Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021

Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021

It’s a fact that there are fewer parks in Karachi, but there are some of the best parks in Karachi we have listed here, check it out:

Karachi has some picturesque green spaces and beautiful parks and is the largest source of entertainment for Karachi residents. Facing the dry and dusty climate of Karachi, what can protect people in the city’s urgently needed parks and green spaces, like an oasis full of life, emitting bright green and blue under the harsh sunlight. This is a list of the best and most beautiful parks and green spaces in the city.

Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021

The park brings magical energy to visitors. When tired parents and bored children enter the open green space, their energy levels immediately rise. The children began to run to their favourite spots and smiled on their parents’ faces as they watched the children play. Fortunately, Karachi has many refreshing and well-preserved parks in every city.

If you love nature, or just want to find a quiet and relaxing night under the stars, you will find two types of environments in Karachi Gardens. So let’s take a look at some of our featured recommendations for the best parks in Karachi.

Nasir Hussain Park-Gulshan

This is one of the most developed and beautiful parks in Karachi in Gul Mountain. The entrance fee to the park is only Rs. 5. The park has lush green plains and a small zoo with different kinds of animals. The park also has an ice skating rink and a party area that can be rented to celebrate birthdays or other occasions.

Nasser Hussein Park also has two large hammocks and play areas, several interesting rides, and a lovely and romantic balcony on a small pool. You can also jog, enjoy snacks in the cafeteria, and watch the large aquarium in the garden. The park also has a separate parking area, so you don’t have to worry about parking. Located at Block 2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Safari Park

Karachi’s largest park is a ten-year-old safari park, which was established in 1970 and is home to large lakes, high mountain plateaus, grasslands and hundreds of trees. This park covers an area of ​​about 148 acres and is located in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal district.

The park has a sanctuary-like zoo with viewing areas including chair lifts and a safari park. It is also one of the oldest parks in Karachi, which opened in 1970. The biggest attraction of Karachi Safari Park is the natural lake, with a large number of swans and ducks in the middle of the lake, with a tower-shaped structure. Since this park is very large, you can drive into the park and then drive around the road built in the park to find the ideal parking space. There are also many game centres and leisure facilities in the park, and visitors can easily buy drinks and snacks without leaving the area.

Hill Park Karachi

Hill Park is known as one of the best family picnic parks in Karachi. It offers a magnificent view of the city and offers some great attractions for children and adults. The park is located on a beautiful green hill in PECHS, covering an area of ​​nearly 62 acres. For those who like the quiet atmosphere and the greenery throughout the place, they should visit Hill Park.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021

Hill Park Karachi


It has huge old trees, lush gardens and beautiful duck ponds. Also, Hill Park is home to the Fun Zone, which is one of the best amusement parks in Karachi and offers a variety of outdoor and indoor games and arcade games. There are many restaurants in the park for guests to dine in, and the shops also provide drinks and snacks. Located at 187 Osman Issa Bhai Memon Road

Jheel Park -P.E.C.H.S

Jheel Park is another ancient, beautiful and well-maintained old park in Karachi. The park is located in the Pakistan Employee Cooperative Housing Association near Tariq Road. It is famous for its beautiful artificial lake.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021

Jheel Park -P.E.C.H.S


There is a jogging track in the park, and people come to run morning and evening. It also has a children’s play area and a small cafeteria serving light meals. There are green trees everywhere in the garden, which is an ideal place to rest after a busy day. Located at Hamid Hussain Farooqi Road, Block 6, PECHS 6, Karachi.

Bagh Ibne Qasim

Bagh Ibne Qasim, commonly known as Bin Qasim Park, is one of the largest parks in the city, covering approximately 130 acres. The beautiful seaside tropical gardens offer stunning views of the Arabian Sea, making it one of the best family picnic spots in Karachi. These well-preserved gardens are ideal for evening walks or sports, and the impressive seating area under the stone canopy helps visitors enjoy the sparkling summer sun.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021



This is one of the largest parks in Karachi, covering 130 acres. Thanks to its wide green lawns, spacious umbrellas and benches, it is an ideal place for picnics and walking. The park also has a turtle pond, dinosaur statues and a large rose garden. The park’s lush garden overlooks the 90-meter-high Karachi Port Fountain. It also overlooks Clifton Beach, allowing easy access to two wilderness areas at the same time.

There are also a few seats in the park. Bin Qasim Park also includes a rose garden, a turtle pond and dinosaur murals. Also, since it is considered one of Karachi’s most popular attractions, it is used as a venue for many cultural and food festivals. Located at Clifton Road 3, Clifton District 3, Karachi.

Zamzama Park

Zamzam Park is located beside the bustling shopping street of Zamzam. It is an oasis of tropical palm trees with long jogging and jogging routes. This family park in Karachi was built in 2001 and covers an area of ​​26 acres. Children have a lot of room for growth, which is an ideal place for children and adults.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021



Zamzam Park is located beside the bustling Zamzam shopping street. It is an oasis of tropical palm trees and has a long jogging route. The children also had some twists and turns. After a long and tiring day of work, it was a perfect night.

You can relax in the garden while your children can enjoy the hammock. The park includes walking trails, an ice skating rink, a snack centre, a cactus exhibition hall and a children’s playground. Zamazama Park is also one of the first parks in Karachi to provide visitors with free WIFI facilities. Located at Khayaban-e-Shujaat, National Defense Housing Authority, Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Karachi City.


Nisar Shaheed Park Karachi


Nizar Shahid Park is a lush green park covering 26 acres with sidewalks and a 1-kilometre jogging track. There is also a children’s playground and several swings in the park.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021

Nasir Hussain Park Karachi


The park also has a small shop where you can buy drinks and snacks. Nizar Shahid Park is a lush green park covering 26 acres with sidewalks and a 1-kilometre jogging track. The hotel also has a playground with swings for children, as well as a clothing store and a gym for members. Located at Ministry of Defense Phase IV, Karachi, Pakistan, Nizar Shahid Park also has a gym for members.


Hilal Park

For those who are away from the busy life of the city, this beautiful green park is the best place to rest. It is also an ideal place for family outings because Crescent Park in Karachi provides a separate play area for children with many rides and attractions.

This is a lovely garden located farther away from the city’s chic defence zone. It has always maintained the highest standards and has many colourful flowers and different types of plants. This is a great place to relax and catch up with fitness programs or relaxing yoga exercises. Crescent Park is often crowded with locals of all ages and cultures, but most of them are high society.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021



But the most interesting thing is that you only need to buy food from the on-site snack centre instead of going out to buy things. Besides, if you want to find a clean and safe place to walk in the morning, or take a walk in the afternoon to relax, you must visit this park. Located at Street No. 72, DHA phase 6 Karachi.


Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park is located in Clifton. There are beautiful colourful flowers in the park. If you want to go for a walk or just want to spend some time in nature, then this park is a perfect choice.





Due to its proximity to the famous food street, the dock and Dolmen shopping mall (one of the most popular shopping malls in Karachi), and this park attracts a large number of tourists every day. The park is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, flower beds, children’s play areas with attractions, well-maintained jogging tracks, and more. Located at Boat Basin Branch, Shop # 40-43, Commercial Sub Plot # FL-7/C/4 of Plot # 7, Block No. 5, Boat Basin, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi.


Major Khalid Shahid Park / Creek Park

This new park is very special because it is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and has beautiful scenery. The location is adjacent to the Marina Club, and some restaurants find it an ideal place for their children to take away children in trouble while they wait for dinner.


Best Parks In Karachi You Need To Visit 2021



Besides, there are many lovely crawling nets, rims, bridges and fences, suitable for children and adults, and there are enough benches and lush gardens. All of these are perfect choices to spend a happy time with your family. Relax and play in a quiet environment. However, located at D.H.A. Eighth District B, Phase 8 of the National Defense Housing Administration, Karachi, Sindh

Here the list end of the best parks in Karachi. You can take your kids on weekends, take a short break from busywork, and spend a good time in a peaceful and green environment. You can also see the best places to visit in Karachi in one day.

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