Cholistan Tourism: Places To Visit In Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Tourism: Places To Visit In Cholistan Desert

Why You Should Visit the Cholistan Desert?

The Cholistan Desert, also known as Rohi, is located in Bahawalpur and is the largest desert in the Punjab province. The desert is spread over an area of ​​10,000 square miles, 20 miles from the city of Bahawalpur. 2.5 million people live in the Cholistan Desert, living a life of simplicity and poverty. Their lifestyle is semi-nomadic, which means moving from place to place in search of water and fodder for their animals.


Overview of Cholistan 


Cholistan is a desert in Pakistan and the local name is Rohi. It is thirty kilometers from Bahawalpur and belongs to the Pakistani province of Punjab. It is famous for its fort and traditional camel racing festival. Camels are called “desert planes”. The Indus Desert is adjacent to the Cholistan Desert. The word colistin is derived from choli, which means desert in Turkish, which is why it is called colistin.


The people of Cholistan are innocent and live their lives as they travel from place to place in search of food and move with their animals. The main landmark of Cholistan is the Drawer Fort, which is also the identifying symbol of Cholistan. Dera Nawab Sahib is 48 km from Dera Nawab Sahib. The local language is Sariki, which is also spoken throughout Cholistan, which indicates its historical significance and context.


Cholistan is largely dependent on its animal source, as it suffers from water scarcity and rainfall. Local crafts include leather crafts, fabrics, and textiles. The Cholistan is famous in Pakistan for its high-quality wool rugs. It is also produced in large quantities in other parts of Pakistan.


Beautiful wool rugs, rugs, and knickknacks are made from this wonderful quality derived from sheep and goats. The blankets are also made of wool, a local necessity in the region, as winter nights are very cold, sometimes dropping to freezing. The local fabric is green and is used as clothing for clothing.


Cholistan’s economy is based on animal husbandry. Mainly to meet the needs of the cottage industry and meat, milk, and fat needs. The wealth of the Cholistans is their animals, from which they obtain bread and butter from milk, butter, and wool. Nature has blessed almost every little thing greater than our beautiful country.


Best season to visit the Cholistan


If you plan to explore Cholistan, winter is the best season for this expedition. In summer, the desert is very hot. The good season is the best time to plan this trip, not only to see the historic sights of Cholistan but also the culture of the remote villages there.

Primeval Culture

The Aboriginal culture of the Cholistan Desert is fully manifested when men wear brightly colored headscarves and women wear brightly colored clothing, known as Ghagra Choli, adorned with very discreet embroidery of Cholistan specialty. Seraiki is the local language, influenced by Lahnda. The Cholistan Desert is home to many famous Sufi poets and saints, such as Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Farid (may God be pleased with him), who wrote many Sufi poems in Seraiki.


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Top Tourist Place of Cholistan 



The colorful bazaar and rich architecture of Bahawalpur city are not to be missed on the way to Om in the Cholistan via Lal Suhanra Park. Lal Suhanra Park is also a beautiful nature reserve, developed in 1972

Cholistan Tourism: Places To Visit of Cholistan Desert


Vast Desert

While people may have heard and read about Cholistan many times, most of us are unaware of the interesting sights around it due to the lack of information. Covering more than 26,300 square kilometers, this adventurous region of Pakistan is made up of important historical monuments, cultural sites, and more. Also known as the Thar Desert, this desert extends into the Sindh province of Pakistan and India.

Derawar Fort 

Fort Derawar is the major Cholistan landmark, located 28 mi (48 km) from Delaware Sahib. The whole area, once irrigated by the Hakra River, is now drying up. The river’s drainage area consists of more than 400 archaeological sites dating back to the Indus civilization 4,500 years ago. Furthermore, these sites are clustered around the Castle of Derawar. Not only is the fort one of the tallest in Pakistan, but as part of the oldest civilization in the world, it is also a huge draw for foreign tourists.

Cholistan Tourism: Places To Visit of Cholistan Desert

Derawar Fort

Camel Caravan Road

While traveling in the Cholistan Desert, a series of forts were built at Km 29. This route may have been an outpost of the camel caravan route, which included three rows of forts, the first starting at Phulra and ending at Lira, the second from Rukhanpur to Islamgarh, and the third from Bilcaner to Khaploo. Unfortunately, all of this is now in ruins. The track is also great for camel riding.

Camel Ride Safari

On the way to start the camel journey, the village of Channan Pir is named after a saint named Channan Pir. The anniversary of his death is celebrated in a religiously filled manner every spring.

Camping in the Desert

Camping in the vast desert is an extraordinary adventure. Look at the stars, eat dessert and feel like you are on a peaceful and relaxing planet. It was great to visit camp to camp on a camel and experience the life of a nomad.

Bibi Jiwadani Mausoleum

Built in 1493 by an Iranian prince, the shrine is associated with the famous great-granddaughter Bibi Jiwadani. Regarding its location, the shrine is located on the southeast side of the historic city of Uch.


The historic city of Uch Shareef


Drive from Derawar from the desert to the historic town of Uch, passing pleasant villages and enjoying the local way of life and rural landscape. Arrive at Uch, home to some of the most beautiful blue-glazed tiled tombs – a piece that reflects the unique influence of Central Asian architecture.

In the 13th century, it was a center of Islamic learning, and many of the town’s famous scholars and saints are buried there. Visit the stunning Tomb of Bibi Jivadani with its beautiful glazed decoration, the Tomb of Jalaluddin Surkh Posh Bukhari, and explore the colorful covered bazaar before embarking on Multan.

Cholistan Tourism: Places To Visit of Cholistan Desert

Uch Shareef

Cholistan Jeep Rally

Introduced in 2005 by TDCP, the off-road race called Cholistan Jeep Rally is unique and one of Cholistan’s most exciting adventures. The jeep race is held annually in February near Derawar Fort in the suburb of Cholistan, east of Ahmedpur.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is organizing the event, where 100 drivers from all over the country will take part in a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents on a huge platform led by 100,000 tourists. So, when you’re about to approach the Cholistan Desert, don’t miss it.

Cholistan Tourism: Places To Visit of Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Jeep Rally


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