How To Apply For Passport in Pakistan?


How To Apply For Passport in Pakistan?


A complete guide for applying for Pakistani Passport, the procedure and the requirements. This is the process you must follow before applying for a Pakistani passport. Applicants will go through the following stages at a Regional Passport Office (RPO) to obtain a Machine Readable Passport (MRP):

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Most importantly, before arriving at the Regional Passport Office (RPO), you must first obtain the bank’s original receipt from the bank’s branches of the National Bank of Pakistan and relevant foreign branches of the bank and pay the passport fee and instructions.

The applicant arrives at the customer service office. Flow chart

  • Counter icon + photo

  • Biometric data capture. (Fingerprint)

  • Input data

  • Verify based on Office logs. (ECL / BL)

  • Interview and decision of the assistant director.

  • Passport delivery time (passport collection).

Step By Step Procedure for Pakistani Passport

  1. Applicant arrives at the customer service office. Applicants will contact customer service at the regional passport office. The system will guide the applicant through the system process to apply for a passport. If the applicant has all the necessary documents, they will be taken to the password counter. A separate passport is issued to each student regardless of age. Not all permitted passes, including children’s names, must be passed to parents by a machine-readable passport.
  2. If you are under 18, the applicant must show CNIC / Smart Card / NICOP of the original Child Registration Certificate (CRC), along with a copy and Chalan Bank form. The camera operator will continue to take pictures of the applicant. The token will be issued to the applicant.
  3. After obtaining the token, the applicant will contact the important counter as soon as the token appears in the dynamic capture counter. The data entry factor (DEO) on the counter will capture your impressions of the right thumb, right thumb, left thumb, and left thumb.
  4. Once the token number appears in the counter, the applicant will immediately move to the data entry counter. The data entry operator will enter all necessary data for the applicant, and the data entry screen will be visible to the applicant.

If any data is modified, the applicant must be directed by the data entry operator accordingly. After the data entry is complete, the operator will print the data entry form and send it to the applicant for verification. The applicant will verify everything by signing the form. The applicant is required to collect duplicate passwords from the data entry counter.

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Most Importantly: Any changes to the data should be noted at this time. After the information has been saved and any changes have been made, the token must be cancelled and the applicant must enter the process again. After the Assistant Manager allows “advanced” data, data changes cannot be made.

  1. Office registration verification will take place. Check the exit control list (ECL) and blacklist (BL). If there is little doubt about the applicant’s nation-state, the case can be referred to the Special Branch / International Bureau to confirm that their nation-state is a Pakistani citizen or another status.
  2. Finally, when the applicant’s symbol appears in the meter AD along with all original documents, the applicant will appear in front of the assistant manager. If his case must be approved or cancelled, the assistant director will meet with the applicant and announce his judgment to the applicant.

The Assistant Director will postpone the case for applicants under 18 and print the form to the applicant to hand over their image certificate to the official first-level government. The certifier must write the CNIC / contact number on the official seal of the form. When generating data templates (formally legalized), deferred codes will be allowed.

Collecting Passport (Receive passport)

  • Upon successful completion of the previous stage, the applicant will receive
  • If it is a normal passport, it will take 10 working days to collect the passport.
  • If it is an emergency passport, please collect your passport within 04 working days.

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Importantly, Passports sent from headquarters to applicants can be tracked during the prescribed processing period.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Immigration of Pakistan: here


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