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Pakistan Travel Guide 2023-24

Pakistan’s backpack adventure travel is unique for enthusiastic souls; this country will raise eyebrows and steal hearts. The only danger of Pakistan’s backpack is its unwillingness to leave.

If you have been to Pakistan more than once, we bet you are always willing to visit this fantastic destination again and again. Pakistan is my favorite real adventure country, and there is no other place on earth. It has the most breathtaking mountains, eternal cities, and the friendliest people you can meet.

Traveling in Pakistan is like entering an era of footprints, forcing you to leave WiFi and live in comfort and the arms of nature.

We are very excited to announce the perfect tour packages for the fascinating tourist spot in Pakistan. Additionally, we have organized the Epic Backpacker Tour in Pakistan with our unique contrast of areas and itineraries and unique vision over the past many years. If you want to see the best service that Pakistan can provide, and you don’t have a month to prepare a separate backpack, please come with us and enjoy your fantastic stay in Pakistan.

What Should You Expect From Pakistan Tour Plan?

Before starting a tour to any country, you search for it on different media platforms. But unfortunately, the media’s description of this country is unfortunate. This is a fact that most Pakistanis know. No matter where you go, friendly faces and people who help me are very welcome. If you encounter difficulties or are stuck on the roadside, Pakistanis will always help you. In addition, many Pakistanis can speak English. Importantly, you will never be disappointed in visiting Pakistan for sure.

However, you can also compare it with relatively cheap travel expenses, magical excursions, beautiful and diverse scenery, vibrant cultures, artisan lawns, ancient silk roads, epic rides for off-road motorcycles, pristine white water rafting scenes, and unparalleled peaks. Additionally, it has the world’s largest glacier, alpine valley, glacial lake, delicious food, and prosperity. We have the best country ever.

Real adventurers want to do epic things; Pakistan is a paradise for the trekker, adventure lover, and anyone who loves scenic landscapes.

What Should You Expect From Pakistan Tour Plan

Pakistan Travel Guide: What Should You Expect From Pakistan Tour Plan?

Since 2015, the security situation in Pakistan has been under control and has become more and more secure over time. Except for the border area of ​​Afghanistan, most parts of the country are completely safe. However, you cannot visit certain parts of the country unless you obtain special permission, such as Baluchistan or Kashmir.

Regarding Hunza, they have been accused of terrorism, but it is now clear by different armed forces. But Hunza people are always amiable and kind. In some areas of Pakistan, the police will still want to accompany foreigners, but this situation may slow down in the next few years.

Sometimes, for solo travelers, after arriving in a new city or area, the police will insist that you stay in a specific hotel. Hotels in Pakistan are relatively expensive and should be avoided whenever possible.  You can do Couchsurfing, book a tour company like us, or follow different guidelines on social media. It is now very convenient in today’s world.

The people of Pakistan are very generous and ridiculous, and free food and tea will be delivered to you. Furthermore, the people you met in Pakistan remain your best friends. Pakistanis have a sense of humor; many are true adventure travel enthusiasts.

And prosperity! Now, you can find different adventure travel videos on our YouTube channel, which presents the best adventure travel to Pakistan.  For instance, we have an excellent video introducing our client’s adventure journey in Pakistan. Take a look at these beautiful photos and then travel to Pakistan.

Cooperate Group Tours vs. Solo Travelers

Traveling alone in Pakistan is a fantastic experience, but for many, it is daunting. Pakistan is a country with valuable connections. If your time is short, seeing the best services Pakistan can provide is complex because distance and transportation are an obstacle.

If it’s your first tour to Pakistan, maybe you find some difficulty only if you are a solo traveler, but for group tours, Pakistan is the friendliest country to explore.


Pakistan Travel Guide: Cooperate-Group-Tours-Vs-Solo-Travelers


You can always hire us for an adventurous trip to Pakistan; we will help adventurers make the most of this fantastic area.

It is a tangible fact that your tour will be a fantastic success, and you will explore more in Pakistan. There are three different adventure tracks: the K2 Base Camp Trek Hindukush adventure trip and Fairy Meadows base camp. These trips will be the best experience for you on the Pakistan Tour.


A Brief History of Pakistan

The modern state of Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947, and is part of the British Division of India. In the early days, the country comprised western and eastern Pakistan. Pakistan was not connected by land, and India sat between these two countries. This may inevitably lead to a civil war, and finally, East Pakistan broke away from becoming Bangladesh.

In Pakistan, you can find a diverse culture, panoramic landscape, rich history, and the friendliest people willing to serve you as a guest with their warm hearts without expecting anything in return.

A Brief History of Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: History of Pakistan


After the global consequences of September 11, Pakistan’s recent history has experienced some ups and downs, and the country has suffered for a long time. But once you visit Pakistan, all your misconceptions vanish in seconds. Pakistan is relatively stable, and Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to fight corruption and modernize the country. In short, there is no better time.

COVID Effects on Pakistan Tourism Industry

As the virus spread, the Pakistani economy faltered, threatening delays in employment and exacerbating the uncertainty of employees, consumers, and businesses nationwide. However, the sector that was severely affected by this pandemic is the tourism sector in Northern Pakistan.


COVID Effects on Pakistan Tourism Industry.

Pakistan Travel Guide: COVID Effects on Pakistan Tourism Industry.


As the number of coronavirus cases increases, the country has set a record of newly diagnosed cases within a day. With the smart lockdown strategy in Pakistan, tourism is wholly banned to date. Many laymen who live in tourism are in miserable conditions. Other than that, this unexpected situation has also affected many Tourism Companies. A rough estimate of 1 million people have been jobless in Northern Pakistan. Mainly include Skardu, Swat, most areas of KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir, and far northern areas.

Tips and Hacks for Pakistan Tour

Visa requirements for Pakistan

Pakistan offers an e-visa for some countries and a regular visa for others. As the situation is getting better every day, no matter where you are, you can get an e-visa online. Visas are costly. British citizens need £100. Before applying, you must obtain an invitation letter from a Pakistani travel company, which says they will mainly be responsible for you.

Tips and Hacks for Pakistan Tour

Pakistan Travel Guide: Tips and Hacks for Pakistan Tour


You may exceed the visa period in less than two weeks without being subject to financial or other fines. You can order “extensions” at airports in Islamabad or Lahore. If you don’t know whether this rule applies to land borders now, we are here to help you. In addition to staying for two weeks, there is a fine. To avoid trouble when leaving Pakistan, it is best to keep your stay for less than two weeks (and you do not have to pay anything for this).


Pakistan’s Relationship with Neighbors & Pakistan’s Borders

Pakistan has four land borders. India, Iran, China, and Afghanistan. The border crossing between Iran and Pakistan is relatively easy, but the experience is long (and sizzling!).


Pakistan Relationship with neighbours: Pakistan’s Borders.

Pakistan Travel Guide: Pakistan Relationship with Neighbors: Pakistan’s Borders.


The border crossing between India and Pakistan is relatively easy.  You can visit Wagha Border, the daily Flag Hoisting Ceremony held there, and boost the enthusiasm of the Pakistani Nation. Transit between Afghanistan and Pakistan is not recommended. If you have a keen interest in knowing the tension, you can Google it and conduct research. The Afghan border guards do not allow foreigners to pass through. Even if they pass, they will find themselves in an area of ​​Afghanistan known for its stability. Entering Afghanistan is better than Tajikistan, I am just saying.


How to travel within Pakistan?


Pakistan has multiple transportation options. Domestic NATCO buses are usually cheaper and cheaper, but if you want to spend some money and buy something comfortable, choose Daewoo. For a luxurious trip, you can always be our driver cum guide to any part of Pakistan.


How to travel in Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: How to travel within Pakistan?

Whenever you travel any long distance in Pakistan, you must have multiple copies of your passport and visa to deliver at the checkpoint. If you rent a car and driver for a full day in Hunza or drive to the Chinese border area, it costs about fifty to eighty dollars other than the tour plan. Airfares in Pakistan are relatively cheap. The fare from Islamabad to Gilgit is about US$80, which is a great way to spend a great trip.

Rent a car in Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: Rent a car in Pakistan


We give the best rent-a-car service all over Pakistan; however, if you are a solo traveler, you have many options here. Transportation in Pakistan is cheaper than in other countries. One of the renowned and reliable sources of renting any vehicle is Karakoram cyclists based in Lahore and Gilgit, who rent a motorbike with insurance for about $15 per day. Transportation to Pakistan is undoubtedly the only way to go because the long-distance bus service is very stressful, taxis are expensive, and hikers may be troubled by curious police and military personnel. At some point, you may have no choice but to rent a jeep. Make sure you agree in advance to include fuel in the cost.


Difficulties Solo Backpacker faced while staying in Pakistan

With some exceptions, many accommodations in Pakistan are costly and unsuitable for budget-conscious people. However, this situation is changing, and better housing options are emerging. There are some accommodations suitable for travelers, and during the low season, it is possible to get accommodations of about 500 rupees ($5). I suggest doing Couchsurfing in Pakistan whenever possible. You will meet great people and go camping in tents or hammocks.


This is a list of cheap accommodation options similar to Pakistani backpackers. You can also download the free application maps, valid in Pakistan. As long as you have previously downloaded the area to be explored, you can have no phone signal to use next. You can then write the GPS code listed below and find the least troublesome attribute tried to make the GPS code as accurate as possible, but all these operations are done through Google Maps and memory.


Difficulties Solo Backpacker faced while staying in Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: Difficulties Solo Backpackers faced while staying in Pakistan


Most places in Pakistan have PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) motels. Although it is not the cheapest, it is a good choice for foreigners.


What are you packing for Pakistan?

In every adventure, six things should be essential for everyone, as the expert suggests:

1.      Seat belt with secret pockets

Without a seat belt, it will not be an ideal situation for colliding with the road. This is a regular-looking strap with a hidden pocket inside: you can hide up to twenty notes inside and use it through an airport scanner without activation. There is no doubt that this is the best way to hide money.

Seat Belt is essential

Pakistan Travel Guide: A Seat Belt is essential

2.      A bottle of water for travel

Always bring a bottle of water with this will save you money and reduce your plastic footprint. However, using an AR bottle is durable and lightweight, keeping your drink warm so that you can enjoy cold red cow or hot coffee anywhere.

  A bottle of water for travel

Pakistan Travel Guide: A bottle of water for travel

3.      Microfiber towels

It is always a good idea to fill the right towel. The towels in the dorm are dirty and need to be dried permanently. Microfiber towels can dry quickly, are small and light, and can be used as blankets or yoga mats if needed.]


Pakistan Travel Guide: Microfiber-towels

4.      Headlights

Every passenger on the back must have a flashlight! A decent flame can save your life. If you want to explore faded caves or temples, or go to the bathroom during a power outage, you must use a flashlight.


Pakistan Travel Guide: Headlights

5.      Hammock

Tents are usually unsuitable as backpacks, but hammocks are lightweight, cheap, sturdy, and exciting (girls dig in hammocks) and can almost wake you up at night.


Pakistan Travel Guide: Hammock

6.      A bag for toiletries

It is always better to carry a hanging toiletries bag with you because this is a very effective way to organize bathroom supplies. Whether it is hanging on a tree or hanging on a wall while camping, it is handy; it can help you quickly access all items.

A bag for toiletries

A bag for toiletries

Internet Situation In Pakistan

Pakistan is ideal without internet because many mountainous cities lack Wi-Fi connections and frequently lose power. The best option to stay in touch is to buy a Pakistani SIM card; it is highly recommended to have Zong for better internet in North Pakistan. You can upload information as much as possible. You must go to the Zong headquarters in Lahore/Islamabad, not one of the city franchises. Also, Telenor performed best in Upper Hunza. You can also get SCOM, a local SIM card, in some Hunza stores, which works most of the time.


Internet Situation In Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: Internet Situation In Pakistan

Download useful apps before backpacking in Pakistan

Please note that it is often difficult to download new applications when traveling to Pakistan, so we recommend that you download the following before traveling to Pakistan.

Maps.Me: It’s one of the hiker’s favorite offline map applications.

Download useful apps before backpacking in Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: Download useful apps before backpacking in Pakistan

VPN: Travelling to any country alone can cause trouble for solo travelers; you can always use a VPN on your phone and laptop, and the recommended Hide Me is one of the fastest and most reliable options. This dedicated VPN allows up to five connections, which helps keep all devices connected without purchasing multiple VPN packages.

Live safely in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the safest countries you can ever be in, full of friendly and curious people, and they are always happy to see people who are backpacking in Pakistan. The most helpful army, sometimes even the helpful police, will constantly monitor aliens; they are everywhere. If you encounter any problems, it is recommended that you find the nearest soldier. Most police officers can speak English.

Safety Situation in Pakistan

Pakistan Travel Guide: Safety Situation in Pakistan

Is Pakistan safe for women?

Generally speaking, foreign women traveling through Pakistan will be respected. If you encounter any problems, tap it and make a scene. Nearby Pakistanis will rush to assist him. If you are a female solo traveler to Pakistan, you will find many honest men out for your help everywhere. And if you are traveling with your group, we are here to provide the best possible information for you with quality services.

Is Pakistan safe for women?

Pakistan Travel Guide:  Is Pakistan safe for women?

As we received many requests from travelers to Pakistan to get more information, we have created a Facebook group for foreign travelers to Pakistan. If you want to communicate with other backpackers traveling to Pakistan, this is the place for you.


What can you do for the best backpacking experience in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s main itinerary is related to the Northern Areas Adventure Epic Tours. You can start your tour from Islamabad or Lahore, but we recommend Lahore. Lahore is the most fantastic city in Pakistan, with a rich culture and history. Beginning in the bustling city of Lahore, spend a few days exploring the magnificent Mughal era in impressive palaces and mosques before moving to a clean and modern Islamabad. After stopping at the mighty Rohtas fortress, the most impressive bus trip imaginable starts on the Karakoram highway.

The first stop is the mountainous city of Karimabad, where you can breathe, admire the cherry blossoms, and visit the incredible fortress. Make sure to spend the night in Eagle Nest and get up early. The next stop is the town of Gulkin, where you can stay with the fantastic fellows in a luxurious setting and spend the night in Shepherd’s Cottage in the mountains. The region has two glaciers, and many day trips are possible if you have energy.


What you can do for the best backpacking experience in Pakistan?

Pakistan Travel Guide:  What you can do for the best backpacking experience in Pakistan?

From Ghulkin, head to the Khunjerab Pass, the Pakistan-China border and the highest land border in the world. But be careful; be ready for extreme cold weather! After that, head to Fairy Meadow to ride the scariest jeep! The journey back to Lahore is long, but you will leave good memories that stay with you forever.

Pakistan Attractions

Lahore Attraction for Foreigner Backpackers

The starting point for many backpacker expeditions in Pakistan is Lahore, as it is one of the favorite cities around the world. It is best to try various colors, sounds, smells, and vitality on the back of the motorcycle; make friends with some local people and let them show you!

Be sure to visit the Badshahi Mosque. The courtyard is one of Lahore’s most impressive sights and the seventh largest mosque in the world, with 100,000 believers, and the attached museum contains many sacred objects of the Prophet Muhammad. The Great Mosque is an impressive, quiet, and peaceful place that lights up at night. I recommend walking around indoors at night. Lahore Fort is impressive; if you have time, it is worth visiting.

The best dining place in the city is the impressive Haveli restaurant, where you can watch the sunset behind the Badshahi Mosque and enjoy traditional Mongolian cuisine.

Lahore has everything, including an underground carnival and its own Eiffel Tower.

Lahore attraction

Pakistan Travel Guide: Must-see Lahore attraction

Lahore is also the center and central city of the Indian subcontinent. The governor built a 9-meter-long city wall to protect the city. The wall comprises about 13 gates, still part of its preserved structure. They are Delhi Gate, Mochi Gate, Taksaali Gate, Bhati Gate, Lahori Gate, Raushnai Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Khizri, or the Sheranwala Gate, Yakki Gate, Akbari Gate, Shah ‘Almi Gate, Mori Gate, Taxali Gate.

The architecture of the city, its beautiful history, and mixed culture make it a vibrant and vibrant city with Pakistani culture. If there is a chance, no one wants to miss a visit. One appreciates the hospitality of Lahore.

Visiting Rohtas Fort is the ultimate experience of life. The massive Rohtas Fort is between Islamabad and Lahore and can be reached within 2 hours. Rohtas Castle is impressive; if you have time, it is also worth a visit on the way to Islamabad.


Skardu Attraction for Foreigner Backpackers

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and a beautiful and beautiful clean city. Islamabad has some attractions worth visiting but can be explored happily within a day.

Here, the question arises: How to reach Skardu by road? Here is the complete Road Trip Guide to Skardu from Islamabad

The route to Skardu From Islamabad

Located in the extreme north of Pakistan, Skardu is considered the central valley of Gilgit Baltistan, enriched with the divine landscape, valleys, desert, and lakes.  The route to Skardu by road is approximately 602 km, and it can be reached in an hour by air. Skardu possesses the wonders of the Creator. The gigantic mountains are notable K2, K3, and Gasherbrum. Khaplu, Shigar, Deosai, and Katpana catch tourist attention because of their magnificent scenic views. Indus, Braldu, waterfalls, and Kachura Lake have ineffable charm and magnetic serenity that make anyone spellbound.

The adventurous road trip is full of fun, excitement, and thrill on the curvy road and magnificent sightseeing places. Karakorum Highway should be considered the world’s eighth wonder as it’s the longest highway in any mountainous region. It takes almost 13 hours to reach Skardu via the Karakorum Highway.  Different stopovers may include Manshera, being the first stopover in the journey. A part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa possesses small districts and towns, notably Balakot, Abbottabad, and Muzaffarabad, the capital of Kashmir.  Taking the road N75 and moving up to S2.

Skardu Tour by Road

Pakistan Travel Guide: Skardu Tour by Road

Next is Naran Kaghan Valley, a land of fairies that can be approached by taking S2 of Balakot to N15. The world-famous lake Saif ul Malook also falls in this magnificent piece of land and is much more worth seeing places. Moving ahead on N15, we shall reach Jalkhad, a mountainous village at the end of Kaghan Valley. It is well known for its wide roads between the immense mountains and river Kunhar, making the place more beautiful for peace lovers. After that, N35 from Chilas will pass by different small valleys like Jaglot and others, along with the swirling water of the Indus River. From there, turn right to Alam Chowk, moving to the next stop, Astak Valley, a highland; you will find a motel to stay and rest after a long drive.

Then S1 on Highway will lead you to Skardu in almost a 3-hour drive, passing through the Pakistan Post Office to Shangri La Valley, a wonderland, and finally, Skardu. The road journey covers nearly 70% of northern areas while traveling to Skardu, as it is the central valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Moreover, you can visit nearby valleys from Skardu in less time, like Hunza, Nagar, Ghizer, and Astore valleys. The road is steep and curvy, and 4X4 vehicles are highly recommended.

 Never Miss Out K2 Base Camp Trek Experience in Pakistan

Take an 18-day trekking trip (or a trekking trip within 14 days if very suitable) to the base camp of the second-highest mountain in the world—free entry to the most impressive spots in Pakistan, the mountains. If you want to visit city attractions, foreigners usually enter Rs 250.


Pakistan Travel Guide: Never-Miss-Out-K2-Base-Camp-Trek-Experience-in-Pakistan


For some walks, you may need to hire a tour guide. Be sure to bargain; an appropriate fee may be charged on a working day in Pakistan. 500-1500 rupees per day, depending on the region. If you don’t want to hire a tour guide, you can take a guide from the natives, but that needs a good understanding of the local language.

If we miss anything in this ultimate Pakistan Travel Guide, write your suggestions in the comment section below; we would love to hear them.

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