Top 10 Wish List Destinations in 2020


Top 10 Wish List Destinations in 2020


Many places can change the life of the world. Some are magical, some are ancient, and some are simply great. Unfortunately, they will all make your dreams come true. After visiting them, they become part of you, leaving memories of your life and changing the way you see the world. Here we have composed a list of Top Trending Destination 2020, take a look and share your experience as well.


Italy is a country with a long history and art, and one of the best foods in the world. Enjoy beautiful scenery, epic walks, wine, and scenic coastal cities. From Florence to Venice, from the Amalfi Coast to the Dolomites, there is something for everyone.

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu) is a charming, remote and dilapidated city, located on top of a mountain in the Andes, built by an ancient civilization. This is one of the few places we have visited that can be described as mysterious. Whether you like to hike for four days on the Inca Trail or want to take a picturesque train journey, everyone can use Machu Picchu.

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The highest mountain in the world, what do we say? The Himalayas can be visited from Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Tibet. Helicopters, cattle, cars and planes can be reached on foot, which allows people of all ages to stand between these mountains. It’s really cool, there’s more than one. Book your Himalayas Tour Trip with us to have an amazing and best travel experience of your life.

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African Safari

An African safari is an epic adventure, there are many ways to do it. From luxury safari tours in Kenya and Botswana to cheap self-propelled safari tours in South Africa and Namibia to camping in the Tanzanian desert, and going to the zoo.

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New Zealand South Island

We are fans of New Zealand, and this is no secret. If you like stunning scenery, fjords, scenic rides, wine tasting, paragliding, bungee jumping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, canoeing and any other adventure sports you can imagine, then the southern island will become your playground. There is breathtaking scenery everywhere, this is a very cool place.

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Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the cultural centre of Japan, with many wonderful and rich temples. Immerse yourself in a different world, because the Japanese are one of the people we meet the most when we travel. Spring is a good place for cherry blossoms, and in autumn when Japanese maple turns yellow, orange and red, autumn is a good place for Kyoto. When you are here, you can eat sushi dinner, drink sake, and try to find the elusive geisha. This is a city full of surprises, cultural experiences and delicious food.

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Bagan, Myanmar

The land of thousands of temples, coming here is like going back in time. For nearly a thousand years, the scenery is dotted with thousands of Hindu and Buddhist temples. Explore them on a bicycle or take a bird’s eye view of the hot air balloon. From the top of the temple, this is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the sunset.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

If temples and ruins are your business, then this is the place to go. Most people only think of Angkor Wat when they think of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is just the beginning. Like pagans, the area around Siem Reap has hundreds of temples.

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In Bayon, you can see 216 giant smiling faces carved from Jayavarman VII. In Ta Prohm, giant trees are rooted on old, dilapidated walls. Siem Reap is a great place for children to explore these Indian temples (Indiana Jones). Also, Siem Reap offers a lot of cheap restaurants and bars. Visit the temple in the morning and the bar in the evening. Siem Reap may be overcrowded and “very touristic”-please watch immediately before the changes are significant.

Tasmania, Australia

Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne and Sydney are all beautiful, but Tasmania is great. Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania and is a coastal city that provides quality food and accommodation. By car, you can explore Brunei and taste some of the best oysters in the world.

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Travelling in the opposite direction, you will find great hiking trails, barren maintenance facilities (probably ghost roads) and many wildlife. This is the last habitat of the Tasmanian demons on the verge of extinction, so you must visit the refuge. Tasmania may be a small island, but it takes two to three weeks to do a lot of things here.

Great American Road Trip

Last but definitely not the least, it still one of our wish list, but hopefully not too long. There are so many attractions in 48 neighbouring countries, and what is the best way to explore this country from the car. Travelling from coast to coast and visiting the most famous places in the United States along the way is really an amazing adventure.

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So, what’s on your wish list? Do you think we missed something? We want to know your opinion, share your views in the comment section below:

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