Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

Overview Of Magnificent Dubai Expo 2020

The World Expo can be said to be the biggest accident in foreign countries. This is one of the few mass incidents that have attracted worldwide attention. But unlike the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, the World Expo is not a “media event”, it is mainly experienced through media broadcasts. On the contrary, the scene must be felt and experienced by “being there.”


This large-scale event (also known as the “Universal Exposition”) began in 1851, when London held the “Grand Exhibition of Industrial Works from Various Countries”, with 34 countries participating. The upcoming World Expo (rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic) will open on Friday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and will last until March 31, 2022, when 192 countries will participate. This will be the first time in the history of the event to be held in the Middle East

How Big is the Dubai Expo 2020?

This huge site has pavilions from 192 countries, which is larger than New York’s Central Park. Monaco covers an area of 2 square kilometers and is the second smallest sovereign country in the world. Here, it is compared with the venue of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The scale of Dubai Expo 2020 is huge, as anyone who has been to the Expo can attest. But what is its size? Some people say that this venue is the size of 600 football fields, and some people say that it is bigger than Monaco.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

Massive space of Dubai Expo 2020

The fact is, it is much larger than that. It is bigger than Disneyland in California and Central Park in New York. It is larger than the Forbidden City in Beijing and includes Tiananmen Square. Even the famous Square Mile in London is smaller, as is Iris Rock in Australia.

What to expect for Pakistan from Dubai Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 Dubai has pavilions from 192 countries and is the largest cultural gathering to represent and unite the entire world.

On Thursday, the Minister of Commerce of Pakistan stated that Pakistan expects its exports to Gulf countries to increase significantly after the 2020 Dubai World Expo as the Pakistan Pavilion attracts a large number of tourists.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

The World Expo is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East. Dubai, the region’s tourism, trade, and business center, hopes to promote economic development by attracting 25 million businesses and tourists about US$6.8. Billions to the Expo.

Attendees at Dubai Expo 2020


Although it will not be the most attended exhibition in history (the 2010 Shanghai World Expo created a record of 73 million visitors), the Dubai World Expo is expected to attract the most culturally and ethnically diverse audience of any previous exhibition. This coincides with the emergence of the global middle class, especially those from emerging economies, who are expanding their interaction with the world through work and leisure. In a world where epidemics are spreading, this large-scale gathering of countries and people constitutes a unique global social moment.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

People visiting Dubai Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 is a multifaceted event-a political, commercial, cultural, and technological project. It provides a platform for countries to make their culture and innovation in direct contact with a large number of people. This is also a means of national promotion to the host country. Each participating country will naturally try its best to provide the best service to the world. The fascinating question inevitably lies in how visitors perceive the representatives of these countries, and most importantly, what the experience of the exhibition means to them.


The World Expo embodies storytelling technology in a vivid way, from architectural experience to a multi-sensory event. This epidemic is preparing to change some of the core practices of the exhibition, which will continue to exist in the next few years.


In a world where epidemics are spreading, this large-scale gathering of countries and people constitutes a unique global social moment.

Things To Do At Expo 2020 

Even before the pandemic, our digital lives began to interact with the physical world more than ever. In our increasingly technological world, it seems too long for the sense of place and intimacy provided by personal events like the World Dubai Expo 2020. Material existence is still a more racist way of communication and a multicultural human condition. This becomes particularly distressing because the isolation of nations and individuals over the past year has exacerbated the need to restore our sense of place and place.


More Opportunities For Each Country 


The exhibition started with a place-based attraction. Advances in digital technology are changing the way people experience and enjoy activities. Think about all the selfie moments and photo locations on Instagram, where mobile technology and 5G provide strong support for visitors. The World Dubai Expo 2020 is not a closed, well-designed physical space, but a smoother and more open space. Visitors experience more and more cross-media, which can be shared instantly at the exhibition site.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

As we explore the many possibilities of digital technology to create new gathering experiences, the Dubai Expo 2020 is likely to become a warm experience, understanding how the boundaries of the Expo have been redrawn and redefined to reflect the connections between physics. And numbers, and how our changing expectations of narrative formats and platforms will shape the visitor experience.

PunjabEase Official Goes To Dubai Expo 2020

The World Dubai Expo 2020 is at a turning point in common resistance to challenges. The exhibition itself embodies global consciousness and national consciousness. He has always reflected the basic face of international relations. The national identity of the pavilion and visitors is displayed in the exhibition. In fact, for most people, national representatives are the reason why they choose and visit a particular pavilion.


To be sure, this landmark event is essentially an optimistic, eclectic, and often self-congratulating narrative. Some people believe that this kind of public participation is superficial at best because they refer to the National Pavilion as offering tourist fares, while the tourist experience is superficial. But our research shows that if the experience created by the pavilion is done well, it will be meaningful and memorable for visitors, and it can even bring about change.


Each Pavilion Endures Magnificent Archtirtcual Design

It is in the pavilion space that people and ideas from different countries and cultures come together and communicate. National promotion is carried out in contemporary exhibitions around the world. There are hundreds of exhibition halls and attractions on the Expo site, and competition is fierce but not conflicting. Verification and recognition by each participating country. The performance of the National Pavilion gives people a physical sense of the diversity of human experience.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

Archtirtcual Designs That Capture Attention

In times of pressure and uncertainty that we face the economic and environmental challenges that are inseparable between national and international borders, the Dubai Expo 2020 provides a welcome moment and space to restore our cultural imagination and belief in human behavior. The spirit of seeking harmony and hope in the voice of division and division on the world stage is now more important and urgent than ever.

World Expo 2020 Dubai: Truly A Game Changer After COVID

The Most Busiest Pavilion of All: Pakistan Pavilion 

Expo 2020 Dubai: Pakistan Pavilion attracts more than 100,000 visitors. The colorful appearance of the pavilion attracted more than 8,000 visitors on the first day. Now it reaches 1,00,000 visitors in the first 18 days of the big event, surpassing a milestone.


The colorful appearance of the pavilion attracted more than 8,000 visitors on the first day, and by the first week of October, the number of visitors increased to 55,000.


The response over the weekend was very good, with the number of tourists rising to 120,000. So far, the pavilion has been visited by many senior politicians, social media influencers, and entertainment industry stars.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

The pavilion is rich in history and culture, divided into eight main spaces, where visitors can experience the country’s best-hidden treasures, from vibrant handicrafts to tens of billions of trees and delicious food.


Since the opening of Dubai Expo 2020, the response has been very good, and we are happy to announce that the pavilion has welcomed more than 100,000 visitors in the first 18 days of October. However, the pavilion organized many cultural, media, and business events throughout October to showcase the great potential and opportunities in tourism and other economic sectors.”


Additionally, the pavilion will also host various commercial and entertainment activities during the six months of the 2020 World Expo.


How many can Dubai industries take profit from Dubai Expo 2020?


Dubai has prepared massively for Expo 2020 Dubai as the event has myriad benefits for it, among other things. Moreover, many Dubai areas attain to expand from the event. Underneath are a few benefits of the tech event for Dubai and global innovation.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 Important For Pakistan? 

Tourism Industry

It’s been estimated that the innovation festival will attract about 25 million tourists. Consequently, it will showcase the infrastructure of Dubai’s tourism industry to visitors and, by extension, the world. Dubai will have an opportunity to encash its heavy visits in this period. Hospitality businesses, hotels, in particular, will benefit tremendously from this event. Needless to say, there’ll be massive demand for hotels’ accommodation services, among other things. And from Dubai’s airbuses to Dubai taxis, the different means of transportation in Dubai will be kept busy.

Construction Industry

Given the tech innovation event is to attract a large number of visitors, new roads, buildings, electricity grids, water drainages, and telecommunication equipment have been built. The Dubai Exhibition Centre facility built to host Dubai Expo 2020 is a golden example. The magnificent edifice adds to Dubai’s ever-stunning skyline and architectural wonders. Even after the tech event is done, Dubai Exhibition Centre will remain useful to Dubai from now on.

Food Industry

People from different countries will be at Dubai Expo 2020. Above all, this means for Dubai’s food industry is in high demand for the various cuisines the city has to offer. The tech festival, therefore, effectively brings a great opportunity for Dubai startups to display their food to diverse segments. 


Final Thoughts


The current Dubai Expo 2020 provides an opportunity to bring innovation to Pakistan and other countries. It will also expand imagination and help meet emerging challenges with the help of innovation. Try new products and find solutions with the help of innovation.

You can brainstorm by considering the innovations exhibited at Dubai Expo 2020. This way you can test them and solve problems by introducing innovation into your field. The ongoing pandemic and the recent blockade have brought many technologies to life. In addition, innovation helps us meet the challenges of epidemics. However, Dubai Expo 2020 will adopt many new technologies to help us avoid these conflicts.

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