Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Why Should You Choose Pakistan Tour and Travel For Your Next Tour?

  • More than ten years of experience in tour handling,
  • Customize tour plans
  • It covers all places of Pakistan, especially northern Pakistan
  • Services up to international standard
  • Top-notch cars with experienced guides
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Satisfaction plus safety guaranteed

We partner with 5-star hotel groups and accommodation service companies to provide various accommodations across Pakistan without compromising the quality you deserve. Book with us and prepare for serviced campsites in luxury suites, serene resorts, family villas, boutique hotels, private cabins, mountains, and wilderness – all at the best prices!

Wherever we go together, we make sure your hotel and room preferences are permanently recorded and made available by our team. Our excellent partner network and experienced team provide deluxe rooms and executive suites with luxurious amenities such as free access to the executive lounge, an extensive spa, fitness center tickets, and unobstructed room views. Whether it’s a half-board or an overnight stay, we make sure you never have to compromise on quality and comfort.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Pakistan Tour and Travel The Best Tour Operator in Pakistan


Book with us and enjoy hassle-free hotel bookings and cancellations because it’s all included in our packages. You don’t have to worry about changing flight times or vacation plans. Just contact us, and we will rebook or cancel your hotel reservation according to your preferences. It’s easy!


Travel in style and comfort


There are no traps in this crazy journey! Our fleet of premium 4×4 SUVs ensures smooth travel across Pakistan and its hinterland at the best prices.


We have experienced drivers 24/7 with the expertise to conquer all terrains so you can relax and enjoy the ride. The landscape in Pakistan can be risky, but when you book with us, you will never run out of options or backup plans. Wherever you are, our network of backup replacement vehicles will be at your side within 2-6 hours. Emergency evacuations due to unforeseen weather conditions can be quickly arranged to ensure the maximum safety of our guests.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Customize  Pakistan Tour Plan

Stay connected to the internet with free Wi-Fi in the most remote areas. Go straight or call a friend and almost travel with them, as all Pakistan Tour and Travel vehicles have 24/7 Wi-Fi.


For each province in Pakistan, we have carefully selected a fleet of high-performance luxury vehicles to match the terrain. You don’t need to take detours to enjoy the views over mountains, valleys, deserts, or coasts. You can view our network of vehicles stationed in the four largest cities in Pakistan (Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad, and Peshawar) and choose a car that covers the area you want to visit.


A journey experience to suit your taste


After extensive research into each province and territory, we have developed our itinerary to offer the best and ensure you get the whole experience. There is something to suit every aspect of your personality.


We arrange hiking, off-road biking, skiing, fishing, hunting, national park safaris, wilderness camping, marine adventures, and helicopter tours to chase your inner thrill. Your naturalist will love our tour packages that allow you to discover unique landscapes of glaciers, canyons, valleys, waterfalls, natural valleys, deserts, beaches, islands, and more.


With Pakistan tour and travel, you can sample traditional cuisine, develop fine-dining concepts, grill a campfire by the beach or lake, and dine roadside in major markets. Our tour packages include the best deals at local fairs, encounters with Aboriginal tribes, country accommodation, and local lifestyle tours for your culture lover.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Satisfaction Guaranteed


With us, you will also visit world heritage sites, museums, and spiritual sites across Pakistan. Dive into ethnic art, poetry, literature, Sufi music, local fashion, and ethnic tourism as we tour different parts of Pakistan.


Let our travel designers recommend the best trip for you.


Let our travel planners provide you with the best experience for your style. Contact us today and book your tour package with our expert tour plan team.


Our staff has accumulated 200 years of experience in domestic and international tourism operations. From handling sales calls to our drivers and service staff, everyone is dedicated to giving you the best ride experience possible.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Incredible views in Pakistan Tour


Travel Designers – Our travel advisors help you discover your travel needs and match them to hundreds of places to visit, experiences, accommodation, and transportation options.


Best Tour Operators In Pakistan


We have a team of licensed and experienced tour guides all over Pakistan. The trip Manager will accompany you throughout your journey, ready to help you. Tour designers hire tour managers according to your needs. They have 5 to 25 years of experience in local tourism and are diverse in their areas of expertise.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Experienced Tour guides in all Pakistan Tour Packages


For city and food tours, we introduce young guides who are more aware of the latest trends and locations; for safari tours, we arrange for professional safari guides and support staff from the region. For mountain hikes in the north, we put for trained guides.

We bring in professionals with over ten years of experience in the region and the local community for cultural and natural tours. Our tour managers speak English, Urdu, and local languages, which helps them communicate easily between you and the local community. Pakistan speaks 64 national languages, and having an interpreter on your trip will help you create great memories and human experiences anywhere.


Ground Handling 

We thoroughly coordinate if there are any changes to your flight status and plans to ensure all your needs are met. The travel manager also works with the traveling driver to plan any changes to routes, maps, and itineraries.


Pick you up from the airport to help you with hotel check-in, meet your cash needs, and make a professional video recording. Our tour managers have been carefully selected to provide you with the comfort and space to enjoy your trip completely worry-free.


The Pakistani Tour and Travel is fully committed to putting tourists and their well-being first. Pakistan Tour and Travel firmly believes that cooperation and understanding are essential to ensure the safe protection and implementation of all measures recommended by international bodies such as the World Health Organization and the World Tourism Organization. As travel destinations are categorized by category, these destinations and more are expected to generate high demand for international tourists soon.


Standard operating procedures have been developed under the supervision of the relevant government departments and are detailed in the link here. It includes not only internationally recommended practices but also measures consistent steps against public health threats and local risk assessments.

These steps include but are not limited to, each part of the tourism value chain – public agencies, private companies, and tourists, in line with general guidance and recommendations from international agencies.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

Complete Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

We are a registered tour company licensed with the Department of State, Provincial and Federal Tax Authorities, and Tourism Administration. Before your arrival, we work closely with the Government Tourism Office to ensure that wherever you travel within Pakistan, you are fully protected by local law enforcement authorities.


We offer a variety of secure online payment methods and try to reduce cash transactions throughout our operations. Foreign travellers visiting Pakistan can book their Pakistan tour package via secure wire and wire transfer. You can also use MasterCard and Visa credit cards through our website.


We pioneered cashless travel in Pakistan. Most sellers in Pakistan still do not accept credit cards, and ATMs are hard to find in remote areas. Once you arrive in Pakistan or your pickup location, we take the hassle out of exchanging money for you. Instead, we take care of all your cash needs while travelling locally, such as food, shopping, and tickets.


We ask that you deposit a fixed amount in US dollars based on our estimate of your cash needs during travel. This amount can be deposited in cash or by credit card like any other rental car reservation.

After the trip, we will deduct any money you borrowed during the trip from this amount and refund the balance in U.S. dollars. This saves you the hassle of carrying cash with you on the go and gives you complete financial security.


We provide a secure portal to apply for tourist, business, and visitor visas to Pakistan. Our services include visa-related consultancy services, collecting visa application documents, requesting letters from relevant authorities (as we are a registered travel company), applying for visas and coordinating with relevant public authorities, re-registration, and submitting other documents.


We do not provide a guarantee of visa issuance. However, our team of experts will keep you updated throughout the process and set your expectations accordingly.


Get a Pakistan travel visa organized by Pakistan Tour and travel

If you are an international tourist visiting Pakistan, you will need more than one visitor visa to move freely into the country. Most places in Pakistan require entry permits and approval documents for foreign tourists, and obtaining them is not always straightforward. These licenses must be obtained from state authorities and local agencies.


Our web team has extensive knowledge and experience in issuing these documents from national authorities and local agencies. Our tour designers will notify you in advance about these licenses and advise you on the time frame required to obtain these documents.

Pakistan Tour Packages By Pakistan Tour and Travel

E-Visa is arranged upon request for all Pakistan Tour Packages.


Note that bounty hunts can take up to a month to get all permits before you arrive. Additionally, booking activities such as interstate helicopter tours, northern mountain peaks, and southern offshore island tours can require long approval times, even for domestic travelers. We will keep you updated on the status and always encourage you to contact us 3-4 weeks before your travel date, as there may be special permissions related to your desired activities.


Advantages of booking through Pakistan Tour n Travel

Guaranteed peace of mind

We are a destination management company. Our network of offices across the country ensures that all your destination needs are met promptly and professionally.

Best price and value

Our corporate partnerships with hotels, venues, and transportation companies help us guarantee unbeatable prices and unquestionable value.

Top-notch quality services

We cater to incoming foreign tourists and tailor our tours to the needs of international or local tourists.

Gain local experience

All of our local agents are selected based on strict selection criteria, including the ability to speak English, fair prices, and knowledge of the destination.

Customize Tour Plan 

Share your travel details and request customization using our interactive online form. We’ve included accommodation, transportation, and activities in our customized tours, but you can request to add more days, destinations, or activities.

Affordable Trips in Pakistan

We provide an exceptional travel experience at the most affordable price and the best value for your travel.

Guided experience

Use the resources in our travel guide to learn about the history and traditions of the region where you’re travelling.

Tours Suitable for all ages

Pakistan Tour n Travel caters to all your travel needs and amenities within the cost of your package to create lasting travel memories.

Call now 

We are happy to help you! Please call  +92335 5577 443 or write to us at [email protected].

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