The Silk Road Tour packages is most amazing and sublime tour package for adventure lovers. Pakistan tour and travel shall takes you through the land of “a thousand and one nights!” Our goal is the famous oasis city of Kashgar located in Chinese Sinkiang province. Our interesting road side  journey will take us through the beautiful Hunza valley on the The karakoram Highway.

We will time our arrival in Kashgar to coincide with the weekly Sunday Bazaar. This is a spectacle to behold. You will be transported to another time and an another place! The adventure to Kashgar, China begins in Islamabad, Pakistan. We will follow the wild Indus River all the way to Gilgit baltistan on the Karakoram Highway. Here we have enough time to shop the local Central Asian bazaars.

From Gilgit we proceed to the highest paved road border crossing in the world called the Khunjerab Pass (4833 m.). After cresting the pass, which is also the watershed of the Indian Sub-continent, we descend into the deserts of Central Asia.

Here you will see some amazing spectacles of nature. Double humped Bactrian camels would be seen along with wild yaks on the route to Kashgar. Our return journey will take us through Swat valley in Pakistan and we will also visit the famous Khyber Pass located near the city of Peshawar.

The sublime scenery throughout this tour is outstanding. Perhaps, there is no other place on this planet which can rival what this trip has to offer. The hospitality of the people from Hunza will warm your heart. This is a classical overland trip traversing two vastly culturally different nations. The views are also as diverse as these two nations are!

Its 20 Days Tour package and shall include following areas.

  1. Islamabad
  2. Besham
  3. Gilgit
  4. Hunza
  5. Hoper
  6. Sust
  7. khunjerab Pass
  8. Tashgurghan
  9. kashghar
  10. kasghar sundar bazar
  11. Swat
  12. Back to Pakistan
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