World Begins To Travel Slowly Again


World Begins To Travel Slowly Again Bring Ray of HOPE!

According to research released by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on Monday, after months of blockade, countries have begun to relax travel restrictions carefully to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Secretary-General Zurab Polykashvili emphasized that “as the world opens again slowly, we must remain vigilant, assume responsibility and carry out international cooperation.”

Starting from May 18th, the United Nations specialized agencies have reviewed the measures of 217 destinations worldwide in the fourth edition of “COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: Global Tourism Review”. The report concluded that 3% of all destinations have adopted mitigation restrictions. Seven destinations eased restrictions on international tourism, while several other destinations discussed reopening the border.

Situation Of Pakistan’s Tourism

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the reopening of tourism on Monday and allowed all Pakistanis to return to their homes after the National Coordination Committee approved.

Regarding the decision made at the meeting of the National Cooperation Committee, the Prime Minister said that the government has prepared a negative list for companies that cannot reopen.

He said: “But we are opening up the tourism industry because these three or four months are very important for people related to the tourism industry. Otherwise, more unemployment will occur in these places”.

The Prime Minister said that tourism should be revived, but people must follow the government’s standard operating procedures.

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Regarding foreign Pakistanis trapped in different countries, he said that the government is fully aware of the misfortune of foreign Pakistanis, but due to the limited isolation facilities in the country, the number is limited. “But we have now decided that all Pakistanis abroad can return to the country.” They will be inspected for the sixth test.

However, some of the important tourist spots will be opened soon for the visitors in Khyber Phatunkhawn and its nearby areas.

No Place Open For Tourists Globally

The report pointed out that 100% of global destinations still restrict COVID-19 travel. 75% of people still do not accept international tourism at all. In all cases, 37% of the restrictions were valid for 10 weeks, while 24% of the restrictions in the controlled cases lasted 14 weeks or more.

He said that relaxing travel restrictions in a timely and responsible manner will help ensure that the tourism industry guarantees a return to many social and economic benefits in a sustainable manner.

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The more important tourism is to a single economy, the more likely the country will respond to a comprehensive border closure. For small island developing states (SIDS), the report shows that 85% of tourists still do not receive tourists at all.

In all regions of the World Tourism Organization, more than 65% of destinations still do not receive tourists at all: Africa (74%), the United States (86%), Asia and the Pacific (67%), Europe (74%) and the Middle East (69%).

Global guidelines

The report was released last week, following the guidelines of the World Tourism Organization to revitalize the tourism industry, and aims to help the sector withdraw from COVID-19 more sustainably. The guide prepared in cooperation with the Global Tourism Crisis Committee emphasizes the need to act decisively, restore confidence and embrace innovation.

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The World Tourism Organization warns that the number of international tourists will drop by 60% to 80% depending on when the restrictions are lifted. This may put 100 to 120 million jobs at risk and may result in export losses of $910 billion to $1.2 trillion.

Pololikashvili said: “These guidelines provide governments and companies with a comprehensive set of measures designed to help them reopen the tourism industry in a safe, smooth and responsible manner.”

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