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I have been thinking of writing for a few days now but was not able to decide what to write. Pakistan is a country blessed by God’s masterstroke. We have so many places that I might not be able to pen down in a single post. Each place is unique and marvellous. If Hunza is legendary then Skardu is mystic. Naran is sublime beauty but Neelam is heaven on Earth. Chitral is marvellous so is Swat with its true heritage and golden History.

I would like to mention a few areas that visitors should tour in 2015. Pakistan offers are various areas to visit in 2015. Few places that are the most attractive tourist attractions in 2015 are listed below.

All the above-listed places have attracted various visitors from remote parts of Pakistan as well as Pakistani Citizens settled in various countries. The tourism industry is growing thick and fast. The Government is offering no incentives to tour operators currently. There are few improvements needs to be done but our officials responsible by the government are making no earnest efforts to improve facilities in remote parts. Our neighbour countries are making high profits from the tourism industry. India is earning 5 billion dollar revenue only from disputed Kashmir Territory let alone other parts of Kashmir which also attracts too many foreign clients.

Pakistan can attract various tourist from various parts of the globe if our law and order situation improves. Some of the suggestions are below.

  1. Our government should pay heed and improve road structure like Skardu road is in really bad shape it needs special attention.
  2. Air flights from Islamabad to Remote areas like Gilgit, Skardu and Chitral should be increased. 
  3. The special incentive should be given to tour operators. 
  4. Special shows and festival should be initiated by the Government to fetch tourists in such remote areas. 
  5. Transportation facilities need great improvement. 
  6. New roads should be built.
  7. Hospitals should be built with quality Doctors. 
  8. PTDC needs a total to revamp if some attention is given to PTDC it can become a very profitable institution. 
  9. Law and order situation should be improved more. 
  10. Convoy system should be abolished. 

Pakistan has great potential to become the most famous tourist spot in the world but we as Pakistani would require to participate and act well. The foreign tourist demands quality hotels and transportations. All tour operators should make sure the tourist get proper attention and care during the guided tours.







Ejaz hussain is CEO of Pakistan tour and travel operating in Northern areas of pakistan offering honeymoon Packages from Pakistan in affordable rates with good quality services.

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