List of Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

List of Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan


Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines after the local Desi Pakistani cuisine.  The reason is to the stronger bond between the two neighboring nations for a couple of decades now. Most importantly, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has also forced local eateries to offer Chinese dishes after an influx of Chinese nationals. Pakistani love to eat well-cooked Chinese eateries in some famous restaurants in Pakistan. There are many Chinese Restaurants, mainly in some of the major cities of Pakistan, notably Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.  You name it: soups, Rice, Fish, Prawns, Shrimp, Noodles, and whatnot; Chinese Cuisine never disappoints anyone; it has something for everyone.

So for the Chinese Food Lovers out there, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Pakistan that present original mouthwatering Chinese food with a great ambiance so you can enjoy quality time with your acquaintance.

  1. China Town
  2. Suzie Wong Restaurant
  3. Mei Kong
  4. Ginsoy
  5. Yum!
  6. Ginyaki
  7. Dynasty
  8. Kim Mun
  9. Lotus Court
  10. 九洲餐饮 SERES Chinese Restaurant

China Town

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: China Town


China Town was established in the 1980s in the federal capital, provided excellent Chinese food since then. China Town offers its mouthwatering eateries in all the major cities of Pakistan, mainly in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Multan. China Town owns two restaurants, Jade Café and Szechuan Cuisine. Both of these restaurants offer a variety of delicious dishes to their customers. Everything is managed professionally, from the cozy ambiance to the efficient services.

Ultimate Quesadillas, Chicken Parmigianino, Mozzarella Stuffed Roulade In Moroccan Sauce, Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta, Honey Mustard Chicken, Pulled Chicken Panini, and Nutella French Toast are some of the most picked dishes by food lovers. The list goes on, a highly recommended Chinese restaurant for a Dine out with family or friends.


Suzie Wong Restaurant

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Suzie Wong Restaurant 


Located in the heart of Karachi, Suzie Wong Marriot presents a pleasant ambiance, mouthwatering food, and quick service. So far, the best place to have Chinese cuisine embraces the philosophy of serving authentic Chinese. The prepared dishes are created to evoke the full flavors. Food lover prefers to visit a place that uses the highest quality seasonal ingredients combined with genuine Chinese sound cooking techniques to surprise their taste buds. Lobster with Butter Sauce, Special Shanghai Fish, and Kung Pao Chicken are just a few of the many delicious Chinese dishes this restaurant offers. Enjoy your perfect Dine out in Suzie Wong.

Mei Kong

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Mei Kong


Mei Kong was the first restaurant introduced in the 1970s and spread its branches to other parts of the city. For Chinese food lovers, Mei Kong is the best to sit and appreciate the delicious nourishment. Mei Kong is a champion among Rawalpindi’s most common Chinese Food Restaurants. Disregarding the way noticeable for its Chinese cooking, Mei Kong also offers Continental and Pakistani nourishment, giving its customers a combination of choices to fulfill their taste buds. The eatery is best for Hi-Tea, Lunch, and Dine in a broad scope of fish alongside all the Yummy eateries that are accessible to appreciate with your loved ones.


Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Ginsoy


Finding an excellent Chinese restaurant in Karachi with affordable rates is complex. So your search is over; try Ginsoy for the best quality Chinese in this metropolitan city. Having six branches in the city, it has become one of the quickest developing cafés in Karachi. One of the main motivations behind the fame of Ginsoy is its mood and the accessibility of a wide range of valuable Chinese Cuisine that it serves.

Starters, fish, seafood, beef, poultry, noodles, and rice; their menu has all that you expect from a great Chinese café. A bowl of Wonton Noodle Soup, pursued by a tempting serving of Classic Beef Chili Dry, will flawlessly fill your heart with joy. It is one of those Chinese eateries in Karachi that offer home conveyance administration as well.


Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Yum!


Third on the list is the Famous Yum! Thai and Chinese Restaurants in Lahore. It was built in 2010; Yum has since become Lahore’s most recognized eatery network serving gourmet Chinese and Thai cooking. Preferably situated in the acclaimed eating areas of Gulberg and DHA, Yum food gloats an energetic, exciting, and welcoming climate—joining the glow and appeal of a family eatery with a stylistic layout fashionable and ethnic. Yum offers the ideal setting for families and companions to meet, talk and eat in an agreeable and loosened-up climate. The menu concentrates on Chinese and Thai cooking styles and offers an assortment of ordinary and contemporary dishes to fulfill both customary and present-day food authorities. Each dish on their menu is set up to request utilizing the freshest and most noteworthy quality fixings.


Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Ginyaki


Islamabad offers a variety of Chinese Restaurants because of growing demand. Ginyaki is also one of the famous Chinese Food places in Islamabad, Pakistan, that offers delicious food at the most reasonable rates. From the soup to Crispy Beef Chili Dry with sweet n sour dip, Basil Thai Prawns, and Stuffed Chili, let’s not forget the cheesecake; all are worth spending on food. They have a unique option in their menu card that says, Make Your Bowl Your Way’; it gives options between an economy bowl and a deluxe bowl. Try this fantastic place for the best experience and by remaining within your budget.


Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Dynasty


Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, located in Lahore, offers an assortment of authentic Szechuan dishes by the expert cook Erbing Yang. From the highly mouthwatering kinds of dumplings and hot Szechuan sizzlers to ideal Cantonese sweet and acrid top choices, Dynasty considers all palates. The ambiance is smooth & cozy, and also they provide fifteen-seat dining rooms for private gatherings.

Try out their menu, which presents a variety of Chinese food from Guandong territory in Southern China. Moreover, they offer new fixings cooked to flawlessness and are resolved to give the best mix of fantastic food, neighborly administration, and the accepted procedures. Seaweed and prawn wonton soup or the zesty hot & sour soup, nibble on delicate steamed or deep-fried dim sum in chicken or prawn or golden silk coated mayonnaise prawns are some of the most famous dishes by Dynasty.

Kim Mun

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Kim Mun


They are located in Lahore, F7, Safa Gold & Centaurus Mall in Islamabad, a perfect place for Chinese food lovers. Great ambiance with supreme quality food and quick service. It’s all, to sum up, the review. Additionally, the food is accurate to call Pakistani Chinese Food at a reasonable price. The Noodles, Fried Rice Prawns, dumplings, Chowmin, Chili Beef, Sour n Sweet Chicken, and soup are must-try dishes while visiting Kim Mun.

Lotus Court

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan: Lotus Court


Lotus Court by Movenpick Hotel & Resort, situated in Karachi, offers some of the most delicate food eateries in Karachi. The restaurant is a renowned Chinese Master Chef who reclassifies the possibility of Chinese cooking and makes your feasting background vital. The eatery offers to invite genuine Chinese dishes, with a menu that separates it from different eateries. They provide a reason to love these yummy varieties of conventional Chinese passage.

Seasonal Cooking like Shuizhu chicken Chungking style, Mapu tofu, and Yun Xiang chili prawns, along with exotic drinks, mainly Lotus Breeze, Classic Mojito, Strawberry Sin, and Pina Colada, will give you immense pleasure in eating. The menu choice, together with the kind climate of the scene, makes an uncommon encounter making Lotus Court emerge. Plan memorable dining out in Lotus Court.

九洲餐饮 SERES Chinese Restaurant

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan

Chinese Restaurants In Pakistan:九洲餐饮 SERES Chinese Restaurant


Located in the oldest area of Islamabad, F8 Markaz provides a true sense of Chinese Food who are tired of Desi Chinese Food in Pakistan. Seres Restaurant is a family restaurant location offering a warm, friendly atmosphere to share a meal with family and friends at any time of the day.

Dining Hall is perfect, and the interior with a mastery of ancient Chinese art, and also they provide separate private rooms if you want to discuss while having your meal. Stewed Mutton with BBQ Sauce on a Hot Plate, Special Sweet Sticky Rice, Kung Pao Prawn Balls, and a Platter of cold beef and tendon is a must-try dish while SERES.

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