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List of Top 6 Honeymoon Resorts in Pakistan; Best Romantic Resorts in Pakistan

Are you looking for the best honeymoon resorts in Pakistan that are worth visiting and give you solace with your spouse? Then your search is over; we have gathered our top 6 picks that give you a unique experience with outstanding services. In Pakistan, experience the attraction of an unforgettable honeymoon place in Pakistan, specially designed for newlyweds and couples searching for an exceptional getaway.

Immerse yourself inside the breathtaking landscapes of the majestic Hunza Valley, wherein towering Karakorum Mountains meet sky-blue atmospheres and rare flora and fauna in the mild breeze. We are here to give you an excellent opportunity to unwind in gigantic mountains with panoramic locations, where tranquility and romance knot to create an oasis of love.

Couples can also indulge in the vibrant culture and give you an idea to embrace Pakistani hospitality, its rich history, vibrant traditions, and captivating festivals. From exploring historic Mughal ruins to savoring the flavors of delicious street food, every moment promises a fulfilling adventure.

These resorts also allow couples to overlook the fascinating beaches that decorate Pakistan’s southern coast along the Arabian Sea. Dip your feet into golden sands as you watch the waves mesmerizingly kiss the shore, developing an experience of tranquility and serenity—pride inside the Astola beaches appeal and colorful underwater, ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

With its numerous charming landscapes, Pakistan allows picturesque and romantic scenes to create lasting memories. So, embark on a journey of affection and adventure as you discover Pakistan’s hidden gemstones and top honeymoon resorts. Let’s begin to see what our top honeymoon resorts are for couples.

Khoj Resort in Skardu; Unique Experience for Newly Weds

  • Location: Katpana Desert Skardu
  • Price range: Starting from 45,000/- pkr
  • Website: https://www.khojresorts.com/

Located in the valley of Shigar Skardu, it is a perfect place for newlyweds to spend the best days there. KHOJ Resort in Skardu gives an, in reality, precise honeymoon enjoyment that you might not locate everywhere else. Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Skardu, this lodge is a romantic haven for newlyweds looking for an unforgettable getaway.

With its picturesque surroundings of Blind Lake, moderate-rate hotels, and impeccable service, KHOJ Resort sets the stage for a paranormal honeymoon. Imagine waking up to lovely perspectives of the majestic mountains, taking part in intimate candlelit dinners beneath the starry sky.

After reaching Skardu Airport, it will take almost 1 hour and 20 mins to get to Khoj Resort, but once you are there, the mesmerizing view takes over. Whether you’re looking for a journey or relaxation, KHOJ Resort has everything. Take a romantic stroll alongside the serene Blind Lake, embark on an exciting mountain trek, or unwind inside the tranquil surrounding of the resorts. Every second spent here is designed to create cherished recollections to finalize a lifetime.

Experience the beauty of the vast Shigar Valley with the perfect view of Blind Lake in wooden cabins s you embark on an adventure of affection and discovery. Your particular honeymoon awaits at KHOJ Resort in Shigar Skardu.

Glamp Pakistan In Katpana Desert Skardu,

A way to enjoy tranquility with your spouse

  • Location: Katpana and Doesai
  • Price range: 18000/- to 48000/- pkr per night
  • Website: https://www.glamp.pk/


Did you know you may now book a personal hut in a desert in Pakistan? Yes, you heard it right: obsessed with exploring his own, Fahad Mahmood, CEO of Glamp Pakistan, has made his dream a fact by developing an extraordinary camping website in Pakistan’s Skardu Valley. The breathtaking destination, the Katpana Desert, is the best elevation desolate tract on earth, sitting at an excellent altitude of 2,500 meters (8,202 ft) above sea level. It’s wherein winter and summer season nights can carry freezing temperatures, frequently reworking the sandy dunes into a serene white blanket.

One of the hanging features of this place is the absence of light pollution, permitting the night sky to expose spell-binding perspectives of stars and galaxies. It’s a stargazer’s paradise. Glamp Pakistan offers two staying options that perfectly fit the natural environment.

The first alternative is an all-weather tent that provides panoramic views of the valley, presenting a lovely sight from the comfort of your mattress. Attached to the tent is a structure that houses a toilet running on solar panels, ensuring warm water is readily available. The second alternative is a fascinating timber hut with massive windows, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature’s splendor. Inside the hut’s bathroom, you’ll locate precise decor made from pebbles sourced from the Indus River, while nearby woods were used for the construction.

Glamp Pakistan prepares food using organically produced vegetables, culmination, and homemade spices. There’s even the choice to cook meals over a warm bonfire, growing an immersive outside revel. For those seeking a romantic touch, the camp proprietors are glad to set up coronary heart-fashioned and giant rings of campfires upon request, including to the attraction of your stay.

If you are lengthy for adventure, complete-day expeditions may be speedily booked in person. These experiences encompass exhilarating treks inside the excessive mountains and visits to nearby villages, allowing you to connect to the local subculture. 

And don’t leave out the hazard to partake in kite flying, a beloved nearby lifestyle. The camp even gives its very own kite-flying opportunities. Glamp Pakistan is a haven for wanderers, supplying an unparalleled experience in which nature and comfort intertwine seamlessly. 

Luxus Hotel In Hunza; A Perfect View Of Attabad Lake  

  • Location: Gojal, AinaAbad, Hunza
  • Price range: 14000/- to 75000/- pkr per night
  • Website: https://luxushunza.com/


Another option for a perfect honeymoon is the Luxus Hotel in Hunza Valley. Immerse yourself in Hunza’s enchanting beauty with a unique glamping revel. Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes, with a panoramic view of Attabad Lake Hunza, it gives an excellent combination of luxury and journey for an unforgettable getaway.

Picture yourself surrounded by towering Passu Cones, a turquoise blue lake, and perfect weather while enjoying the comfort and amenities. If you take a direct flight from Islamabad to Gilgit Airport, reaching the Luxus Hotel will take almost 2 hours. Besides that, if you travel by road, you will get there in one hour from Karimabad.

Wake as much as breathtaking perspectives of the sunrise over the mountains, savor a delicious breakfast organized with locally sourced substances, and embark on enjoyable outside sports like trekking, rafting in Attabad Lake, or exploring the majestic mountains.

In the evening, enjoy a comfy bonfire with traditional music and dance, stargaze underneath the clear night sky, and let the tranquility of Hunza soothe your soul.

Whether you are seeking a romantic break out or an adventurous retreat, Luxus in Hunza gives a unique revel that mixes exceptional nature and comfort. Discover the magic of Hunza while staying in Luxus and create unforgettable moments in this breathtaking destination.

Qubed in NathiaGali Murree

  • Location: NathiaGali, Murree
  • Price range: 25000/- to 40,000/- pkr per night
  • Website: https://qubed.pk/


Next on the list of best honeymoon resort in Pakistan is Qubed. Celebrate your honeymoon in pure bliss at Qubed Huts, nestled in the enchanting NathiaGali location of Murree. This picturesque destination combines romance, tranquility, and herbal splendor, making it an exquisite place to begin your journey as a married couple.

In NathiaGali and Abbottabad, Pakistan, Qubed Huts provides a unique and intimate getaway surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains. Each hut is thoughtfully designed with present-day amenities and cozy interiors, ensuring a snug and romantic life. Wake as much as the melodious sounds of nature and experience breathtaking perspectives from your round window.

Indulge in romantic walks via the enchanting forests, hand in hand with the one you love, as you explore the charming beauty of NathiaGali. Immerse yourselves in the tranquility of the environment respiration inside the crisp mountain air, and revel in the serenity surrounding you.

Savor mouthwatering food together at the eating place, supplying a mix of neighborhood and global cuisines. Roam around The Kashmir Point, Ayubia, shop at The Mall Road, and then return to your Qubed for a comfy night’s stay.

For adventure-seeking couples, NathiaGali offers a selection of outdoor sports, trekking, horseback riding, chairlift adventure, and exploring the nearby waterfalls. Unwind and relax within the peaceful atmosphere of Qubed Huts, or attempt to discover the splendor of Murree and its charming attractions.

Celebrate your love and create unforgettable reminiscences as you embark on your honeymoon at Qubed Huts in NathiaGali, Murree. It’s the precise vacation spot to start your adventure of togetherness, surrounded by nature’s splendor and the comforts of a romantic retreat.

Swiss Wood Cottages Naran Valley KPK

An ideal location to spend a romantic honeymoon

  • Location: Naran KPK
  • Price range: Starting from 19000/- pkr per night
  • Website: https://www.booking.com/hotel/pk/swiss-wood-cottages-naran.html



Swiss Wood Cottages is ideal for honeymoon goers in the heart of Naran Bazar, just a few minute’s drive from Naran Bazar. Flee to the spell-binding loveliness of Swiss Wood Cottages on Chilas Road, Naran Bazar, KPK, for an exquisite and intimate honeymoon. Surrounded by incredible mountains and flourishing verdant surroundings, this inviting hideaway gives a perfect ecosystem for a romantic break out.

 The Swiss Wood Cottages are designed in triangle huts and offer a comfortable and intimate retreat, boasting conventional timber construction and modern facilities. The interior is done with all wood so that the cold weather of Naran doesn’t affect you much. The breathtaking vistas of the adjacent valley out of your cottage’s balcony will leave you mesmerized.

 Begin your mornings with a lovely brunch, delighting in the pristine Karakourm Mountain atmosphere and the breathtaking attractions that meet you. Take romantic walks along the picturesque gardens, embracing every other as you peruse the natural treasures of the Naran Valley. The crystalline lakes, enthralling waterfalls, and luxurious meadows provide an ideal heritage for your romantic getaway.

For thrill-seekers, Naran Valley provides thrilling adventures, which include trekking, horseback riding, and jeep rides. Naran has many other places to visit, like Lake Saif ul Malook, Ansu Lake, and Gitidas Meadows; after the full-day excursion, you will find peace in wood cottages.

Swiss Wood Cottages in Naran Valley, KPK, provide the best place for a romantic honeymoon. Revel inside the place’s serenity, revel in Mother Nature’s divine elegance, and create undying memories of your passionate journey.

Walnut Heights by Roomy in Swat Valley,

Enter The World of Intimacy On Your Honeymoon Tour

  • Location: Kalam Swat
  • Price range: Starting from 20,000/- pkr per night
  • Website: https://roomy.pk/hotels/kalam/walnut-heights-by-roomy



Last is Walnut Heights by Roomy, located on Jalbanr Road in Kalam, Swat. Enter the arena of intimacy and attraction on your honeymoon tour at Walnut Heights through Roomy, located inside the serene Swat Valley. This idyllic excursion spot gives a blend of privateness, luxury, and natural splendor, making it an unforgettable enjoy for you and your accomplice.

Walnut Heights by Roomy is a haven of tranquility, nestled amidst the majestic mountains and plush greenery of Swat Valley. The highly-priced cottages are designed to provide the most consolation and intimacy, ensuring a romantic and comfortable life. Each cottage is thoughtfully furnished with cutting-edge services and gives breathtaking views of the encircling valley.

Above all, immerse yourselves in the serene ecosystem as you lighten up on your non-public balcony, sipping a cup of tea or participating in a super dinner under the sky. The sound of chirping birds and the gentle breeze will serenade you, creating a romantic environment that is, in reality, magical.

Embark on romantic walks through the stunning gardens or explore the nearby sights hand in hand with your loved one. Swat Valley is famous for its picturesque landscapes, crystal-smooth rivers, and fascinating waterfalls, supplying a lovable backdrop for your honeymoon journey.

Enjoy the stay cooking session with traditional music in between the captivating woods. However, Walnut Heights by Roomy will ensure that each moment of your life is packed with warm temperatures and hospitality.

For those searching for a journey, Swat Kalam Valley provides outdoor activities like hiking in Usho Forest, fishing at Mohdand Lake, and exploring the vicinity’s rich cultural and historical past by traveling to White Palace. Whether you embark on exciting adventures or unwind in nature, Walnut Heights provides the perfect stay on your romantic honeymoon getaway.

Experience intimacy and create unforgettable memories at Walnut Heights in Kalam Valley. Let the splendor of nature and the expensive comforts of the resort enhance your love tale, making your honeymoon a definitely, magical and loved one to enjoy. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can say that if you are looking for the ideal honeymoon resorts in Pakistan, these are the best places to go with your loved ones to enjoy a perfect trip. These offer unique experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and brilliant services.

From the majestic Rakaposhi Mountain to the spell-binding view of Attabad Lake from Luxus Hotel, immerse yourself in the beauty of Pakistan and your spouse. Experience tranquility inside the Katpana Desert at Glamp Resort and create cherished recollections for a lifetime. Book your excursion to these honeymoon resorts now; we will ensure you that there’s nothing compared to us in terms of quality services and comfortable stay.

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