Is It Safe To Travel Northern Areas Of Pakistan?

Is It Safe To Travel Northern Areas Of Pakistan?

Stop Wondering. Is It Safe To Travel Northern Areas Of Pakistan?




Pakistan has a large-scale culture and mountain shock. This South Asian country has the mighty Karakoram Mountains and the Royal Himalayas, providing the most luxurious cruises. There are also many charming colonial mountain towns, Mughal Forts and significant cities.

But the name “Pakistan” does not evoke Wonderland. This is because Pakistan is known for its landscape and culture and its terrorist attacks and military operations against religious extremists and street crime. Pakistan doesn’t look safe; the media shows a one-sided story. You have full access to Pakistan.

Of course, some risks are associated with travelling in places like Pakistan, but this is true for almost every country worldwide. Learn about these dangers, investigate and prepare to travel smart-all these things will help in the long run. But you can have the best tips for safe travel in Pakistan.


So Is It Safe To Travel Northern Areas Of Pakistan?

Is It Safe To Travel Northern Areas Of Pakistan? Yes


Pakistan is an undiscovered gem. Anyone seeking a real adventure will love Pakistan. We are not exaggerating. It’s one of the most beautiful places and wholly underestimated. Travelling in Pakistan can sometimes be challenging. However, thanks to excellent support resources, such as some amiable locals and even police escorts, Pakistan is definitely safer than you think.


Is It Safe To Travel Northern Areas Of Pakistan?


Things can change immediately. Operations across the country may be subject to new restrictions. Also, remember that “local” media is not always reliable. If you want to suggest safe travel, ask. Local police usually manage events well in their area.

Pakistan is great. It has all the landscapes you can dream of and many rich cultures to learn from. Coupled with a lot of history, you will get an excellent travel destination.

Pakistan is experiencing periods of political unrest and sectarian violence in some parts of the country. But it’s time to say that all the northern areas of Pakistan are completely safe with a practical tourist guide.

In addition, natural disasters should be considered. Pakistan is located in areas of significant earthquakes, and sometimes monsoons can cause heavy rain and floods.


North Pakistan


Most areas of Pakistan are highly safe for travellers. Although you may have to travel with armed police escorts in some places, don’t let that frustrate the mountains, the glistening glaciers, and the dense forests. These guards are here to protect you!

Pakistan’s tourism industry is growing; nature enthusiasts and hospitable people must have contributed to this. The Pakistani government estimates that tourism will contribute $9.5 billion to the economy by 2025.

It’s a lot to answer: Is It Safe To Travel to Northern Areas Of Pakistan?


Every year more people visit Pakistan individually or in groups. In 2017, 1.75 million tourists visited Pakistan. From 10 years to 2007, the number of tourists was only 876,000, which grew well.


In 2018, the British Travelers Association listed Pakistan as one of its main destinations. There are risks. In some areas of large cities, street crime is moderate, but this is nothing compared to South America. Pakistan is ranked 151 out of 163 countries in the 2018 Global Peace Index, but it is still fair to say that it is still higher than Russia. In the end, none of these issues prevented people from visiting Pakistan.

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