the Orak and Tangi Valleys. The Kakar community mainly inhabits these valleys.

Farphu Waterfall

Farphu Waterfall is the tallest of the Pakistani waterfalls. It is located in the fertile Bagrot Valley in the Karakoram Mountains. Farphu Waterfall is located in a straight line at the top of the mountain. The roads to Karakoram are mostly impassable in winter, so this place is a must-see in summer.


Gulpur Waterfall

Gulpur Waterfall is in Kotli, Azad Kashmir. A waterfall that is located near the Poonch River. It is a popular picnic spot and offers a refreshing experience. This gem is located in the small town of Gulpur in the Kotli district. This waterfall is not a high hike, surrounded by lush greenery on one side and brown hills on the other. If you want to have fun in Kashmir, Gulpur waterfall is the best destination, especially in summer.

List of Stunning Waterfalls In PakistanNeela Sandh Waterfall

Neela Sandh is a series of blue pools. This short-rise waterfall is located at Mori Syedan in Rawalpindi. Due to its small height, it looks like a stream. Being able to come and enjoy this wonderful sight at any time is a gift to the citizens of the Twin Cities. The water here is crystal clear, and you can swim freely there.

Shingrai Waterfall

Besides the many attractions and places, the Swat Valley has much to offer. One such place is Shingrai Waterfall, located at the foothills of the Dwarsay peak, about 20 kilometers to the north. The gigantic waterfall wows visitors with its mighty sound in the giant mountains overlooking it. If you’re considering visiting Mingora or Swat, the breathtaking views and lion’s roar are worth the trip.List of Stunning Waterfalls In Pakistan

Pir Galib Waterfall 

According to legend, Pir Galib was a mystic who came here to bring back the locals; after some time, they decided to kill him, and knowing this, they prayed to God for his hiding place. This place is also known as Pir Ghaib Waterfall, about 70 km from Quetta. The waterfall cascades down a rocky hillside and winds through many streams and ponds. Importantly, to use four wheels to get there.

Mantokha Waterfall

 Manthokha Waterfall is in Kharmang Valley, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan. A 180 feet high waterfall cascades into a pool of turquoise water. A popular tourist attraction in the region. Mantokha is approximately 40 km from Skardu. This stunning place is best for camping and fishing. This is a compelling point.

List of Stunning Waterfalls In PakistanSajikot Waterfall

Sajikot Waterfall is in Havelian, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A 200-foot-high waterfall forms a pool at the bottom. A newly constructed road lets visitors take their cars right to the top of the waterfall.

This majestic waterfall is the only twin waterfall in Pakistan, 24 km from Havelian. It takes three steps from top to bottom. The first two are small, but the latter is big and famous. If you want to visit them, you must go to the main waterfall.


Naran Kaghan Waterfall

Naran Kaghan is, without a doubt, the most popular hill station in Pakistan, with its abundance of lakes, waterfalls, and streams. Mansehra is 120 km away. Naran Kaghan waterfall in this valley is Pakistan’s most exquisite waterfall. It is located on the way to the Naran Kaghan Valley and is less known to explorers. Green forests surround it. This waterfall is worth a visit if you visit this hill station.

List of Stunning Waterfalls In PakistanCham Waterfall

Cham Waterfall is in Hattian Bala, Azad Kashmir. A waterfall that is located near Leepa Valley. It is a spectacular sight to behold and a must-see for nature lovers. Standing 300 meters above sea level, the Cham Waterfalls are also a Hilan, Azad Kashmir tourist magnet. It can be reached by road from Muzaffarabad and Chinnari Village. It is the second-tallest waterfall in Kashmir.


Narh Waterfall

Narh Waterfall, also called Noorabad Waterfall, and known for its enhancing beauty. This amazing waterfall is about 60 km from Islamabad in a small village called Narar in Kahuta. If you want to relax and are tired of the clichés, give Narh Falls a chance.


Chotok Waterfall, Baluchistan

Chotok Waterfall is also a gem that belongs to Balochistan. This waterfall is located in a small village called Mora, about 100 kilometers from Kuzdal. Surrounded by green grasses, herbs, shrubs, and moss, Chotok Falls falls into a cup-like wine. The waterfall flows between two mountains before turning into a canal. This is a quiet and beautiful place for vacation and travel.

List of Stunning Waterfalls In Pakistan

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