Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi

For the Food lovers, we came u with the list of the best Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi. Gratify your carving for the best food with the top-notch restaurants in town.

Being the second most beautiful capital of world Islamabad and neighbourhood of Rawalpindi, both the cities hold numerous well-known restaurants that are improved with taste. The majority of the world popular nourishment and cooking styles are here. A huge number of restaurants in Islamabad served divine found. For the guest in Islamabad, we have made a list of the Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi. Have a look!!!

Most Visited Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants

The Monal

As a matter, first on the list of top 10 Islamabad Restaurant is The Monal. Situated at the foot of Margalla Hills. Much well known for its environment or to observe the superior perspective on Islamabad. The eatery is a lot off the beaten track, yet the drive over the rich slopes to achieve it is a beneficial involvement in itself. Once there, eating on any of the seven, extensive open-air patios while neglecting the whole city out yonder offers an exceptional encounter. The Monal serves an intriguing scope of various foods, including Italian, French, a choice of Asian specialities and the well-known grilled meats.

The Monal Islamabad

Restaurant in Islamabad Monal

Café 1969’s

We have second on the list of Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants is Cafe 1969. One of the themed bistros in Islamabad is the Café 1969 that returns its visit to the 60s time. The period demonstrates the development of Pakistan. The inside is as one of a kind in style as improved with the splendid hues, glass crystal fixture with botanical themes hangs, goods ordinary of the 1960s.

Plus, old news sections included as prints both on the dividers and the place settings. Regardless of whether it’s the indoor setting or the visitor wish to have their feast in the natural air, both add more pleasure to nourishment. Café 1969 offers Pakistani and Continental food at sensible costs.

Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Café 1969’s Islamabad



Situated in the Saidpur Village of Islamabad, the Andaaz Restaurant offers glorious perspectives on Margalla Hills alongside the delightful sustenance. Discussing the climate of the eatery mirrors the neighbourhood custom and culture of Pakistan. Also, the visitor can appreciate unrecorded music. The cooking here differed from Pakistani to Continental and with a spot of Italian and Chinese.

Andazz Islamabad

Andaz Islamabad


Qishmisch, arranged Bhittai Rd, Jinnah Market on the third floor imparting the structure to Meraki and Tira Misu. The Qishmisch Restaurant served tasty nourishment with an extraordinary feel. Most importantly, the claim to fame of this eatery is of desi sustenance. The vibe and inside are astounding. The bold staff energetically welcome the majority of its visitors. They welcome you well and guide you legitimately to the passageway. An incredible spot for doling out such astonishing flavours inside Islamabad. Worth making on the list of Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants.

Qismish Islamabad

Qismish Islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard

Located in Kohsar Market F-6/3, Islamabad, propelled by the Italian city Tuscany, the eatery serves delectable Italian sustenance. Considering as a standout amongst the best Italian eateries around the local area. Additionally, it offers an interesting knowledge of an outside road bistro just as a housetop patio mood with the beautiful perspective on the Margalla slopes while getting a charge out of delectable sustenance. undoubtedly Tuscany Courtyard remains in the Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants.

A portion of the eminent sustenance at Tuscany Courtyard are Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, the Beef Carpaccio, Two Tomato Bruschetta, with a few sorts of pasta from Spicy Fettuccine to Penne Mozzarella to Penne Arrabiata to Fettuccine Alfredo. Besides, the steaks are profoundly prescribed from Wild Shiitake Mushroom to Whiskey River steak. Szechuan prawns, Prawns in garlic sauce and the Oven prepared fish are likewise worth attempting.

 Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad


One of its own sort, Khiva eatery situated at the edge of Margalla Hills. The eatery gives you a definitive encounter of culinary with an extravagant atmosphere. The cooking here changed from Afghan, Balochi, Mughlai and Shinwari/Namak Mandi. Browse Pashtun specialities, for example, the delectable flame-broiled dainty minced Peshawari hamburger or sheep egg cleaves; a scope of succulent meats grilled the Afghan way; sheep or chicken stewed in a karahi or a handi.

Besides, an abundance of other similarly delectable dishes, including an array of luring soups and servings of mixed greens. Appreciate the luxurious supper in Khiva’s peaceful, personal setting, in an inviting scene portrayed by various wonderful rugs holding tight the dividers, as opposed to lying on the floor.

Khiva Islamabad

Khiva Islamabad

 Chaaye Khana Restaurant

Chaaye Khana offers a record-breaking most loved for the Hi-Tea idea that has been prominently absent from Pakistan. A top of the line bistro that spends significant time in everything tea; an option in contrast to the halls of costly lodgings that serve tea-packs in water. A spot where individuals accompany family and companions to have their most loved sort of tea while unwinding in a harmonious air.

A spot where one can meet with business partners for some tea to examine matters of trade or where somebody can get a book to appreciate with some tea or work on their workstations in isolation. Enjoy your tea with a blend of 70 different taste and food item.

Chaaye Khana Islamabad

Chaaye Khana Islamabad

Petit Brugge

Petit Brugge is located on F-7 Bhittai Road, Islamabad and was originally Belgian. It is one of Islamabad’s most prestigious fine restaurants. The venue is luxuriously decorated so that you can maintain a perfect mood on special days. It has both an impressive indoor and elegant outdoor seating area. The top 10 Islamabad Restaurant list is surely incomplete without Petit Brugge. Quality food and service are worth every penny. A person’s cost is higher than in other restaurants, but this will not degrade the general experience of their customers.

Petit Brugge

Petit Brugge Islamabad


Rakaposhi is located in the luxurious Serena Hotel in Islamabad. The elegant red interior makes it a magical place in history. The environment is perfect and cannot be found anywhere. The outdoor seating area overlooking the Serena building and its beautiful green garden is ideal for a dream trip with your loved ones.

If you want to have a perfect dining mode in a comfortable and pleasant place, please go directly to Rakaposhi Cafe in Islamabad. The cafe offers a variety of cuisines, from traditional Pakistani cuisine to fast food and delicacies. Also have a portion of mouthwatering desi Pakistani cuisine, Continental and Fast Food.

Rakaposhi-Serena Hotel-Islamabad

Rakaposhi-Serena Hotel-Islamabad

La Terrazza

Last on the list of Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants is La Terrazza restaurant, which is famous for its unique atmosphere and is a popular restaurant on the 3rd Floor, Centaurus shopping mall, F 8/4 Islamabad. This is the ideal place to spend quality time with loved ones. As the name suggests, it specializes in Italian cuisine. It is best to serve authentic Italian soups and steaks here, which will definitely make your trip enjoyable.

La Terraza worth a visit and that’s why its on the list of the top 10 Islamabad restaurants. However, the interior is elegantly decorated with colourful lights, lively music and good customer service. You will definitely leave an unforgettable experience here. The restaurant has an exciting living room with panoramic views of Margalla Hills, Faisal Mosque and the entire Islamabad.

La-Terrazza-Centaurus Mall

La-Terrazza-Centaurus Mall

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Top 10 Rawalpindi Resturants by Pakistan Tours


After the list of Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants, we came to the list of Top 10 Rawalpindi Restaurants that are worth visiting. Check out the list of Rawalpindi Restaurants and tell us what do you think:


 Mei Kong

For the Chinese food lover, Mei Kong is the best to sit and enjoy the mouthwatering food. Mei Kong is a standout amongst the most prevalent Chinese Food Restaurant in Rawalpindi. Even though essentially prominent for its Chinese cooking, Mei Kong additionally offers Continental and Pakistani food, giving its clients an assortment of alternatives to satisfy their taste buds.

The restaurant is best for Hi-Tea, Lunch and Dine in, a wide range of seafood along with all the yummy food items are available to enjoy with your friends and family.

Mei Kong Saddar Rawalpindi

Mei Kong Saddar Rawalpindi

Texas Steak House

The much-awaited taste of steaks that you will never find other than this place. The perfect place to have steak in Rawalpindi. Texas Steak House located in Saddar Cantt Rawalpindi, the most populous area of the city. With a wide range of steak, they always top the list of steak place in town. Texas Steak House is an ideal spot for families, companions, workplaces associate and so forth so how about come and taste the heavenly menu at Texas Steak House Rawalpindi with some attractive ambience, great service along reasonable rates.

Each eatery is blended with a taste of continental that serves the amazing and flavorful taste of steak, pizza, Italian cuisine, Mexican cooking styles, Seafood, Chinese and drinks that are set up by the crisp fixings in quality clean condition. Do check this out.

Texas Steak House Rawalpindi

Texas Steak House

Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi

This is a four-star restaurant in Rawalpindi Kant. If you want to enjoy a good meal, then you should definitely visit this place. The atmosphere is very good and the food is delicious.



You can eat almost any food here. Some of the best choices in a computer hotel are the Chinese of the big class and Marco Baltic tea. PC Rawalpindi‘s buffets and festivals are also popular with fans.

Monal Downtown

Then we have, Monal in Rawalpindi. Monal Downtown, located in the heart of Saddar, Rawalpindi and well known for its lavish ambience and great taste. The restaurant served various kind of Pakistani along with Chinese and Continental Cuisine that meet your taste buds. You can have the best time with your gang for any Hi-Tea and also for families its best for Dine-ins. The staff is well cooperative and served their best services on time.  Do visit the place to spend a good time with your loved ones.

Monal Downtown Saddar Rawalpindi

Monal DownTown



If you are looking for a place that offers delicious barbecues at an affordable price, try Tandoori. If you once tried tandoori than you will its a regular visitor because of its mouthwatering eateries. however, they have serval branches in Twin City and Faisalabad too.  Also, they provide home delivery all over Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The price of food is very reasonable. You can enjoy full tea for less than 1,000 rupees, which is definitely great value for money. The food is varied and the staff is cooperative and efficient.


Tandoori Restaurant and Cafe

Tandoori Rawalpindi

BBQ Tonight

Located at DHA Phase II, Rawalpindi allows filling your appetite for BBQ of all kinds. As the name suggests, “BBQ Tonight” is a great place for people who like barbecue, soft drink and hot coffee. Delicious and convenient food in your pocket. If you plan to try a different type of barbecue, please visit the location as soon as possible.

Bar B Q Tonight Rawalpindi

Bar B Q Tonight

Ox & Grill Steak House

This restaurant is one of the best steak restaurants in Rawalpindi provides mouthwatering steak that you will never find anywhere in Twin city. branches they own in twin cities are in F7 Markaz Islamabad, BhriaTown,  Saddar Rawalpindi. The quality of food is always great and the atmosphere is charming. If you want to taste delicious food, try this place. The special steak and nachos are really good.


Ox-&-Grill-Steak-House Rawalpindi

 Hamlet BBQ

This is a new restaurant in Bahria with the speciality of Kentucky BBQs. Since the restaurant opened, barbecue parties and delicious food have won their hearts. Therefore, if you are in a city, please visit this location and don’t forget to taste afternoon tea and chicken cheese.

Hamlet Bar BQ Bahria

Hamlet Bar BQ

Habibi Restaurant

The food in Habibi Restaurant is inspired by Pakistani and Arabic cuisine, the combination of mouthwatering delicacies. Habibi Restaurant is located at Street Food Murree road Rawalpindi.  The atmosphere of the whole place reminds you of Arabian night. Their barbecue dishes are very large and very suitable for families. Yes, don’t forget to try Kehwa.

Habibi Rawalpindi

Habibi Rawalpindi


Ranchers have two different branches in Twin City yet making their name with quality food. Do you like classic cowboy movies? Want to eat a juicy big burger? If yes, then the rancher is your reference location. This place is one of the most famous burgers in the Twin Cities. their one branch is in Saddar, Rawalpindi and the other in I/8 Islamabad. Monstrous burgers with Margarita makes the perfect combination. Try Big Ben and Big Bang Burger, you will love them.

Ranchers Saddar

Ranchers Rawalpindi


We hope you like our list of Top 10 Islamabad Restaurants & Restaurants in Rawalpindi. If we miss any super restaurant in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Do tell us in the comment section below:

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