Ferry Services to initialise between the two famous cities of Pakistan Gwadar and Karachi. The ferry services from both of the port cities of Pakistan will also go to Chahbahar of Iran. The arrangements to start this ferry services have been completed by the Port and Shipping authorities.

The ferry services will be starting at the mid of March. The main reason for these services is to promote tourism and the safe traveling for the travelers and worshipers traveling to the Holy Places in Iran.

On the Tuesday, this decision for the purpose of these services was taken at a high-level meeting. The Gathering had been lead by the Federeal Ports and Shipping Minister Kamran Michael.

Ferry From karachi to Gawadar

Deal with the Silangan Express-1 is in its last stage for the ferry from Karachi to Gawadar route.The ferry will be consuming 14 hours in the traveling to reach destination. The ferry will be having the capacity of 419 passengers. The ferry will going to have three trips in a week. This carrier will allow the passengers to have 100kg of luggage for each.

Ferry Iran Chabahar

Deals with the Samsun Ferry, another carrier that is going to move from Karachi and Gawadar to Chabahar Iran port is at final level. This Ferry will going to transport travelers and worshipers to Iran Chabahar. Samsun Ferry has the capacity of 600 passengers to carry.

The rates will going to effect the most for the benefits of pilgrims. Rates will cost 40% less than the Rs45,000 for return air ticket for traveling to Iran through Dubai. Every year, the number of worshipers to travel to Iran is about one million. The related officials was directed by the Federal Minister to finish the arrangement till the end of February. So that in March, the Ferry services can initiate. These services are just to ease the worshipers and to advance tourism, although the government may face loses, remarked by Kamran at the meeting.

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