Swat Valley Tours

Yet another marvellous initiative is swat valley tours. First of all Swat Valley Tours Packages in the most remote district of KPK that is Swat Valley. Furthermore, Swat Valley Tours are one of the most catchy tour plans for the nature enthusiastic from the extensive series of Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan in all Northern Areas of Pakistan.

The leading operators in the tourism industry are Pakistan Tour and travel that provide the incredible package line for honeymoon tours, couple tours, and family or group tours. Swat Valley Tour Packages offer the tour to all adjoining valleys prominently cover Kalam valley.

Moreover, Swat Valley is abundant with miracles. The brown Swati trout fish, thick lush green forests, medicinal springs, lofty snow-clad peaks and beautiful lakes. Among them Shahi Bagh Lake located to the north-west of Sazgul region at about three hours of trekking is worth seeing. Couples find peace in the lap of earth. Nothing is more beautiful to breathe in fresh air that is full of tranquility and serenity.

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Swat Valley Tour Packages in 2020 

Additionally Swat Valley Tour Package 2020 that will submerge each and every corner of Swat Valley. Particularly Murghzar, Saidu Sharif, Barrikot, Madyan, Behrain and most favorite Kalam Valley. Pakistan is superabundant with awe-inspiring places that’s why Tourism Industry is flourishing. Every year there is a visible increase in tourist whether it’s the foreigner or local tourist.

For instance, there are the tremendous locations to witness while exploring the Swat Valley. Some of the renowned picturesque locations are Malam Jabba; a ski resort with majestic outlook then we have Fiza Ghat Park a preferable picnic spot for the tourist where they can enjoy the delicious food along with the gratifying weather.

Above all the Kalam valley is the wonderland for tourists that is found at distance of 99 km from Mingora. Along with the valley there are diverse exotic places like Ushio is a hill station. Matiltan is also a picturesque spot comes after Ushio and located at about 11 km away from Kalam.

The itineraries that we are offering cover every region of the valley. Moreover moving ahead from Matiltan to Utror and Gabriel are hill stations that offer beautiful view. Above all they are surrounded by snow-clad hills with lush green forest after that, one of the bewitching Kundol Lake of the area is also worth witnessing.

Each part of the Swat Valley is packed with exotic views and fascinating weather throughout the valley. Swat Valley Tours packed with the roaring rivers, waterfalls, meandering streams, glacier-fed lakes, pine forests, alpine meadows. Hiking on snow-covered peaks of Mankial and Flaksair. Trekking in fruit laden orchards, lush green fields, and flower-filled mountain slopes. Never miss a chance to have a Swat Valley Tour. Every season is of its own kind here.

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