Things To Do At Expo 2020 

Planing To Pay A Visit To Dubai Expo 2020, Then Here Are The Things To Do At Dubai Expo 2020  

Expo 2020 has more than 190 Qatar pavilions, exhibits from the Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability Pavilion, hundreds of dining venues, and more performances every day, so visitors have a variety of options to explore at the Expo.

It is expected that residents and tourists of the United Arab Emirates will visit the world’s largest parade more than once.

Walking through different pavilions, from walking through the mist of the Swiss pavilion to immersing in the sights and sounds of ancient Jerusalem in the Palestine pavilion, the 2020 Dubai Expo will always have an experience for all tastes.

If you are considering participating in the World Expo, here are five great experiences you can try there.

Enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors at the Pakistan Pavilion

Visitors to Expo 2020 are sharing photos of the colorful Pakistan Pavilion they shared.

Thousands of individual glass units of different sizes and colors were used to create the facade of the pavilion. The result is a visual illusion when visitors walk through the unique structure.

The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​3251 square meters, with the theme of “Hidden Treasures”, which aims to promote tourism, trade, and investment in Pakistan.

World Expo 2020 Dubai: Truly A Game Changer After COVID

Cooling off in the 2020 Dubai Expo Fire Series

In the waterscape of Dubai Expo 2020, waves beat under the stone walls, attracting crowds. Visitors stopped immersing their feet in the waterfall, which fell to the ground and then disappeared into the rocks. When people enjoy the stream below, the water dances with the music. The anti-gravity illusion glows at night because the water seems to flow upwards and there are rainbow stripes on the stones.

The experience unfolds in the context of specially created music. The London Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the original scores of the famous “Game of Thrones” composer and two-time Emmy Award winner Raming Jawadi.


Play the game and promise to help, save the planet.

Learn how to save water, energy, and food, and commit to making a major or minor contribution to saving the planet on the Wing of Opportunity.

The focus of the pavilion is how everyone can become an agent of change to help achieve sustainable development goals. The shared task room of the Opportunity Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. All photos of Expo 2020 Dubai

Parallel “tracks” run through the pavilion, focusing on the themes of water, food, and energy.

In the pavilion, visitors can play a game in which they help provide the plants with the right amount of sunlight and water to ensure their growth and thriving.

The last area of ​​the pavilion is the shared room, which provides a sensory experience, giving visitors the illusion of being in the clouds and looking down on the earth, and can be committed to achieving sustainable development goals.

These vows are then displayed on the ceiling.

Enjoy the light show at Al Wasl Dome

Al Wasl Dome often referred to as the beating heart of the gallery, is active at night. People gather around the huge building, watching the dazzling dance of lights and patterns while relaxing music is playing.

During Expo 2020 Dubai, every country will celebrate its National Day or hold a Day of Honor at Al Wasl Square. All photos: Expo 2020 Dubai. The Al Wasl dome is the most beautiful behind-the-scenes of night.

Visitors will remember the dome used in the opening ceremony of the exhibition because its walls are decorated with beautiful patterns. The dome of Al Wasl Plaza is 130 meters in diameter and more than 67 meters high.

Travel Restrictions for UAE and Dubai; As Dubai is Open for Tourism

You feel like you are high in the misty Alps.

If you want to forget the heat and humidity, nothing is more appropriate than a quick escape from the Alps.

In the Swiss Pavilion, people can walk through a cloud of mist, as if being in the Alps. A hill is built with recycled stone, added high-tech audio and visual effects, and reproduces the panorama from the top of the hill.

Diksha Vasanthakumar, a 7th-grade student at the Private Delhi School in Dubai, was thrilled after his first flight on Wednesday. Walking in the fog of the Swiss Pavilion becomes everyone’s favorite experience. “I’m in seventh heaven,” said the 11-year-old kid.

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