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Travel Guide To Karimabad, Hunza-Things To Do In Karimabad

Ultimate Travel Guide To Karimabad, Hunza

Hunza, Karimabad, is a beautiful tourist destination in Pakistan’s northern region. Known for its scenic beauty and cultural richness, it attracts visitors from all over the world. If you plan to visit Hunza, Karimabad, you might wonder about the places to visit in a single day. This blog will give a complete travel guide to Karimabad Hunza, the best treks to explore, day activities in Karimabad, and, most importantly, the trekking tips. Let’s get started. 


The stunning Karimabad Hunza Valley offers many activities and attractions for tourists. From hiking and camping in the surrounding mountains and valleys to visiting the ancient Baltit Fort overlooking the village, there is plenty to keep visitors busy in the Karimabad Hunza Valley. Located in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan, Karimabad, or Baltit, is a small city once Hunza’s capital.

Karimabad has a rich cultural and historical heritage. The friendly locals are always happy to welcome guests and share their culture and traditions. So, if you want exciting and unique travel experiences, add Karimabad Hunza to your travel bucket list.

Under Hunza, the city was known as Baltit but has now been renamed Karimabad, although both are in use. Karimabad is a paradise to explore nearby attractions in the Hunza area.

What is the best time to visit Karimabad?

The best time to visit Karimabad, Hunza, is from April to October. Additionally, April is the month of cherry blossom, and October is the month of autumn.  Tourists from around the world visit the valley in these months because of the perfect atmosphere and breathtaking nature. The region is inaccessible in the winter, so you should plan your trip accordingly. You can see the beautiful cherry blossoms in the valley in April and May, while you can enjoy the autumn colors in October.


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One-Day Tour Activities from Karimabad, Hunza

If you just book a day tour to Karimabad, you can see most of the Hunza’s beauty, as it offers the best scenic location, rich history, mouth-watering food, and much more. Here are some of the activities you can do in Karimabad:

Visit Baltit Fort: 

This fairy-tale-like fort, built in the 8th Century BC on top of a hill overlooking Karimabad, is the most prominent landmark in Hunza Valley. You can enjoy the stunning views of the valley and the mountains from the fort and learn about the history and culture of the former royal family of Hunza. Baltit Fort is another historic fort located in Karimabad. It was built around 700 years ago and served as the residence of the local rulers. The fort has been restored and converted into a museum that displays the region’s cultural heritage. Spend your time in the magnificent fort and live the moment of history. 

Explore Altit Fort and Village:

 Another ancient fort at the bottom of the valley, Altit Fort, is worth visiting for its architecture and history. You can also explore the village around the fort and see how the locals live. Altit Fort is a historic fort located in Altit village, around 3 kilometers from Hunza, Karimabad. The fort was built around 1100 years ago and has been restored recently. It is a great place to explore the region’s history and the locals’ culture. The fort offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making it an excellent spot for exploring the magnificent history and incredible culture.

Travel Guide to Karimabad; Inside of Altit Fort

Hike to the Ultar Base Camp

If you are feeling adventurous, you can hike to the base camp of Ultar Peak, one of the highest mountains in the region. The hike will take you through scenic landscapes, glaciers, and waterfalls. The base camp offers a spectacular view of Ultar Peak and its surroundings.

Visit the old village of Ganish.

Ganish is one of the oldest villages in Hunza Valley, dating back more than 1000 years. It is known for its traditional wooden houses, mosques, and watchtowers. You can walk around the village and admire its unique architecture and culture.

Have coffee with the famous walnut cake.

After exploring Karimabad, you can relax and enjoy coffee or tea at Cafe de Hunza, a cozy cafe serving local delicacies and baked goods. You can also try their famous walnut cake from Hunza Valley, made with organic walnuts.

Witness the best sunset spots in Duiker.

The best spot to watch the mesmerizing sunset visit Duiker, a town of Baltit in the neighboring village of Altit is only an hour’s walk away. The views are stunning, and you can watch the sunset over Rakaboshi (7788m) and the nearby mountains. Be sure to bring a jacket and snacks as it can be cold at night.

Different Trekking options in Karimabad, Hunza

There are many trekking options in Karimabad for different levels of difficulty and duration. Some of the famous treks in Karimabad are:

Shimshal Pass Trek to Karimabad

This is a 19-day trek that takes you to the remote and beautiful Shimshal Valley, where you can experience the culture and lifestyle of the local people. You will also cross the Shimshal Pass at 4,500 meters and can climb Minglik Sar, a trekking peak at 6,050 meters.


Ultar Base Camp Trek To Karimabad 

This is a 3-day trek that takes you to the base camp of Ultar Peak, one of the highest mountains in the region. The hike will take you through scenic landscapes, glaciers, and waterfalls. The base camp offers a spectacular view of Ultar Peak and its surroundings.

Two Passes Trek to Karimabad

This is a 12-day trek that takes you to two high passes in the Hunza Valley: Karun Pass at 4,300 meters and Kuksil Pass at 4,800 meters. You will also visit several villages and pastures along the way and enjoy the views of Rakaposhi, Diran, and other peaks.

Lukpe La Trek To Karimabad

This challenging and long trek takes you across Snow Lake, a vast glacial basin at 4,800 meters. You will also cross the Lukpe La Pass at 5,600 meters and descend to Hispar Valley or Biafo Glacier. This trek requires technical skills and equipment and can take up to 31 days, depending on the route.

Tilman Pass Trek

This is another challenging and long trek that takes you from Shimshal Valley to Askole Valley via the Tilman Pass at 5,300 meters. You will also traverse several glaciers, including Yazghil Glacier and Biafo Glacier. This trek requires technical skills and equipment and can take up to 30 days.

Travel Guide to Karimabad; Autumn colors in Karimabad hunza

What are some tips for trekking in Karimabad?

Some of the tips for trekking in Karimabad are:

Choose a trek that suits your fitness level and experience

Karimabad offers a variety of treks for different levels of difficulty and duration. Tourists and visitors should choose a trek that matches their physical abilities and skills. For example, if you are a beginner, avoid the long and technical treks like Lukpe La or Tilman Pass and opt for shorter and easier treks like Ultar Base Camp or Two Passes.

Hire a guide and porter.

Trekking in Karimabad can be challenging and sometimes dangerous, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terrain and weather conditions. Hiring a guide and porter who can help you with navigation, logistics, safety, and cultural insights is advisable. You can book a guide and porter through a reputable tour company or your hotel for your help.

Pack light and smart.

You should pack only the essentials for your trek, such as clothing, footwear, sleeping bag, water bottle, snacks, first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, flashlight, and camera. One should also pack layers of clothing that keep you warm and dry in different weather conditions. Avoid bringing unnecessary items that will add weight to your backpack.

Respect the local culture and environment.

Karimabad has a rich cultural and historical heritage. You should respect the local traditions and customs, such as dressing modestly, greeting elders politely, asking permission before taking photos, and not entering mosques or shrines without proper attire. While visiting these areas, one should also respect the environment by not littering, not cutting trees or flowers, not making noise or fire, and not disturbing wildlife.

Enjoy the scenery and the people.

Karimabad has stunning views of the mountains, valleys, glaciers, and rivers. You should enjoy the scenery and take photos along the way. Travelers and visitors can also interact with friendly locals who are always happy to welcome guests and share their culture and stories. You might even get invited to their homes for tea or food.

Nearby places near Karimabad, Hunza 

Naltar Valley

This beautiful valley lies about 40 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a 4×4 jeep from Nomal village. Naltar Valley is known for its alpine meadows, pine forests, colorful lakes, and wildlife. You can also visit the Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see snow leopards, markhors, ibexes, and other animals.

Chalt Valley & Visiting Barr Town

This scenic valley lies about 50 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a van or a car from Karimabad. Chalt Valley is famous for its apricot orchards, hot springs, and historical sites. Moreover, you can also visit Barr Valley, famous for Ibex Trophy Hunting, in Hunza, Pakistan. If you are a hunter, this valley has much to offer you. 


Minapin Village – Trekking to Cricket Ground

This charming village lies about 25 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a van or a car from Karimabad. Minapin Village is the starting point for many treks in the Nagar Valley, such as Rakaposhi Base Camp and Diran Base Camp. You can also trek to the Cricket Ground, the highest cricket ground in the world, a flat meadow surrounded by mountains and spectacular glaciers.

Visiting Hooper Valley in Nagar Valley

This stunning valley lies about 10 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a van or a car from Karimabad. Hooper Valley is famous for its glacier, one of the world’s fastest-moving glaciers. You can also see the views of Rakaposhi, Diran, and Golden Peak from the valley.

 Visit Gulmit Town, Gojjal.

This historic town lies about 50 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a van or a car from Karimabad. Gulmit Town is the headquarters of Gojal Tehsil, the upper part of Hunza Valley. You can see the ancient houses, mosques, and tombs of the former rulers of Hunza in Gulmit Town. You can also visit the Cultural Museum, which displays the cultural and historical artifacts of Gojal.

Explore Hussaini Village.

This picturesque village lies about 60 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a van or a car from Karimabad. Hussaini Village is famous for its suspension bridge, one of the world’s most dangerous bridges. The bridge crosses the Hunza River and connects Hussaini Village with Zarabad Village. You can also see the views of Passu Cones and Passu Glacier from Hussaini Village.

Do trekking Passu Glacier.

This adventurous trek takes you to the Passu Glacier, one of Pakistan’s largest glaciers. You can start the trek from Passu Village, about 70 km from Karimabad. You can reach it by taking a van or a car from Karimabad. The trek will take you through moraines, streams, and ice fields. The trek will also offer spectacular views of Passu Cones, Shispare Peak, and Batura Peak.

Final Thoughts 

Undoubtedly, Karimabad is one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist places, and there are plenty of things to do. Whether looking for the perfect spot to watch the sunset or take a walk in the savannah, Karimabad has it all. If camping isn’t your thing, spend some time with your family and friends at one of the many fine restaurants or cafes serving traditional cuisine from the Hunza Valley and all over Pakistan and continental fare, host local music shows, and feel the regional culture.

In the blog, we have covered the complete travel guide of Karimabad, Hunza, from the tourist attraction to the day activities, trekking options, and some important trekking tips that can help you have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Plan your tour to Karimabad Hunza today and have a wonderful experience of your lifetime.

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