Tourism in the Valley Kumrat


Tourism in the Valley Kumrat: ‘The Noise of the Water Here also gives Comfort’

The Kumrat valley has not been able to get tourist attractions, despite its very beautiful beauty. If you claim to make Lahore a Paris or a country Switzerland, you will hear from the politicians, but when the Swiss tourists show themselves comparing Pakistan’s location with the beautiful scenery of their country, there is a visit.

Locals of Upper Dir District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, about 384 km from the Pakistani capital Islamabad, call the people of the area ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’. Frankie, a resident of Kumrat, came to Pakistan 30 years later from Switzerland and now his destination was Kumrat, where he dragged thousands of miles away.

If you intend to spend a few days in the natural environment away from the shores of the world and your choice is to visit Kumrat Valley, keep in mind that you will face some difficulties, but when you reach the destination. This valley can be even more beautiful than you might imagine in the natural landscape.

You will have some difficulties to reach the room, but when you reach the destination your heart will be happy. There are many lush valleys in the valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

‘The Noise of the Water Here also gives Comfort’

From wherever you pass the rocks and water hit the rocks, the water of the Panjkora River makes you look like light music and the aroma of the cedar forests reminds you of the natural beauty you imagined coming here. The funniest thing here is the high mountains and the noise of the water along the way, which gives a strange calm. So it is noisy but gives you a lot of peace of mind. There are many lush valleys in the valley, surrounded by foggy mountains.

There is a peace of mind, but to reach here, big skulls have to be rolled. If it weren’t for this, Kumrat Valley would have been included in other famous tourist destinations in the country but this is not the case. Travelling on the rockiest paths is a must. This is followed by the unavailability of internet and mobile service, and then access to access is not easy.


The distance from Islamabad to the Kumrat valley is 384 km, which is less than the distance from Islamabad to Lahore but it is fixed in at least 11 hours.

The journey up to the top was easy and on the paved road, so it was decided quickly but the real test started from here. After that, the mobile service in Shringar area left and the road going further into the village Thal continued. The distance from this location to Kumrat is only 12 km but it takes about an hour and a half.

Hotel in Kumrat Valley

Hotels in the Kumrat Valley are few and most tourists prefer camping here. Entering the Kumrat valley, at the foot of the mountains, the branch of Panjkora River flows down the river Kumrat, and on the other side there are small villages and then they are surrounded by natural landscapes, only tourists come to see the beauty.

Here you also see some recently constructed hotels whose local owners appear to be trying to provide tourists with necessities of life, but success cannot be guaranteed.

Or if you book our Kumrat Valley Tour Package, all of your travel fatigue is on us on the lowest rates. These pods are considered cheaper to spend the night and better suited to the weather. Generally, hotel rooms are available from two to six thousand rupees per night. However, this is not the only accommodation arrangement in the area. Camping facility is available for payment of Rs 1 to Rs 2,000 while huts made of wood and tan are available for fifteen hundred rupees.

If you want to enjoy the natural beauty and have your camping arrangement, there is no charge for camping where you can find the trees, but think about getting rid of them in the open. You may have been fooled by the name of trout fish several times in the cities, but here you can eat them and feels like heaven on earth.

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