Cherry Blossom Hunza Package

Cherry blossom has been celebrated by Japanese as traditional name Skura. Hunza Nagar has been famous for cherry blossom season as this is most beautiful enchanting weather that welcomes new season in Hunza Nagar valley and see off chilly and harsh winters in hunza Nagar valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Cherry blossom tour packages are only available from 15 March till 30 April. The tenure of blossom is very short but very rich and colorful. Hunza Valley is the most ideal location for honeymoon Couples and families as it presents sublime views and sightseeing in mountain valley of Northern Pakistan. Hunza Valley offers view of four peaks over 7000 meter high such as Diran Peak, Rakaposhi Peak, Golden peak and Ultar peak from various points in Hunza Karimabad areas. Burushaski and Wakhi are widely spoken languages in Hunza Nagar. Now Hunza is different from Nagar District both are independent now. Earlier Hunza and Nagar were same Districts.

Price :  105,000 Pak Rupees 

Day 01
Pick Customer early morning near 7am – Private Car will take you to Hassanabdal, famous Religious City for Sikh Gurus Panja Sahib. Drive through Abbotabad City and reach Mansehra, City of Alpine Trees. Furthermore, it will take 4 Hours normally.  Moreover, we will head to Besham after traveling further few hours. Lots of Sighseeing on the way. Before reaching Besham City, we shall travel through cities like Chatar Plain, Batthgram and Pattan. Most importantly, these all are beautiful and exotic. Most notably, you will see first major bridge on Thakot passing over river Indus.  Lastly, reach Besham after total 9 Hours journey in family style Hotel

PTDC BESHAM or Similar 

Day 02
Morning       Breakfast and Start of Journey at 7.30am
Afternoon    Reach Chilas and short Stay
Evening       Arrive and check in to a Hotel

Today we shall see lots of beautiful sights. After having breakfast our first destination is Chilas which will take 6 hours on curvy Karakoram Highway. Moroever, road is bit risky but very scenic. Although, some areas are barren and landscape remains dull on few locations. Furthermore, we shall have brief stay at Chilas City which is capital of Diamir District ironically famous of Killer mountain Nangaparbat.  Lastly, we shall reach after brief stay at Nangaparbat View point as well as three mountains ranges meeting point. We would move to hotel as per Package

Day 03
Morning       Breakfast and Start of Journey at 08.30am
Afternoon    Reach Naltar on Jeep and Excursions
Evening       Arrive Hunza Valley and check in to a Hotel

First all, we will have breakfast in Gilgit. From here, scenic beauty of Hunza Starts as we will Visit Naltar Valley on 4X4 Jeep. Furthermore, Naltar is famous for skiing in Winters its equally lovely in Summers for its forest and charming beauty. River streams are in abundance. Therefore, we shall spend most of days here and would Visit Naltar Lakes if time premits. Thereafter, we shall reach Hunza that is two hours journey and check into a hotel in Hunza Valley as per Package

Day 04
Morning       Breakfast and Explore Valley
Afternoon    Visiting Iconic building of Hunza – Altit & Baltit Forts
Evening       Back to Hotel in Hunza Valley

Firstly, we shall make us ready for visit of Altit & Baltit Fort after breakfast. Notably, Altit Fort along Baltit Fort are symbol or Hunza’s diverse culture and love for land. Furthermore, it has been restored by Agha Khan Foundation. Earlier Baltit Fort was residence of Hunza Royal Family. Moreover, these areas give you the panoramic view of lovely Hunza Landscape. Most importantly, people of Hunza are friendly. Hunza Valley has various peaks such as Ultar Peak over 7000 metre high.  Interestingly, Golden Peak as well as Rakaposhi Peaks are visible and feel very close.

Day 05
Morning       Breakfast and Explore Upper Hunza
Afternoon    Visiting Attahabad Lake and Khunjerab Pass ( If Open )
Evening       Back to Hotel in Hunza Valley in Evening

Hunza Valley is famous for one other natural wonder which is Attabad Lake. Blue color lake of Attabad is must do tourist location. Furthermore, road access is very easy now. Furthermore, beauty of area is unparalleled. Earlier, roads were dangerous but now newly built tunnels by Chinese engineers is blessing. Moving on the Karakoram highway, this road leads to Khunjerab Pass which is Pakistan China International Border at 15700 Feet elevations. Passu and Sost are famous towns of Upper Hunza Valley and falls under Gojjal District.  Lastly, we shall move to Hunza in evening and rest.

Day 06
Morning       Breakfast and move to Besham
Afternoon    Travel towards Gilgit and Jaglot City
Evening       Arrival at Hotel near Night time

Today, we will have long day in traveling estimates of near 10 to 12 Hours. Moreover, we will move via Karakoram highway during Winters as in Summer Naran Babusar Top. Most importantly, Babusar Top is only open from June till September. Reach Hotel as per route in evening and Check Into a Hotel

Day 07
Morning       Breakfast and move to Islamabad City
Afternoon    Travel towards Besham – Abbotabad City
Evening       Drop to Airport or Any Desired locations of Client

Last leg of journey shall commence in morning near 8 to 9am and we shall travel for 8 to 9 Hours to Reach Islamabad for End of Tour

Tour Includes

  • Dedicated Toyota GLI Car with Driver & FUEL
  • Breakfast for Couple
  • Toll Taxes
  • 6 Nights Hotel Stay in Reputed Family Hotels
  • Drivers expenses Paid by company
  • 2/3 Star Hotel Accommodation with running Water and Backup Light Connections
  • Jeep Ride to Naltar Valley on Private Jeep with local Driver only
  • Entry Tickets to Altit Fort & Baltit Fort Included for Couple

Brief of Cherry Blossom Hunza Tours

The eye-catching season came right after the dreadful winter. After the season of death and destruction there comes the season of life and rebirth. As the view of Hunza valley is incredible throughout the year but it becomes more vibrant in spring. The best time of year to visit Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan and Skardu is March to October. But for witness the astonishing tenure of Cherry blossom Hunza Tours, it is only available 15 March to 30 April. In the spring season, the field and orchards come alive with the blossom of different natural colors in the villages.

Hunza Valley offers a view of four peaks over 7000 meter high such as Diran Peak, Rakaposhi Peak, Golden peak and Ultar peak from various points in Hunza Karimabad areas. Burushaski and Wakhi are widely spoken languages in Hunza Nagar. Now Hunza is different from Nagar District both are independent now. Earlier Hunza and Nagar were same Districts.

It’s not only the spring season that spread beauty all over the Hunza valley and Sakardu but it is the Cherry Blossom Hunza Tours which give a more mesmerizing look to eyes. Those gorgeous Pink Cherry blossom never fail any one to smile whether it is a Honeymoon Couple Tour or Family. Everyone falls in love with its colors. The shape and color of the petals reflect people’s ideal notion of peace and simplicity. Every time there is the slightest breeze, a shower of cherry-blossom petals is produced. At the same time, one can also view the blossom of Apricot, Apples, and Pears. The lush green terraced fields surrounded by blooming trees displaying scene enough to overwhelm visitors.

A new spectrum of colors all around the valley starting from Gilgit, Bisham, Bagrot valley, Kargah Buddha, Hunza Nigar. The former capital Karimabad and Nagar that are most famous for Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour.