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Swat Valley

Swat Valley is among famous Honeymoon Packages From Pakistan in  northern areas of Pakistan  for year 2017. Kalam Swat Valley  is a marvellous valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat Valley but the major town in the Swat valley is Mingora. Surrounded by the mountains, the lush Swat Valley is truly a haven of serenity for all tourist to the area. Moreover, Pakistan tour and travel has been offering honeymoon and family tours to visitors from all part of world. The beauty of mohudand lake, magnificence of natural USHU Jungle, streaming waterfalls of Kalam makes this serene beauty a must have destination for honeymoon couples.

Kalam Swat Valley has been famous tourist destination in past year and Trend Shows thate Kalam Swat shall be visited by millions in year 2017 and pakistan tour and travel believes that trend shall remain as various people even in winters season has already inquired for Kalam swat tour package in year 2017.  Pakistan tour and travel is offering swat valley tour package 2017 with places like, Murghzar, Saidu Sharif, Barrikot, Madyan, Behrain and most favourite Kalam Valley.

Swat Valley Honeymoon Tour Packages 2017

The Swat Valley is an area in KPK (Khyber Phatunkhawn) Pakistan. Swat Valley Tours is one of the most attractive tour plan for the nature enthusiastic from the wide range of Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan in all Northern Areas of Pakistan. The beautiful valley of Swat, popularly known as the Switzerland of the East is holidaymakers delight and a hallmark of magnificent scenic beauty and rich historical past. With its roaring rivers, waterfalls, meandering streams, glacier fed lakes, pine forests, alpine meadows, snow covered peaks of Mankial and Flaksair, fruit laden orchards, lush green fields, flower filled mountain slopes and above all the friendly Swati people who are famous for their traditional hospitality, Swat Valley is without doubt one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the northern valleys of Pakistan.

Kalam Valley Tours

Pakistan Tour and Travel is growing day by day with the flourishing of tourism industry. Furthermore, Pakistan Tour and Travel is offering Swat Valley Tour Package 2017 that will cover each and every part of Swat notably Murghzar, Saidu Sharif, Barrikot, Madyan, Behrain and most favorite Kalam Valley. Tourism is growing with every single day and it is our believed that it is increased 100% from the previous year and accretion can be seen clearly as the advance booking is on the row for the winter season.Tourist love to visit Kalam valley because of its beautiful scenery, hiking, fishing, and roam around. The crystal clear water of Mahudand Lake, dense green USHU Jungle, streaming and swirling waterfalls of Kalam makes this serene beauty a worth visit destination for honeymoon couples.

Malam Jabba Tours

For instance there are different places to be visit while exploring the Swat Valley are Malam Jabba; a ski resort with magnificent outlook then we have Fiza Ghat Park a preferable picnic spot for the tourist where they can enjoy the delicious food along with the pleasant weather. Above all the Kalam valley is a cool heaven for tourists which is located at distance of 99 km from Mingora, with in the valley we there are numerous exotic places like Usho is a hill station then after that Matiltan is a picturesque spot comes after Usho and located at about 11 km away from Kalam. Moving ahead Utror and Gabral is there all of these hill stations are surrounded with snow clad mountains with lush green forest after that Kundol Lake of the area is worth seen. Moreover that brown Swati trout fish, thick lush green forests, medicinal springs, lofty snow clad peaks and beautiful lakes, among them Shahi Bagh lake located to north west of Sazgul region at about three hours of trekking is worth seen. Nothing is more beautiful to breath in fresh air that is full of tranquility and serenity.

Where is Swat Valley?

Swat valley along with Swat River is an area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa surrounded with dense green forest and gigantic Hindu Kush range occupier of 56 different streams and waterfalls. Approximately 315kms away from Capital Territory of Pakistan Islamabad. Mingora and Saidu Sharif considered to be the most important district of Swat. Furthermore it is third populous city of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.