Turkey Will Support Pakistan In Hotels And Tourism


Turkey Will Support Pakistan In Hotels And Tourism

The Turkish Government will soon launch a skills development project in Pakistan to produce skilled labour for local hotels and tourism. Dr Nasir Khan, Executive Director of the National Technical and Vocational Training Council (NAVTTC), said that the plan to establish the last generation of reception and construction centres of excellence in Pakistan is being implemented in this regard.

Turkish Government

In an exclusive dialogue , he said that the centre will be established at the National Skills University in Islamabad under the framework of the Skills Development Foundation of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Bureau. Dr Nasir said that all project costs, including human recruitment and construction, will be managed by the Turkish government.

According to the project, he said that Turkey will support NAVTTC in developing skills among Pakistani youth. “This is the first of its kind in Turkey and has special expertise in the global hospitality and construction sector.” He said that the establishment of a modern reception centre of excellence will ensure that 1.5 million jobs are created each year for the skilled workforce in Pakistan’s hotel and tourism industry.

According to NAVTTC, the country currently has more than 10,000 hotels, including three-star, four- and five-star hotels with more than 50,000 rooms. Dr Nasir said that hotels and tourism in Pakistan provide employment opportunities for about 1.5 million people, accounting for 2.5% of the total employment created each year in the country.


He expressed the hope that the Turkish Center will increase the proportion of employment in the country. Dr Nasser also adds, “The centre will not only ensure the production of skilled labour for development projects in countries such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but also provide employment opportunities for foreign young people,” Dr Nasser said.

The main goal of NAVTTC is to develop a skilled workforce and provide them with technical education to work at home and abroad. He added that the Turkish Center of Excellence will benefit NAVTTC’s ongoing efforts to provide technical training to the largest number of young people.

Turkish Center

He said that NAVTTC is making every effort to improve technical and vocational education and recognizes the need to further reform formal education. He said that in this training program, the world is ahead of Pakistan. He said that we will work with and provide support to Turkish skills development agencies to improve the quality of our educational skills development institutions. He added that the establishment of the centre is a positive step towards the vision of the Pakistani Prime Minister.

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