Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Best Family Restaurants in Islamabad

Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Islamabad for Families .

Best Restaurants in Islamabad For Families 


For Food lovers, we created a list of the best Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi. Gratify your carving for the best food in Islamabad, then reach out to these fantastic places.


As the world’s second most beautiful capital, Islamabad, and the neighbourhood of Rawalpindi, both cities hold numerous well-known restaurants that are improved with taste. The majority of the world’s popular nourishment and cooking styles are here.


Islamabad’s food culture is improving daily as the city hosts thousands of foreigners here. You can find the best Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, seafood eateries, and much more. However, you can discover desi restaurants in Islamabad on every corner that serve divine food. For the guests in Islamabad, we have made a list of the Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants and restaurants in Rawalpindi. Have a look!!!

Economical Yet Top 70 Islamabad Restaurants In F6/F7 and Blue Area


# Name Contant No. Location
1 1969 Restaurant0300 0341969 Garden Avenue
2 Angara Restaurant0331 0272227 Imran plaza opposite flower market near Dhaka eman sweets f 10,
3 Arbicana Alshawarma(051) 8777750 Block 12, Jinnah Super market,
4 Arz Lebanon92 51 8733333 College Road Union Gold Mall, Jinnah Super,
5 Asian Wok(051) 2206988 Beverly Center
6 Atrio Café & Grill(051) 8319999 P3C5+R7J, College Rd، near Saeed Book Bank, Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz
7 Aurum Cafe(051) 4718877 Ground floor, PTCL exchange, Crown plaza, Service Rd N, Islamabad
8 Bar B.Q. Tonight(051) 8317132 Embassy Road
9 Basha Istanbul F-7(051) 8893083 3rd Floor, 6-B Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz
10 Bistro Noir0300 1888768 Gol Market, Street 4, F-7/3
11 Bolan Saltish Sajji(051) 2803008 G 7/2 Blue Area
12 Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen92 346 2007722 Khursheed Market, F10/1,
13 Cafe Aylanto92518446561 Street 4 Unit 1 & 2، Gol Market 3, Islamabad
14 Cafe Rustic(051) 2650007 Block 4-A, Street 14, Shaheen Market E-7
15 Cave Diner92 51 2270595 Cave 1-B Awan Arcade Jinnah Avenue,
16 Chinese Hotpot(051) 6126330 I-8 Markaz, I-8markazPK
17 Chop Chop Wok0333 4446897 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz F 6 Markaz
18 Churrasco(051) 8893082 F-7 Markaz
19 Deejos Cafe & Bakeshop(051) 8770312 1st Floor, Plot 15 Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz
20 Des Pardes Restaurant(051) 2320008 Saidpur Road
21 Dynasty Chinese Restaurant92 51 282612 5 Agha Khan Rd, F-5/1 F- Islamabad Marriott Hotel, Islamabad
22 Eatly -Rooftop0330 9777853 Jinnah Super Market F-7
23 Eggspectation Restaurant Cafe0300 1707808 P3PH+683, Street 10, F-6/3
24 El Momento0311 1100315 F 6, Beverly Centre
25 Florida Steak House0330 5044444 First Floor, EOBI BUILDING, I-8 Markaz
26 Fuoco0302 6333367 1 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz
27 Gai'a Japanese Fusion0300 0453636 Mount view plaza, Jinnah Supper F6 Islamabad
28 Ginyaki(051) 8484888 F-7 Markaz
29 Havana Terraces(051) 2305467 5th Floor, Grand Islamabad Hotel, Square, 11 St 1, MPCHS E-11/1
30 Howdy Islamabad(051) 2611182 1 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz
31 Huaxiaqing0315 5008156 Street 24, F-8/2 F 8/2
32 Janan Foods Bannu Beef Pulao0303 4414000 Karachi company, G-9 Markaz
33 Jason's Steak House 92 51 2826121 Aga Khan Road, Shalimar 5 Islamabad Marriott Hotel,
34 Kababjees0307 4444718 P3C2+JC2, F-7/2
35 Kabul Restaurant(051) 2650953 F-7 Markaz
36 KC Grill0322 5000285 Allahwali Market, Street 33, F-8/1
37 Khaaba by Nauman Masood0300 5593325 Bahria Greens
38 Khoka Khola(051) 8444929 Beverly Centre, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area,
39 Khyber Shinwari(051) 2355727 G-10/1
40 Kitchen Deli92 336 4088885 Shop 11-12, Kohsar Plaza F10 markaz,
41 L’espresso(051) 4718154 Shop#G-6, Liberty mall, F-11 Markaz
42 Mandarin Kitchen0340 0000116 4th floor, 1 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz
43 MêZ Islamabad Turkish Restaurant0342 0002982 Block 7, F-6 Markaz
44 Nazarr - The Taste of Istanbul0309 9635555 Pak Land, City Center, Shop#14 Lower Ground, Markaz I 8 Markaz
45 Ox & Grill(051) 2650792 F-7 Markaz
46 Roasters Coffee House & Grill92 51 2656544 Main Bhittai Road Plot 6-B, F-7 Markaz,
47 Salt n PepperBlue Area, G 6/2 F-6 Blue Area, G 6/2 F-6
48 Savour Foods5123480979 2 Jinnah Avenue Fortune Plaza, Islamabad
49 Second Cup(051) 2726522 Plot No. 6, Super Market, Block B, Agha Khan Rd
50 Serai Bistro(051) 8358818 Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad
51 The Royal Elephant+92 51-2826121 2324 Islamabad Marriott Hotel
52 Sesame & Soy92 51 8359000 108W Jinnah Ave G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad 44000 Pakist
53 Rakaposhi Patisserie & Café(051) 2874000 Islamabad Serena Hotel
54 Sky Light Cafe by RoomyF 6 Markaz F-6
55 SOHO Islamabad0308 0007646 F-11 Markaz
56 Suki Sushi92 51 8441140 Sagheer Plaza, F-10 Markaz Opposite of UBL,
57 Sumo0340 0000196 4th floor, 1 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz
58 Tau's(051) 8738287 Beverly Centre, Shop 16 LG, F 6/1 Blue Area,
59 Texas Steak HouseShaheen Market, E-7 Shaheen Market, E-7
60 The Carnivore92 300 5326559 Block - 07, Roomy Hotel Super Market, F 6 Markaz,
61 The Monal(051) 2898055 Pir Sohawa Road
62 The Red Door051) 2706625 Office 11, Ground floor, City Centre Plaza, D-12 Markaz
63 TKR3041110857 M3WG+28 Sharkarparian
64 Tuscany CourtyardKohsar Market, F-6 Kohsar Market, F-6
65 Yangtze Chinese Cuisine0335 0532333 Shop 2، Fazilat Arcade، beside United Bank Limited، markaz G 11 Markaz
66 Yer Istanbul(051) 8480473 Street 48, F-8/4 F 8/4 F-8, Islamabad,
67 Yum Chinese & ThaiF-7, Rana Market F-7, Rana Market
68 Zamana Cafe(051) 2874000 Islamabad Serena Hotel
69 Rakaposhi Height Restaurant(051) 2723085 College Rd, opposite to Flower Market،, F-7 Markaz
70 Zigolini's92 51 2826121 Aga Khan Road Shalimar 5, Islamabad Marriott Hotel,
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The Monal

Location: 9KM Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory


Phone Number: (051) 2898066

As a matter of, first on the list of top 10 Islamabad Restaurants is The Monal. It is situated at the foot of Margalla Hills. It is well-known for its environment or for observing the superior perspective on Islamabad. The eatery is far off the beaten track, yet the drive over the rich slopes to achieve it is beneficial. Once there, eating on any of the seven extensive open-air patios while neglecting the whole city out yonder offers an exceptional encounter. The Monal serves an intriguing range of foods, including Italian and French, Asian specialities, and well-known grilled meats.

The Monal Islamabad

Restaurant in Islamabad Monal

Café 1969’s

Location: Garden Ave, Shakarpairan, Islamabad,


Phone number: 0300 0341969

We have second on the Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants Cafe 1969. One themed restaurant in Islamabad is Café 1969, which returns its visit to the 60s. The period demonstrates the development of Pakistan. The inside is one of a kind in style as improved with the splendid hues, glass crystal fixture with botanical themes hangs, goods ordinary of the 1960s.

Plus, old news sections are printed on the dividers and the place settings. Whether the indoor setting or the visitor’s wish to feast in the natural air, both add more pleasure to nourishment. Café 1969 offers Pakistani and Continental food at sensible costs.

Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Café 1969’s Islamabad



Location: Saidpur Village, Islamabad.


Phone Number: 0300 4560707

Situated in the Saidpur Village of Islamabad, the Andaaz Restaurant offers glorious views of Margalla Hills alongside delightful sustenance. Discussing the eatery’s climate mirrors Pakistan’s neighbourhood customs and culture. Also, the visitor can appreciate unrecorded music. The cooking here differed from Pakistani to Continental, with a spot of Italian and Chinese.


Andazz Islamabad

Andaz Islamabad

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Deera Dari

Location: 5 min drive from E-11, C-12 Islamabad


Phone number: 0310-5340595

An exquisite restaurant and café in the green belt of Islamabad’s Margalla Hills is Deera Deri. Here, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic hills and protected forest land views. From their elegant décor to a range of delicious dishes, there’s something for everyone. And, of course, you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere that’s both calming and inviting. Best of all, their prices are highly competitive. So whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out or just after a place to kick back and relax, Dera Daari won’t disappoint. It is just a 7-minute drive from E-11, next to Trail 07.

So come over and see why Dera Daari is the perfect place to enjoy stunning hill views and a calming atmosphere. An ideal location with delicious cuisine is waiting for you.

Qismish Islamabad

Qismish Islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard

Location: No. 4, Kohsar Market, Street 10, Islamabad


Phone number: (051) 8445544

Located in Kohsar Market F-6/3, Islamabad, propelled by the Italian city of Tuscany, the eatery serves delectable Italian cuisine. It is considered a standout amongst the best Italian eateries around the local area. Additionally, it offers an exciting knowledge of an outside road restaurant just as a housetop patio mood with the beautiful perspective on the Margalla slopes while getting a charge out of delectable sustenance. Undoubtedly, Tuscany Courtyard remains in the Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants.

Some of the eminent sustenance at Tuscany Courtyard is Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Beef Carpaccio, and Two-Tomato Bruschetta, with a few sorts of pasta, from Spicy Fettuccine to Penne Mozzarella to Penne Arrabiata to Fettuccine Alfredo. Besides, the steaks are profoundly prescribed, from Wild Shiitake Mushrooms to Whiskey River steak. Szechuan prawns, Prawns in garlic sauce, and oven-prepared fish are likewise worth attempting.

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 Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad


Location: F-7 Jinnah Super Market

Website: Khiva

Phone Number: 0307-7707777

One of its sort, Khiva Eatery, is situated at the edge of Margalla Hills. The restaurant gives you a definitive culinary experience with a luxurious atmosphere. The cooking here changed from Afghan, Balochi, Mughlai, and Shinwari/Namak Mandi. Browse Pashtun specialities, for example, the delicious flame-broiled dainty minced Peshawari hamburger or sheep egg cleaves; a scope of succulent meats grilled the Afghan way; sheep or chicken stewed in a karahi or a handi.

Besides, many other similarly delectable dishes, including luring soups and mixed greens servings. Appreciate the luxurious supper in Khiva’s peaceful, personal setting, in an inviting scene portrayed by various incredible rugs holding tight to the dividers instead of lying on the floor.

Khiva Islamabad

Khiva Islamabad

 Chaaye Khana Restaurant

Location: 1st Floor، Crown Plaza،, Mehr Ali Rd, F 11 Markaz F-11, Islamabad

Website: Chaaye Khana

Phone number: (051) 2224300

Chaaye Khana offers a record-breaking love for the Hi-Tea idea that has been prominently absent from Pakistan. A top-of-the-line bistro that spends significant time in everything tea is an option in contrast to the halls of costly lodgings serving tea packs in water. A spot where individuals accompany family and companions to have their most loved sort of tea while unwinding in a harmonious air.

A spot where one can meet with business partners for some tea to examine matters of trade or where somebody can get a book to appreciate with some tea or work on their workstations in isolation. Enjoy your tea with a blend of 70 different tastes and food items.


Chaaye Khana Islamabad

Chaaye Khana Islamabad

TRK (Tahir Khan Restaurant

Location: Shakarparian, Islamabad.

Website: Tahir Khan Restaurant 

Phone number: 0304 1110857

Are you looking for an authentic Afghan and Pakistani experience? Look no further than Tahir Khan Restaurant and Shinwari, located at Shakarparian, Lehtrar Road, Taramri, Tarlai Kalan, Islamabad. Their menu is not only delicious but it is also tailored to big crowds with varying taste preferences. From flavorful curries to hot and hygienic plates, our traditional Pakhtun vibe will make you feel at home. Plus, the iftar/sehri buffet menu is also priced just right, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Stop by Tahir Khan Restaurant and Shinwari for a truly genuine experience!



Petit Brugge

Petit Brugge Islamabad

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Rakaposhi Heights 

Location: F-7 Jinnah Super Market


Phone Number: (051) 2723085

Rakaposhi is located in the luxurious Serena Hotel in Islamabad. The elegant red interior makes it a magical place in history. The environment is perfect and cannot be found anywhere. The outdoor seating area overlooking the Serena building and its beautiful green garden is ideal for a dream trip with your loved ones.

If you want a perfect dining mode in a comfortable and pleasant place, please go directly to Rakaposhi Cafe in Islamabad. The cafe offers a variety of cuisines, from traditional Pakistani cuisine to fast food and delicacies. Also, have a portion of mouthwatering desi Pakistani cuisine, Continental, and Fast Food.


Rakaposhi-Serena Hotel-Islamabad

Rakaposhi-Serena Hotel-Islamabad

La Terrazza

Location: 317, Third Floor, The Centaurus Mall, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad


Phone number: (051) 8483663

Last on the list of Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants is La Terrazza restaurant, which is famous for its unique atmosphere and is a popular restaurant on the 3rd Floor, Centaurus shopping mall, F 8/4 Islamabad. This is the ideal place to spend quality time with loved ones. As the name suggests, it specializes in Italian cuisine. It is best to serve authentic Italian soups and steaks here, making your trip enjoyable.

La Terraza is worth a visit, and that’s why it’s on the list of the top 10 Islamabad restaurants. However, the interior is elegantly decorated with colourful lights, lively music, and good customer service. You will have an unforgettable experience here. The restaurant has an exciting living room with panoramic views of Margalla Hills, Faisal Mosque, and Islamabad.


La-Terrazza-Centaurus Mall

La-Terrazza-Centaurus Mall

Other Famous Restaurants in Islamabad For Family and Get-Togethers

Asian Wok (Thai and Chinese)

Asian Wok is an upscale Chinese restaurant opened by the founder of Monal. Enjoy world-class Asian cuisine between the two cities. Asian Wok offers authentic cuisine, first-class service and an impeccable experience, showcasing the most famous Asian cuisines (Chinese, Thai and Oriental) under one roof. The city’s top chefs prepare your dishes with authentic Asian and Chinese dishes according to your instructions, ensuring transparency, cleanliness and excellence. The restaurant has a clean and comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing gourmet experience.

BLT Islamabad (Beef Lettuce Tomato)

BLT is another quality restaurant in Islamabad that serves continental cuisine, including burgers, steaks, seafood, sandwiches, and a wide range of hot and cold drinks. The restaurant’s excellent food quality, staff service, and atmosphere are amazing. The comfortable atmosphere and beautiful exterior landscape give visitors a pleasant time at BLT.

Chinatown (Chinese food)

In Islamabad Chinatown, you can choose from various tempting Chinese delicacies to satisfy your appetite and leave you wanting more. If you love Chinese food, Chinatown in Islamabad is a must-visit. In addition to having very friendly and helpful staff, the location offers various services such as takeout, delivery, pre-orders, dine-in, and wheelchair access.

Kabul Restaurants (Afghan and Continental Cuisine)

If you are looking for authentic Afghan food in Islamabad, look no further than Kabul Restaurant. It is popular for its extensive menu and prices that do not burden the pocket. Popular dishes served at the restaurant include kebab, karahi and Afghan dishes like mantu, ashak and deeji kebab.

Chai Mehfil

Another great option is Chai Mehfil, which serves amazing sweet tooth delights. Known for its unique taste and variety, Chai Mehfil Islamabad Restaurant serves wide range of waffles, icecream, mockatails, steaks, pastas, and much more. All food is freshly prepared using fresh ingredients to enhance the flavour and aroma of the dishes.

Mindanos (Chinese, Thai and Continental Cuisine)

Mindanos is located in the heart of Islamabad and attracts a huge influx of tourists due to its strategic location, perfect taste and wonderful ambience. Mindanos has an extensive lunch and dinner menu, making it the perfect place to plan breakfast. Even the pickiest appetites can be satisfied.

Mirchi 360 (Continental Cuisine)

Mirchi 360 is a small restaurant located in Islamabad. It is famous for its Biryani dish in a matka (earthen pot). Apart from Matka Biryani, it also offers a variety of unique dishes. The famous restaurant in Islamabad has indoor and outdoor seating for tourists and has a great ambience.

Ox & Grill Steakhouse (Italian and Mexican)

Looking for the best steak in town? Stop by the Ox and Grill Steakhouse. They have the best steaks in town! Juicy, tender, and flavorful—that’s all you need. Quantity and price are economical. Staff take orders and prepare entrees while patrons enjoy complimentary garlic bread, which adds to the atmosphere.

One of Ox & Grill’s most popular dishes is their unique Chicken Parmesan. Other popular choices include Louisiana Chicken, Ox & Grill Special Steak, and Chicken Crunch Burger. Everything on the menu is well-balanced and looks delicious. To satisfy your sweet tooth, the Grill offers delicious desserts.

Pappasallis (Italian cuisine)

Pappasallis is rated as one of the best Italian Islamabad restaurants. The extensive menu includes appetizers, soups, charcuterie platters, combination dishes, seafood and delicious chicken and beef dishes.

Besides being first-class, this is an expensive restaurant. Fast service, decent ambience, and a perfect location are the hallmarks of this upscale restaurant in Pakistan’s capital city.

Salt n’ Pepper (fast food, Pakistani and Chinese food)

Salt n’ Pepper is a great place to visit with the family and kids. It features a spacious seating area and a separate children’s play area. The menu ranges from Pakistani and Chinese cuisine to burgers and pasta.

Salt n Pepper is the epitome of fine dining, impeccable service and exceptional classic and contemporary cuisine. Here, create special moments such as family gatherings, business dinners, romantic memories, etc.

Tandoori Restaurant (Middle Eastern, Italian and Chinese cuisine)

Tandoori Restaurant is one of the best family restaurants in F-10, Islamabad. It offers delicious cuisine and is famous for dum biryani, which everyone loves. The menu includes Pakistani, Continental and Chinese dishes. It has one of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad.

Tandoori Restaurant offers a buffet dinner during Ramadan in a wonderful atmosphere. It has been serving delicious food for so long that you might not hesitate to consider a lunch buffet that includes Hello-Tea. Their lunch buffet includes over 40 items at great prices. However, you must pay for soft liquids or mineral water separately. Tandoori is famous for its delicious food and great surroundings.

Texas Steakhouse (Italian and Seafood)

Craving a delicious steak? We’ve listed the best places for you here. Texas Steakhouse offers guests excellent cuisine in a beautiful and refreshing environment. In addition to excellent steaks, there are a variety of options to choose from. This steakhouse serves a variety of dishes, including pepper steak, mushrooms, chicken tenders with tartar sauce, and more. Various drinks are also available, including ice-cold margaritas and beef burgers.

Make reservations online to skip the line, as Texas Steakhouse is always busy. Everything is in top condition, from the hand-cut steaks and sides to the freshly baked bread. There is an array of tempting desserts to choose from. On weekends, the restaurant serves fresh seafood, burgers, grilled chicken, and various salads.

Usmania Restaurant (Chinese, Pakistani and Continental Cuisine)

Located in the Blue Area of Islamabad, Usmania Restaurant serves fine Chinese, Continental and Pakistani cuisine. International Corner specialties include steamed lamb, chicken, quail, sandwiches, burgers and pasta. So, when your stomach growls, take advantage of this place!

Tahir Khan Restaurant (Continental Cuisine)

Tahir Khan is another popular restaurant known for its delicious food. Prepare your family dinner here while enjoying the great atmosphere and delicious food. Tahir Khan’s specialties include barbeque, mutton karahi and everyone’s favourite kabri pulao.

Chinese and Thai Yum (Chinese and Thai cuisine)

After becoming famous in Lahore, Yum Brands has become one of the leading restaurants in Islamabad. The restaurant specializes in Chinese and Thai cuisine. Every dish on the menu is freshly prepared using the finest ingredients.

Furthermore, this is the perfect place to gather with friends and family for a meal. Everything about this restaurant is top-notch, including the food, setting, and staff. The restaurant’s most popular dishes include YUM Special Beef, Special Fish, Gaeng Keow Wan Gai and Pla Sam Ros.

KoffeeNet (Fast Food)

KoffeeNet is a modern restaurant in the city’s most luxurious part. It is a great place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and host catered gatherings such as birthdays and weddings. Their unique setting, well-prepared food, and excellent service create another atmosphere. Outdoor seating in winter is perfect for couples and friends. Coffee Net is known for its beautiful cakes and intricate decorations.

The Capital Grill (seafood and Italian cuisine)

Capital Grill is a beautiful restaurant known for its fresh and delicious steaks. It also tries its best to provide quality seafood and Italian cuisine to its valued customers. Reasonable prices make it a great choice for casual dining.

The menu is very extensive and has something for everyone. Mint margaritas and salsa as appetizers complete the dining experience.

Arz Lebanon (Lebanese and Syrian Cuisine)

Cedars of Lebanon restaurant iin F7 markaz offers a unique combination of Lebanese and Syrian cuisine using authentic Lebanese and Syrian recipes. Delicious appetizers, rich and tempting flavours and colours, and friendly hospitality characterize Lebanese cuisine. Pickles, raw vegetables, hummus, bread, kebabs or grilled or marinated seafood are just a few examples of its simplicity.

Chilman Restaurant (Indian Cuisine)

We have a great website for all Indian food lovers. Chilman is a restaurant in the heart of G-9 Islamabad that serves various Pakistani cuisine under one roof. It includes everything from appetizers and Indian snacks to full Indian dinners. It has a good parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park.

The atmosphere at Chilman is calm and peaceful, and you will notice a hint of Pakistani decor. With such delicious food, choosing what to order and saving for next time can be hard. Chilman offers afternoon tea, lunch buffet and dinner buffet to ease your uncertainty.

The Smokey Cauldron (Italian and Chinese cuisine)

Best place for Potter fans! The Smokey Cauldron is a Harry Potter-themed café and restaurant named after the Leaky Cauldron bridge in the film. Just wow. There are so many cute surprises in the store when you walk in. Harry’s carriage drove towards platforms 9 and 34 in front of the guardrail, which bore a large Hogwarts crest thanking staff and administrators. Opening the door will reveal almost every type of magic item.

Looking at the food and extensive menu, it’s as unique as the look and decor. This is the perfect place to host a birthday party for someone in Portishead. The interior of the Smokey Cauldron makes it the perfect place to reminisce about Harry Potter and snap Instagram-worthy photos.

Al-Ibrahimi Restaurant (Continental and Daisy Cuisine)

Al-Ibrahim is one of the most amazing places in Islamabad, and it should be on your bucket list. It has an extensive menu, delicious food and fast service. Their BBQ platter is a must-try. The restaurant serves food prepared with fresh ingredients, which enhances the flavour and quality of the food.


Next we have on our radar of family Islamabad Restaurants is Baradari. Enjoy al fresco dining and live music at Baradari, a seasonal outdoor restaurant. The restaurant located in Serena Hotel offers delicious local delicacies, fresh Tandoori Naan bread, and typical Pakistani barbecue meats, including Seekh Kebab, Seafood Tikka, and Chapli Kebab. Al Bardari is a seasonal restaurant, so the weather may affect it. Grab the golden opportunity if you are in Islamabad during the opening period.

District 6 (Italian, continental and local cuisine)

District 6 is one of the best restaurants in F-6 Markaz. It focuses on innovative ways to keep the business growing. For the last few chilly nights of the season, it has set up a beautiful outdoor venue with fairy lights, tons of greenery, and even a cozy wood pit.

The restaurant offers a variety of dining options, and its Instagram page proudly features happy celebrities with bellies stuffed with delicious buffets. The menu offers a variety of food, from tacos to noodles, butter chicken, and nihari. Even in the appetizer section, there are plenty of options.

Khoka Kola

Making it place in best Islamabad restaurants, Khoka Khola is a wonderful place in the blue area of the famous Beverly Center of Islamabad. The interior design is stylish and scores high on the pop culture front. They serve a variety of Indian dishes and street food. All of them are worth checking out and look great. However, this is the ideal place for a short break with friends or family.

Yogi Haus

After huge success in Lahore and Karachi, P.F. Chang’s has opened in the capital. Savour delicious dishes, including the famous dynamite shrimp and juicy, sweet, and sour Mongolian beef. These pair well with sticky rice and sweet and sour “Chang’s Spicy Chicken.” The flavour of spicy and crispy Hunan fish and organic peas is unparalleled, making it a great choice to dine with family and friends, with great service and a great atmosphere.


Located on busy Bhittai Street, Ginyaki Restaurant’s high-ceiling, softly lit interior provides a pleasant and soothing contrast to its exterior. Recently, Ginyaki grills have become increasingly popular in Islamabad’s growing culinary scene. The restaurant prides itself on using traditional methods and local, seasonal ingredients to serve meals that match the flavour, aroma, and spirit of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine.

Ginyaki offers authentic and delicious Asian cuisine. In the East, you can eat everything from aromatic curries to boiled soups. Leave the restaurant with a full belly and a slightly lighter wallet. Prices range from PKR 800 to PKR 1,200 per person. Reservations are required to skip the line.

Kin Mun Chinese Restaurant

Head to Kim Mun Restaurant in Islamabad, the restaurant that will satisfy your Chinese food cravings! Their menu features Chinese-inspired food such as noodles, sweetbreads, soups, and appetizers. Kim Mun offers everything from chicken and beef to fish and squid! Additionally, they offer traditional fried rice that you can pair with Chinese curry and natural juices.

Savor Foods

List of best Islamabad Resturants is imcomplete with mentioning Savor Foods which is located on the west side of Jinnah Supermarket. Do you come to Islamabad without trying to taste the food? Your journey is not complete yet. This is the best and most affordable place to enjoy delicious meals as the menu includes the most delicious Pakistani cuisine. Tasty Foods has a highly qualified team of experts to serve delicious meals to your guests. Pulao, kebabs, zarda, grilled chicken, desserts, ice cream and Crespo wings are the restaurant’s specialties. Enjoy finger-licking islands and eating kebabs while enjoying views of Margalla Hill. This is the best place to visit with your family.

Howdy Cowboy Restaurant (fast food)

Howdy’s is a fast food restaurant in Islamabad that serves the best burgers grilled on natural charcoal. It offers delicious sandwiches, steaks and burgers at very reasonable prices. This is a great restaurant to take kids to due to its fun atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy transparent kitchen facilities, ensuring food is prepared in a clean and hygienic environment. Howdy’s is a fun, lively place with an Old West cowboys theme.

Rakaposhi (Afghan cuisine)

Rakaposhi Cafe and Patisserie is the perfect place for a couple to dine. Located inside the luxurious Serena Hotel in Islamabad, it is considered to be the best restaurant in history. The romantic red interior creates a wonderful atmosphere. From a romantic getaway with your loved one to a family dinner with the kids, Rakaposhi features charming outdoor seating areas to make your dining experience unforgettable.

In addition to coffee and other beverages, the cafe also offers delicious snacks such as traditional Asian samosas, colorful fried pastries, turkey bacon, Serena club sandwiches and omelettes. For those with a sweet tooth, Rakaposhi offers a rich and mouth-watering array of dishes.

El Momento Islamabad 

Last but not the least on the list of Best Islamabad Restaurants is El Momento which is one of the best family restaurants.. The restaurant is located in the upscale neighborhood of F6 Beverly Center. This restaurant is absolutely gorgeous, and the starry sky setting is part of its charm. Every corner of the restaurant will catch your eye. The atmosphere is impeccable, and the staff provides incredibly classy and professional customer service. You’ll have a truly gastronomic experience at El Momento.

Now let’s talk about the kitchen. The list is very extensive. You’ll enjoy delicious appetizers to set the stage for your main courses, including a variety of world-class culinary options. Choose from the best steaks, sushi, Chinese, Italian, Korean and Japanese dishes in Islamabad, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. After the main course, the dessert was just the icing on the cake. You can also add your favorite mocktail from a variety of drinks.

Bring your family to El Momento and make your next family dinner an out-of-this-world experience. The restaurant is designed to provide families with a modern atmosphere where they can remember the good times spent with their loved ones. This is your first time visiting El Momento, and it won’t be your last.


Final Words: 

Do you want to know the best Iftar and Sehri Buffet in Rawalpindi, Islamabad? These Islamabad restaurants serve delicious 25+ food items at an economical price. Book a quick Pakistan tour package now and visit all these fantastic eateries in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We hope you like our list of the Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants and restaurants in Rawalpindi. If we missed any super restaurants in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, do tell us in the comment section below.

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