B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa Free Entry For Pakistanis

B1/B2 US Visa On Pakistani Passport allows you to travel 40 countries around the world

Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa-Free Entry

Have you been craving to embark on a worldwide adventure but are still determining where to begin with just your B1/B2 USA visa from Pakistan? Well, we’ve got some interesting discoveries to save for you. You can explore limitless destinations worldwide for up to six months at a time with not nothing more than your trusty B1/B2 visa. There isn’t any need to undergo the problem of acquiring extra tour files. Your passport to wanderlust is already in your palms.

If you have a B1/B2 US visa on a Pakistani Passport, you may wonder which other international locations you can visit from Pakistan. Thankfully, there are many options to be had. Some famous destinations encompass Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands.

You will also be able to tour South America, which includes Brazil or Argentina. However, it’s vital to know that every United States of America also has visa necessities and regulations, so research before making journey plans. Staying safe and following local and legal guidelines while touring overseas is vital.


Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa-Free Entry

B1/B2 USA Visa on Pakistani Passport; Visa-Free Entry

Overview of the B1/B2 US Visa

If you’re a citizen of Pakistan looking to take a laugh excursion without the trouble of a traditional visa, the B1/B2 travel visa is an amazing option. With this visa, you could go to over 50 thrilling destinations for brief journeys of up to six months. Here is the list of some countries you can visit on a B1/B2 US Visa on Pakistani Passport.


40 Countries You Can Visit With a B1/B2 Visa From Pakistan

Bahrain Qatar Saudi Arabia Egypt Aruba São Tomé and Príncipe
Georgia Oman Tanzania Turkey Malaysia Dominican Republic
Costa Rica Anguilla British Virgin Island Albania UK Bosnia/Herzegovina
Mexico Cuba Antigua/Barbuda Morocco Serbia North Macedonia
Puerto Rico Panama Bahamas Turks/Caicos Montenegro Marina Island Guan
Virgin Island Nicaragua Lebanon 


Bahrain: If you’re planning a journey to Bahrain, relaxation assured that you can, without difficulty, gather a visa on arrival for a generous duration of up to fourteen days, allowing you enough time to enjoy the wealthy culture and vibrant environment of this charming land. Visit the Official Bahrain Website for more information.

Qatar: Considering a visit to Qatar? Good information. You can acquire a visa on arrival for as much as 30 days, giving you lots of time to discover this contemporary town’s impressive skyscrapers, bustling markets, and iconic landmarks. Visit the Official Qatar Website for more information.

Saudi Arabia: For those fascinated by the wonders of Saudi Arabia, it is now even less difficult to visit. You can apply for an e-visa online, permitting you to immerse yourself in this fascinating USA for as many as 90 days. From the colorful souks of Jeddah to the historical treasures of Riyadh, there is so much to discover in Saudi Arabia. Visit the Official KSA Website for more information.

Egypt: Embarking on an adventure to Egypt? There is no need to fear about visas beforehand. You can quickly get a visa on arrival for up to 30 days, granting you sufficient time to explore the spectacular pyramids, sail along the Nile, and immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of this fascinating country. Visit the Official Egypt Website for more information.

Aruba: Seeking a tropical getaway? Look no in addition to Aruba. The beautiful island paradise welcomes visitors with open palms, allowing entry without a visa for as many as 30 days. Bask within the sun on pristine beaches, dive into vibrant coral reefs, and enjoy Aruba’s numerous cultures and warm hospitality. Visit the Official Aruba Website for more information.

São Tomé and Príncipe: Planning a experience to São Tomé and Príncipe? You’re in success. This stunning island kingdom offers a visa on arrival for up to fifteen days, inviting you to discover its breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, and wealthy biodiversity. Visit the Official Sao Tome and Principe Website for more information.

Georgia: Experience Georgia’s colorful subculture and beautiful landscapes without visa problems. You can enter this spell-binding USA without a visa for as much as ninety days in any one hundred eighty-day length, allowing you to explore its ancient church buildings, fascinating cities, and majestic mountain degrees. Visit the Official Georgia Website for more information.

Oman: If you’re dreaming of touring Oman, you may be thrilled to realize that you could, without problems, acquire a visa on arrival for up to 10 days. Immerse yourself inside the awe-inspiring splendor of Oman’s deserts, mountains, and shoreline, and take within the wealthy history and traditional Omani hospitality. Visit the Official Oman Website for more information.

Tanzania: Embark on an unforgettable African adventure in Tanzania. You can, without difficulty, get a visa on arrival for a generous length of as much as 90 days, granting you sufficient time to witness the iconic natural world of the Serengeti, discover the lovely vistas of Mount Kilimanjaro, and relax on the pristine seashores of Zanzibar. Visit the Official Tanzania Website for more information.

Turkey: Planning to visit Turkey? Simplify your journey plans by applying for an e-visa online. With this handy option, you could revel in the captivating blend of East and West, discover historic ruins and colorful markets, and have fun with the delicious delicacies for up to 90 days in any one hundred eighty-day duration. Visit the Official Turkey Website for more information.

Malaysia: You can enter without a visa for up to ninety days and discover the colorful culture and breathtaking landscapes this Southeast Asian gem has to provide. Visit the Official Malaysia Website for more information.

Dominican Republic: Get geared up for a tropical getaway. You can enter without a visa for as long as ninety days, allowing you to take in the solar on pristine seashores and indulge in the rich Dominican subculture and delicacies. Visit the Official Dominican Republic Website for more information.

Costa Rica: Experience the splendor of biodiversity. You can enter without a visa for as much as 90 days, providing enough time to discover the lush rainforests, beautiful seashores, and first-rate natural world this Central American paradise has in save. Visit the Official Costa Rica Website for more information.

Anguilla: Get geared up for a Caribbean breakout. You can enter without a visa for as long as 90 days, immersing yourself in the crystal-clear waters, white sandy seashores, and vibrant nearby way of life this British territory offers. Visit the Official Anguilla Website for more information.

British Virgin Island: Picture-perfect paradise awaits. You can enter without a visa for up to 30 days, supplying you with the hazard of experiencing the idyllic seashores, yacht-crammed harbors, and comfortable island vibes of this beautiful vacation spot. Visit the Official British Virgin Island Website for more information.

Albania: Discover the hidden gems of the Balkans. You can enter without a visa for up to 90 days in a 180-day duration, granting you time to discover the historic ruins, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality of this European treasure. Visit the Official Albania Website for more information.

UK: Embrace records and royalty. You can enter without a visa for up to 6 months, permitting you to explore iconic landmarks, revel in a vibrant cultural scene, and appreciate conventional British tea and scones. Visit the Official United Kingdom Website for more information.

Bosnia/Herzegovina: Uncover the beauty of the Balkans. You can enter without a visa for up to 30 days in any one hundred eighty-day duration, allowing you to discover medieval cities’ scenic landscapes and experience the warm hospitality of this Southeast European gem. Visit the Official Bosnia/Herzegovina Website for more information.

Mexico: Experience the attractions of Mexico. You can enter without a visa for as much as 180 days, immersing yourself in rich traditions, delicious delicacies, and breathtaking natural wonders. Visit the Official Mexico Website for more information.

Cuba: Step right into a time tablet. You can acquire a traveler card on arrival for as much as 30 days, extendable as soon as feasible, allowing you to take in this Caribbean island’s vibrant music, vintage motors, and iconic architecture. Visit the Official Cuba Website for more information.

Antigua/Barbuda: Discover the paradise of the Caribbean. You can enter without a visa for as many as 30 days, extendable as soon as possible, granting you time to relax on pristine beaches, indulge in water sports, and immerse yourself in the laid-again island lifestyle. Visit the Official Antigua/Barbuda Website for more information.

Morocco: Experience the allure of Morocco with a Pakistani passport. You can visit Morocco without a visa for 90 days in any 180-day duration, discovering bustling markets, historical mosques, and the vibrant cultures that make up this North African gem. Visit the Official Morocco for more information.

Serbia: Embark on a journey via history and immense subculture. You can enter without a visa for as much as ninety days in a hundred and eighty-day length, providing enough time to surprise at ancient fortresses, bask in delicious neighborhood delicacies, and experience heat Serbian hospitality. Visit the Official Serbia Website for more information.

North Macedonia: Uncover the attraction of the Balkans’ hidden gem. You can enter without a visa for up to 15 days in a 6-month, allowing you to discover ancient ruins, picturesque mountains, and the unique combination of cultures that outline this enchanting vacation spot. Visit the Official North Macedonia Website for more information.

Puerto Rico: Paradise awaits. You can enter without a visa because it’s part of the US territory, granting you smooth admission to pristine seashores, colorful colonial-technology architecture, and a rich blend of Latin and Caribbean cultures. Visit the Official Puerto Rico Website for more information.

Panama: Dive into adventure. You can enter without a visa for as long as one hundred eighty days, allowing you to discover the awe-inspiring Panama Canal, lush rainforests, and vibrant city existence in Panama City. Visit the Official Panama Website for more information.

Bahamas: Escape to paradise. You can visit without a visa for up to ninety days, allowing you to absorb the sun on lovely seashores, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and experience the vibrant Bahamian subculture. Visit the Official Bahamas Website for more information.

Turks and Caicos: Discover a tropical paradise. You can enter without a visa for as long as 90 days in six months, presenting adequate time to relax on pristine beaches, enjoy water sports, and experience the luxurious inns that dot those Caribbean islands. Visit the Official Turks/Caicos Website for more information.

Montenegro: Unveil the splendor of the Adriatic. You can enter without a visa for as much as 30 days in any year, allowing you to discover medieval cities, scenic coastlines, and the lovely landscapes of this Balkan gem. Visit the Official Montenegro Website for more information.

Marina Island Guan: Dive into the splendor of the US. You can enter without a visa as it’s miles a part of the USA territory, offering admission to the captivating natural wonders, interesting cities, and numerous cultural experiences that make America a dream destination. Visit the Official Marina Island Guan Website for more information.

Virgin Island: Embrace a slice of Americana. You can enter without a visa because it’s a part of the United States, allowing you to discover the pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant lifestyle symbolizing the USA Virgin Islands. Visit the Official Virgin Island Website for more information.

Nicaragua: Delve into Central American attraction. You can acquire a visa on arrival for as much as ninety days, extendable as soon as possible, providing ample time to discover Nicaragua’s stunning volcanoes, colonial cities, and vibrant local culture. Visit the Official Nicaragua Website for more information.

Lebanon: Immerse yourself in Middle Eastern splendor. To experience Lebanon’s wonders, you must apply for a visa at the nearest Lebanese embassy or consulate before your tour. The validity and length of the visa rely on the kind and reason of your go-to, ensuring you can discover Lebanon’s wealthy history, vibrant nightlife, and tantalizing cuisine. Visit the Official Lebanon Website for more information.


Complete the Process of Applying for a B1/B2 US Visa From Pakistan

If you propose to apply for a B1/B2 USA visa from Pakistan, the technique can initially seem overwhelming. However, with proper planning and training, you could, without difficulty, navigate the utility method. Here’s an outline of the stairs you must take:

  1. Determine your eligibility: Before you begin the application process, meet the B1/B2 visa eligibility requirements. This includes having a valid passport, demonstrating strong ties to Pakistan, and offering proof of economic aid.
  2. Complete the web software: Once you’ve decided your eligibility, you can begin the web software system. This will involve filling out an electronic DS-160 shape soliciting your private records, journey plans, and different information.
  3.  Schedule an interview: After you’ve completed the web utility, you’ll want to schedule an interview at the U.S. Embassy or consulate in Pakistan. This may be executed through the online scheduling system.
  1. Gather your files: To put together your interview, you need to accumulate all required files, which include your passport, DS-a hundred and sixty confirmation page, and any helping documentation.
  2. Attend your interview: On the day of your interview, arrive at the embassy or consulate at least 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment. Be prepared to answer questions about your travel plans and provide any extra documentation that may be asked.
  3. Wait for a decision: After your interview, you should determine your visa utility. This can take weeks, so be patient and check your application’s popularity online.

Following these steps and staying organized during the system can boost your chances of efficiently acquiring a B1/B2 USA visa from Pakistan. 

So you are looking to take a ride to the US; however, you want to go through the procedure of obtaining a visa first. As a Pakistani citizen, getting a US B1/B2 vacationer visa can appear complex and perplexing, with many requirements to keep song of. Don’t worry; we will walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure you can be permitted on your visa. 

After reading this, you may feel organized and confident to schedule your interview and % your baggage for an interesting journey to America! The secret is to start preparing early, accumulate the important documents, timetable your interview at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, and reveal to the visa officer that you meet the eligibility standards as a real transient traveler. If you comply with all the hints and steps outlined here, your US Visa from Pakistan could be nicely within your reach. 

Overview of B1/B2 Visas for Pakistani Citizens

As a Pakistani citizen, obtaining a B1/B2 travel visa for the U.S. Requires going through an application manner. Here’s an overview of what you may expect:

First, you’ll need to determine which visa class—B1 for enterprise or B2 for tourism—fits your cause of travel. Once you’ve decided, acquire the desired files like a legitimate passport, image, application bureaucracy, and price range evidence to cover your ride.

Schedule an interview at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad or the Consulate General in Karachi. Be organized for an in-person interview wherein a consular officer will assess your ties to Pakistan to determine if you qualify for a visa. They’ll ask about your family, work, property, and network connections to incentivize your go-back.

The U.S. Visa to process maximum non-immigrant visa packages inside some commercial enterprise days. However, safety tests can take longer, so observe at least 8 to 12 weeks before your deliberate trip. If approved, your passport with a visa can be mailed to you. You will receive a letter explaining why commands for capability re-utility are denied.

Once you have your visa, stay within the most allowable six months for B1/B2 visas. And recall, a visa only permits a journey to the U.S. Border—it no longer assures access, as that is determined by using U.S. Customs officers while you land.

With the right documents and interview coaching, Pakistani citizens have an awesome hazard of acquiring a B1/B2 traveler visa. But being ready for a prolonged technique and recollecting a visa is a privilege, not an entitlement. Apply definitely and truly for the great consequences.

Step-By-Step Process for Applying for a B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistan

To acquire a B1/B2 USA Visa from Pakistan, observe the steps:

Gather the desired files. This consists of a valid passport, picture, software form, evidence of price range, and an interview appointment letter.

Pay the US visa fee. The US Visa Fee is $180 and should be paid before your interview. You will pay online, through mail, or in person at distinctive branches of Habib Bank Ltd. And Allied Bank Ltd.

Schedule an interview appointment. Use the professional internet site to book your interview at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad or the U.S. Consulate in Karachi. Wait times for an interview slot can vary, so ebook as early as feasible.

Attend your interview. Arrive at least half an hour earlier than your scheduled time. Be prepared to explain the purpose of your trip, provide information on your itinerary, and display that you have strong ties to Pakistan to compel you to return.

If accepted, your passport with the visa could be mailed to you within a week. If denied, you will get a letter explaining the motives for refusal and the following steps to reapply if preferred.

With some practice and endurance, you may effectively navigate how to reap a U.S. B1/B2 travel visa from Pakistan. While waiting for instances and requirements may also alternate, following the important steps and being ready to provide a persuasive case for your journey can assist in obtaining your intention of experiencing all of the wonders America has to offer!

Tips for Preparing a Strong B1/B2 USA Visa Application From Pakistan

To prepare a strong B1/B2 visa application from Pakistan, keep these recommendations:

Have a clear journey itinerary.

Prepare a detailed itinerary of your intended journey to show you have a legitimate reason for the tour. Include flight data, hotels, places you would like to visit, activities you need to wait for, and who you may go to. Be ready to explain the info on your journey. The more prepared and legitimate your journey sounds, the more your visa will, in all likelihood, be authorized.

Provide account statement.

You ought to show proof you’ve got enough budget to cover your ride. Submit 3-6 months of financial institution statements to show your monetary balance and capacity to fund your travel. The statements must be recent and sincerely show your name and account range.

Apply at the proper time.

Apply for your B1/B2 visa a few months before your ride. The system can take 60-ninety days, so using plenty of time guarantees you obtain your visa in time for your journey dates. During peak seasons of May to October, observe even earlier.

Attend your interview

You must attend an interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate as part of the utility process. Come prepared to reply to questions about your experience and be prepared to offer any additional data to assist your utility. Make eye contact, communicate truly, and answer questions immediately. Your interview performance can substantially impact your utility’s final results.

Consider hiring an immigration legal professional (non-compulsory)

For a specifically complex software or when you have been denied formerly, remember to enlist the assistance of an immigration lawyer. They can assess your utility, help prepare you for the interview, and argue your case to boost the chances your utility might be approved. While now not continually required, felony suggests it may be very beneficial.

These beneficial recommendations will place you in a fine role to achieve your B1/B2 travel visa. With time, staying power, and the right coaching, you may be on your way to touring the United States.

List of Visa-Free Countries With B1/B2 US Visa On Pakistan Passport 


Explore the romantic canals of Amsterdam, take in the beautiful vistas of the Swiss Alps, or soak within the records of London and Paris. Most European international locations like the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and the U.K. are open with a B1/B2 US visa.

Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa Free Entryto Europe Countries

Visa-Free Entry to European Countries


From the futuristic cityscapes of Singapore to the historic temples of Thailand, Asia gives a banquet for the senses. With a B1/B2 visa, you could discover special locales in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and more.

Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa Free Entryto Asian Countries

Visa Free Entry to Asian Countries on Pakistani Passport


South America

If adventure asks your name, head to the colorful continent of South America. A B1/B2 visa offers entry to breathtaking Patagonia, the plush Amazon rainforest, the vibrant towns of Brazil, and beyond in countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Brazil.

Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa Free Entry to South American Countries

Visa Free Entry to South American Countries


Middle East

Immerse yourself in the cultural wonders of the Middle East, from ultramodern metropolises to ancient bazaars. Destinations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Oman, and Qatar welcome B1/B2 visa holders for visits of up to 6 months.

Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa Free Entry to Middle Eastern Countries

Visa-Free Entry to Middle Eastern Countries



From the majestic wilds of Tanzania to the cosmopolitan attraction of South Africa, the B1/B2 visa unlocks the brilliant beauty of Africa. You can spot the Big Five on safari, bask on sunny seashores, or explore vibrant cities in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and more.

Complete Detail Of B1/B2 USA Visa From Pakistani Passport; Visa Free Entry to African Countries

Visa-free Entry to African Countries With a Pakistani Passport

With many interesting destinations, your B1/B2 visa is a ticket to unforgettable adventures and lifetime recollections. 

Top European Destinations To Visit With a B1/B2 Visa From Pakistan

With a B1/B2 visa, you may experience Europe’s wealthy tradition and lovely natural beauty. Here are a number of the pinnacle destinations you have to do not forget:


Spain dazzles the senses, from the Moorish architecture of Andalusia to Barcelona’s colorful nightlife. Make sure to include Madrid’s global-magnificence museums, Seville’s lovely cathedral, or watching the sunset over Valencia’s beach. Spain should be on the pinnacle of your listing with a temperate climate, delicious delicacies, and inviting human beings.

B1/B2 US Visa for Spain

B1/B2 US Visa for Spain


A cultural mecca, Italy is filled with architectural and inventive masterpieces. Lose yourself within the canals of Venice, stare upon the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and soak in the ambiance of Rome with an espresso in Piazza Navona. From Tuscany’s rolling hills to the coast of Capri, the herbal scenery will leave you breathless. 

B1/B2 US Visa for Italy

B1/B2 US Visa for Italy



The birthplace of democracy, Greece, is a dwelling museum. Stand in awe of the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens; then island hops to Santorini and Crete with their stunning cliffs and beaches. Delphi, Olympia, and different historical websites will transport you lower back. The Mediterranean Sea, crystal waters, and clean seafood provide natural bliss.

B1/B2 US Visa for Greecce

B1/B2 US Visa for Greece

With lovely vistas, welcoming cultures, and millennia of history around every nook, Europe gives adventures you’ll always remember. By taking advantage of your B1/B2 visa to go to those destinations, you’ll return home with reports enriching your lifestyles for years. The global is open to you – pass and explore!

Exploring Asia With a B1/B2 US Visa From Pakistan

Asia is an immense continent with a first-rate range of cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. You can explore many of its wonders even with the B1/B2 US Visa regulations. Consider these destinations in your Asian adventure:


Known for splendid seashores, historic temples, and tasty food, Thailand welcomes site visitors with a B1/B2 US Visa for quick stays. Head to Bangkok to see the Grand Palace and Wat Pho temple, then take to islands like Krabi or Koh Samui. The weather is quality from December to February.

B1/B2 US Visa On Pakistani Passport

Visit Thailand on a B1/B2 US Visa With a Pakistani Passport


 A vibrant, multicultural country that’s additionally B1/B2 US Visa-friendly. Visit Kuala Lumpur with its Petronas Towers and Batu Caves, then loosen up at the beach in Penang or some of the jungles of Borneo. The variety of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine will satisfy your taste buds. The dry season runs from December to April.

Visit Malaysia on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit Malaysia on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Hong Kong:

 This bustling port town blends Chinese and Western impacts. See Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor, and Man Mo Temple. Take a tram as much as Victoria Peak for panoramic views. Shop at Stanley Market or Temple Street Night Market. Enjoy dim sum and wonton noodle soup. Hong Kong’s moderate climate from October to February is ideal for exploring. U.S. Citizens can enter for 90 days without a visa.

Visit Hong Kong on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit China on B1/B2 US Visa With a Pakistani Passport


It is an island nation known for order and cleanliness, with many points of interest like Gardens Bay, Universal Studios, and Singapore Zoo. Shop on Orchard Road, see the Merlion statue, and enjoy Hainanese fowl rice. Singapore has tropical rainforest weather, warm and humid all year round, with extra rain from November to January. U.S. Passport holders can enter for 30 days without a visa.

Visit Singapore on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit Singapore on a B1/B2 US Visa With a Pakistani Passport

With some planning, a B1/B2 US Visa will help you experience Asia’s vibrant cultures, natural beauty, and culinary delights. Choose locations that shape your hobbies for an experience to which you may always pay attention.

South American Wonders to Discover With a B1/B2 US Visa

With a B1/B2 visa, South America’s natural and guy-made wonders are open on the way to discovery. Four international locations, especially, have surprises around each cobblestone nook.


Buenos Aires oozes European attractions with lovely Beaux-Arts architecture, vibrant tradition, and the tango. Gestic Iguazu Falls thunders through lush rainforests outdoors the town, while Patagonia’s glaciers and whale watching are bucket-listing adventures.

Visit Argentina on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit Argentina on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport



Christ the Redeemer watches over Rio de Janeiro, a town pulsing with tracks, beaches, and nightlife. The strong Amazon rainforest is a jungle myth delivered to existence. Salvador de Bahia has a colorful Afro-Brazilian tradition, music, and cuisine.

Visit Brazil on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit Brazil on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport



Towering Andes, shimmering Atacama Desert, and Patagonia’s Torres del Paine park are just a sample of Chile’s stunning scenery. Quirky Valparaiso’s steep hills, avenue art, and funiculars delight. Santiago mingles skyscrapers and vineyards with the hip Lastarria district’s bookshops, bars, and restaurants.

Visit Chile on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit Chile on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport



The historic Inca castle of Machu Picchu needs no introduction. However, Cusco and the Sacred Valley have archeological wonders and living Inca traditions. Peru’s culinary capital, Lima, offers international-elegance cuisine fusing indigenous, Spanish, and Asian influences. The Nazca Lines and Colca Canyon astound, while Lake Titicaca offers tranquility.

Visit Peru on B1/B2 US Visa With Pakistani Passport

Visit Peru on a B1/B2 US Visa With a Pakistani Passport

South America rewards the intrepid traveler with natural majesty, a vibrant way of life, adventure, and memorable encounters around each turn. A B1/B2 US visa helps you craft your journey through this captivating continent. Pack your baggage—adventure awaits!

Experiencing the Rich Cultures of Africa With a B1/B2 US Visa From Pakistan

The African continent holds many cultural treasures waiting to be observed with a B1/B2 US Visa from Pakistan. From exploring ancient Egypt to experiencing vibrant tribal traditions, Africa offers unforgettable adventures.

Discover Ancient Egypt

No trip to Africa is whole without witnessing the grandeur of ancient Egypt. Stand in awe of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, iconic remnants of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Wander via the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, home to King Tutankhamun’s golden loss of life mask and different valuable artifacts. A Nile river cruise is a relaxing manner to view temples like Karnak and Luxor. Egypt’s ancient wonders will depart you spellbound.

Experience Vibrant Tribal Cultures

Africa is domestic to over 3,000 distinct ethnic companies, many with centuries-old cultural traditions. In Kenya, you may visit the Samburu and Masai tribes, recognized for their colorful apparel and crafts. Ethiopia is domestic to tribal corporations like the Mursi, acknowledged for the clay lip plates worn by ladies. Their ochre-colored skin and hair recognize the Himba tribe of Namibia. Interacting with those tribes offers a glimpse into methods of lifestyles, ways removed from modern society.

Safari in Stunning Natural Landscapes

An African safari must be at the pinnacle of your bucket list. Spot the “massive 5” — lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo — roaming unfastened in their native habitats. Some great safari locations are the Serengeti in Tanzania, the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and the Masai Mara in Kenya. You’ll witness nature at its most uncooked and majestic.

From the wonders of historic Egypt to the wilds of an African safari, the B1/B2 US Visa opens up an international adventure to the various continents of Africa. Experience cultures, the natural world, and herbal beauty unlike anywhere else. The riches of Africa await your discovery.


The step-by-step process for applying for your B1/B2 US visa from Pakistan is easy if you have all your documents prepared. While the software system can appear daunting, if you put it together very well by gathering the specified documents, scheduling your interview, and being equipped to virtually nation your cause of tour, you’ll boost your chances of fulfillment. 

With some endurance and persistence, you can attain your U.S. Visa and revel in all the exhilaration of visiting America. Once you land in the U.S., share pictures of your adventures on social media so the rest of us can live vicariously via you.

With a B1/B2 US visa, the sector is your oyster. While the visa has a few restrictions, it doesn’t stop you from embarking on a journey of an entire life. Pack your bags, seize your passport, and get prepared to discover all the wonders our incredible planet gives. 

You might discover your new preferred us or a hidden gem you never knew existed. One aspect is positive: You’ll go back home with reminiscences of the end of an entire life and testimonies to share with friends and a circle of relatives. The world is ready, so what are you waiting for? Applying for the B1/B2 US Visa today.


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