PunjabEase Official Goes To Dubai Expo 2020

PunjabEase Official Goes To Dubai Expo 2020

Punjabease At Expo 2020 Dubai: Experience Many Punjab Attractions At The Pakistan Pavilion In November

Expo 2020 Dubai: Experience many Punjab attractions at the Pakistan Pavilion in November

The “#PunjabEase” theme runs throughout the month, providing everything from culture to business.

Visitors to the Pakistan Pavilion will be able to see the entire Punjab State in November. Its activities are concentrated in Balochistan in October.

All aspects of Punjab, from culture to business opportunities, are now exhibited in the theme of “#PunjabEase” in the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai throughout November.

PunjabEase Official Goes To Dubai Expo 2020

Majestic Pakistan Pavilion

The Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 focuses on the Punjab Province, the most populous province in Pakistan. During the six-month period of the 2020 World Expo, the pavilion will be displayed for one month in each of the four provinces and two districts of Pakistan. Last month’s focus was on Balochistan.

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Osman Bozdar, and his team at the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) initiative, #PunjabEase aims to provide amazing multi-level capabilities and “business convenience “, one of the most attractive regions in the world. the scientist.

Chief Minister of Punjab Will Be Visiting Pakistan Pavillion In November

In addition to organizing international business conferences and other activities, Buzdal will also visit the Pakistan Pavilion with a business delegation from Punjab, and meet with foreign business communities in Pakistan and investors from the Gulf region and participating countries.

Various departments will participate in special events organized by the Punjab Board Investment and Trade (PBIT) team. These departments will host various seminars, lectures, documentaries, and augmented reality, allowing visitors to experience Punjab virtually.

What does Punjab offer for visitors? 

Visitors to the Pakistan Pavilion will be able to experience Punjab’s products in the fields of business, tourism, cultural heritage, technological innovation, gastronomy, music, and cultural handicrafts.

The #PunjabEase organized by PBIT in the Pakistan Pavilion will showcase the history, natural beauty, multiculturalism, hospitality, contemporary entertainment, and emerging modernity of the province through a series of seminars, concerts, art installations, and performances in all these departments of Punjab. sex. government.

PunjabEase Official Goes To Dubai Expo 2020

#PunjabEase will also focus on highlighting the province with a new perspective as the “next” investment and business destination. These efforts are aimed at generating a steady flow of external expenditures in Pakistan, which will directly benefit and interact with local businesses, hotels, hotels, the real estate development industry, and the entire tourism industry.

The Punjab government will inform the international community of the potential of ecotourism in Pakistan. The country’s tree planting activities, solar energy plans, and plans to reduce carbon emissions will be the core of the plan.

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