Islamabad Bhurbhan Muzzafferabad Couple Tour 4Days 3Nights

Islamabad Bhurbhan Muzzafferabad Couple Tour 4Days 3Nights

The Pakistan Tour and Travel offers Islamabad Bhurbhan Muzaffarabad Travel Packages. The tour plan is suitable for couples who wish to visit the world’s second-most beautiful capital while staying in the Luxurious setting of Serena and exploring each other places in Murree and its adjacent areas. Especially honeymoon couples from Karachi like this package to enjoy the luxury experience in different regions of northern Pakistan. The Islamabad Bhurban Muzaffarabad Tour takes four days and three nights and covers three places that attract your attention. Don’t wait and book a Murree Tour Now.

The five-star travel plan includes staying at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad and then at PC Bhurban in Murree. Also, this tour plan allows you to visit Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, known for its exceptional scenic beauty.

In Murree, we have many places, such as Galliyat and Ayubia. On the other hand, we have the neighboring city of Muzaffarabad. Pir Chanasi is the most visited place next to the Kunhar River. All three locations have luxurious facilities, and they enjoy the magnificent natural scenery. Other details of the travel plan are as follows:

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Why should you take the Murree Hills Tour Package?

Why shouldn’t you?? Murree Hills is a colonial town located at the border of Azad Kashmir and Punjab in Pakistan. It is trendy among Pakistani families and local tourists. Although it has been a rural, charming, and secluded place for ten years, its increasingly popular scenery has changed it drastically. The big hotels can quickly cope with the influx of tourists, so now they are not as clean or quiet as before.

You have many options here to buy, see, roam around, and eat. There is much fantastic landscape; some even have chair lifts, small gardens, or shops for you to visit. These are some of the most common peaks and valleys:

Kashmir Point offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the city. The mountains of Kashmir can be seen from here, hence the name “Kashmir Point.” There are two routes to Kashmir Point through the GPO; each has its unique view of Murree, so if you want to enjoy the beauty in two directions, go out. Read our Facebook reviews here. 

One of the main reasons to visit Murree is Pindi Point, as it is one of the main attractions in Murree. There is a movable lift with a tilting distance of 1.5 kilometers. Please relax and enjoy it all because the turbulent trees and beautiful pine trees pass under you, and you have unobstructed views of the mountains. Below are the cafeteria and playground. There will also be a few people willing to offer opportunities to ride horses and take photos with horses, but you will not be able to do so until you have set a fixed price. There are monkeys in Bander Point or Monkey Horn. The Ayubia cable car will take you not far. Although monkeys are wild, they are very tame due to their extensive contact with humans.

Murree is not a good place for shopping, but Mall Road is the most popular market in the city. It is best to visit after sunset, admire the lights, enjoy the city atmosphere, and taste authentic Pakistani cuisine. Souvenir shops and other small shops are on both sides of the road, and most shops are open until midnight.

  • Day 01: Visit Islamabad at famous locations Such as Saidpur Village ( Ancient Village of Islamabad), Monal Restaurant, and Lake View Park, and then Stay in Serena Islamabad
  • Day 02:  Pick a Couple from Serena Hotel Islamabad. First, Visit Patriata Hill (New Murree Hills )  along Murree Expressway and then move towards PC Bhurbhan Hotel Murree & Check into Deluxe Room in Pearl Continental Hotel Murree.
  • Day 03: Breakfast in Romantic 5-Star Hotel Pc Bhurbhan, Visit Nathiagali & Ayubia, and Back to the Hotel in the Evening of PC Bhurbhan Deluxe Room.
  • Day 04: Breakfast in Hotel, Visit Murree City Mall Road Optional and reach Islamabad by 5 pm for the End of the Tour.

Tour Includes:

  1. Dedicated Private GLI Car 205 – 2017  with Driver & Fuel
  2. Breakfast for Couple
  3. 3 Nights Hotel Stay in 5 Star Hotel in Deluxe Rooms
  4. Road Taxes
  5. Driver Food, Accommodation be Paid by Company
  6. 2 Tickets for Riding Cable Car in Patriata Hills  Only

Things Not Included:

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Any Refreshments
  4. Any Air or Train Tickets
  5. Anything other then Agreed

Hotel Stay:

  1. Hotel PC Bhurbhan ( 1 Nights Stay )
  2. Hotel PC Muzzafferabad ( 1 Nights Stay )
  3. Serena Hotel Islamabad ( 1 Night Stay )
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