Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel from the UAE: More and more countries are canceling previous PCR tests for travelers. More countries cancel pre-departure PCR testing for immunized tourists. The easing of travel restrictions is expected to have a positive impact on the tourism industry.

Travel From UAE: More Countries Are Canceling Previous PCR Tests For Travelers

As COVID cases decline and communities around the world learn to coexist with the coronavirus, more and more countries are opening up to international travelers. One of the travel requirements being relaxed is a pre-departure PCR test.


Below is an updated list of other countries that, according to recent announcements, have lifted previous testing rules and start dates:


 Are you traveling from India or Pakistan to Dubai or Sharjah? Rapid PCR testing is not required at the airport of origin.


From: 24 February 2022


From Thursday (24 February 2022), passengers flying from the UAE to Pakistan will no longer be required to undergo the mandatory pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of departure. Islamabad on Wednesday announced its decision to cancel pre-boarding PCR testing for all vaccinated incoming passengers. However, unvaccinated passengers are also not exempt from testing.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; Pakistan


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From: February 1, 2022


As of February 1, 2022, fully vaccinated foreign and domestic tourists can now visit Boracay without a negative PCR test result. Some vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers are still required to submit a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours of the travel date. . However, the policy of not requiring PCR testing has not been implemented nationwide – although some destinations have adopted it. At least 14 destinations — including Davao City, Zamboanga, and Ilocos Norte — have lifted the requirement. Local governments in the Philippines can impose or lift travel restrictions depending on their status. Before taking any action, it is best to check the travel rules of your chosen destination.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; the Philippines


From: 21 February 2022


Cyprus has adopted a new agreement to enter the country. People who are fully vaccinated or who have recently recovered no longer need PCR or rapid antigen testing. PCR testing of the passengers upon arrival in Cyprus has also been canceled. However, unvaccinated and unrecovered individuals are still required to undergo a 72-hour PCR test or rapid antigen test (at the passenger’s expense) 24 hours before departure.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; Cyprus


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From: February 28, 2022


Health Canada announced Tuesday that it will ease COVID-19 testing rules for travelers starting Monday (February 28, 2022). According to the federal health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos, travelers who are fully vaccinated will not need a PCR test before departure and will be subject to a rapid test. Rapid tests can be done the day before arriving in the country, and PCR tests can be done 72 hours before a scheduled flight or arrival at the border. Additionally, the Government of Canada will no longer advise its citizens to avoid non-essential travel.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; Canada


From: March 1, 2022


The government will further ease entry rules for foreign tourists starting next month after the local tourism industry called for cost-cutting with other countries to ease border restrictions on the holiday. From March 1, vaccinated people arriving in Thailand will not be required to undergo a mandatory PCR test on the fifth day of arrival. Alternatively, they can perform an autoantigen test without having to confirm a hotel reservation for the test. The state also lowered the minimum medical insurance coverage for tourists to $20,000 from $50,000 under current rules.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; Thailand


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European Union

From: April 17, 2022


As part of a new agreement approved by the European Council on Tuesday (February 22), 27 European Union countries will cancel COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated arrivals ahead of the Easter holiday. Easter is on April 17, 2022. The Single Rule ends a series of abandoned regulations in favor of EU-wide harmonized policy. Under the new rules, unvaccinated children aged 6-17 will also be allowed to enter any EU country with proof of PCR testing before departure. Unvaccinated adults who can provide evidence of recent COVID-19 infection within the past 180 days can also be admitted, but they may need to be tested prior to arrival.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; European Union


From: March 1, 2022


The Omani government announced on Thursday that it will lift mandatory PCR tests for people entering Saudi Arabia at airports and at land and sea border crossings starting Tuesday (March 1, 2022). This rule applies to both Jordanian and non-Jordanian citizens. The easing of restrictions is expected to positively impact the country’s tourism industry.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; Jordan



From: April 1, 2022


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has announced that the country will end the COVID-19 state of emergency on March 31, 2022. Although no specific date was given for the cancellation of the previous PCR test requirement for traveler exports, the goal is,” he told Italian media on Wednesday (Feb 23), “to reopen everything as soon as possible. The announcement means that the pandemic emergency measures implemented in Italy for the past two years will be gradually lifted from April 1, 2022. Although Draghi did not give a specific date, he stressed that the use of “green corridors” for health certificates will be reduced. Proof of vaccination status will no longer be required in many places.

Travel From UAE; No PCR Test Required

Travel From UAE; Italy

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