Choimus Comes To Gusto End With Great Efforts of KPK Government


K-P Govt Facilitates The Tourists Heading To Choimus; Kalash Winter Festival Ended With Great Zest

The Kalash Valley of Chitral experiences the most delightful winter festival last week. Choimus Festival comes to an end that was happening with great enthusiasm in different areas of Kalash. The Kalash men, ladies and kids in Ramboor, Bamburet and Birrir valleys checked different occasions including Mandahek and sharaberayak celebrations, other than making dispersing different things and toy creatures of wheat flour.

They made toy creatures like Cows, Markhor and images of their precursors from the flour, prepared them in the fire and after that set them in the sun.

Mandahek celebration was set apart amid in which tree limbs were determined to flame and kept one-moment quietness by the natives. Various outside sightseers have thronged the Kalash valley to appreciate the festivals. The colourful festivities began on December 7 and proceeded till 22nd of December 2018 with the period of a bonefire.

Prior, the kids assembled at their hallowed place, gathered twigs and parts of pine trees and made a campfire to indicate aptitudes in making high flares and smoke.

Making high blazes and smoke is intended to invite harmony, thriving, minerals, green grass and love among the people of the indigenous clan in the following winter and spring seasons.

The youngsters while holding green leaves and parts of trees likewise sang tunes and performed melody to appreciate the celebration. Kalash is a part of minorities in Pakistan, non-Muslim ethnic network in Chitral. The Kalash individuals are likewise found in the Nuristan region of Afghanistan.

Somewhere in the range of 3,500 Kalash population, who live in Ramboor, Bamburet and Birrir valleys getting a charge out of religious opportunity, commend the Chamois and different celebrations routinely.

The Kalash individuals amid the Choimus celebration, which denotes the finish of the hands-on work and reaps, make their desires for the New Year while moving in the ensemble, wearing vivid robes.

Kalash celebration of Choimus starts on the winter solstice and holds extraordinary significance among the Kalasha people. Choimus, otherwise called Chawmous or Chitirmas, Choimus is a winter Kalash celebration. Every year marked occasion symbolizes and figures the success of the town and its kin in the coming year. Local people performed ceremonies for decontamination amid the celebration at the beginning of the New Year.

Other natives go out in numbers to look for foxes which are a hint of something better over the horizon to locate as of now. The light lit parades land from close-by towns at the primary customary moving spot called a “Charsue”. The moving and celebrations are held indoor that go late into the night as the nearby wine is given around the campfire.

They forfeit dairy cattle for the most part goats by sticking bolts in their necks. They neither meet nor shake hands with any guests amid that time.

French, Belgian and other Foreigner tourist and sightseers, who are in the valley to appreciate the Kalash celebration, were given complete information by the Tourist Information Center in charge Zarin Khan about the religious, social, the travel industry and authentic point of view of the Kalash valley and its occupants.

The KP Tourism Department has also likewise introduced lighting framework and made game plans for transport and different offices with the goal that neighbourhood network and visitors could praise the celebration in a befitting way. No doubt, the last week of 2018 becomes the most colourful week of the whole year.


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